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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek
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THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER. I read an article in the Washington Post recently about a young man who is a very successful student at Georgetown University (Bill Clinton attended this school). However, he is an illegal immigrant. His list of achievements is long enough to make Reza Pahlavi jealous. What this young man has accomplished in 20 years should make le petit prince pahlavi jealous. It just made me sad that a person like him, who has ideas and possible contributions to society, will have to be deported soon while that overfed "PRINCE" gets to stay in America. 

Keep in mind that this student and his family are Colombian and are seeking asylum. Colombia has a lot of political problems - they are very Iranian if you know what I mean. His father will probably be executed if they return, not to mention that he will not be able to return for at least 10 years (if he isn't killed)? I felt so bad for this student. His uncle and some other family have already been executed for their politics. How come le petit prince Pahalvi future king of kings gets to stay and this student must go? This student lives in the heart of influence and immigration - and he can't get a break. Seems to me that immigration, like everything else, is just politics. Reza Pahlavi is a good tool and he probably had a very high priced lawyer or something, but the concept (asylum) is the same.

I think the immigration system in America needs major reforms. For instance, most Iranians pay thousands of dollars for lawyers to come to the United States  - JUST FOR A VISA - and live here honestly. While many of the illegals from south of the border of America come for free, do not pay taxes, and they live like they are in heaven (they are very fun loving people). I do not hate illegal immigrants like some people. I see them hanging around places like convenient marts and I'm glad they are buying snacks and sodas and putting money into our commerce, but I think it's not really worth it when you consider the other problems associated with them being here. 


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'm not sure if you read my blog Darius.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It seems like you just skim for His Holy Rolly Polly Pahlavi and you explode. You rage about Palestine and Islam when none of that even matters in the things I write. I could care less about either actually. You're so accustomed to obsessing over Palestine and Israel and Islam and this and that - that you can't control the urge to do it again - why? because someone dared to speak an itty bitty blog with some sentences challenging his immigration status. Get off it. Reza Pahlavi is a BIG F-ING MAN. He's not a child and if he wants to defend himself, let him do it. You look foolish when you explode over Pahlavis like this. Handsome, but foolish. 

As for my "blaming" - you got it wrong. I'm making a connection between someone who deserves to be in America under asylum and demonstrates achievement whereas someone like Reza Pahlavi represents privilege, moftkhori, failure, and unintelligence. Hamin. Is that too hard for you to handle Mr. Darius Democrazy? Your answers have already answered my question. 

I blame Reza for just being an "asylum" case who is a moron. Hamin. He's not the first, won't be the last. It's never been a fair world. I know people with less opportunity and wealth than him and they are very intelligent and successful. Juan represents that. During a time of crisis in the United States, he is pro-America, pro-Business and OPTIMISTIC. he doesn't expect things from America and he doesn't make demands, only asking that he be allowed to stay and contribute.

Reza Pahlavi represents EVERYTHING wrong with Iranian immigrants. They are here "in waiting". Waiting for a new regime. Waiting for a "plan". Playing it safe to run away from akhoonds and hoping that America will do something to change Iran. He's not very popular, but I thought of someone like him, who is famous and Iranian, to draw the connection. I could have mentioned my khaleh fakhri, but you don't know her :) and she is not a public figure who goes on TV claiming to "understand Iran" and "her problems". Yekh. From Fox News Studios to Starbucks to US Airways flight 451. I'm glad Reza is here to support the food and vacation businesses at least.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Are you joking? WRATH?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

My god Darius, 

If you consider this "wrath" I feel sorry for you. How can you dare talk about democracy when you act like you are the Paris bureau of PR for reza Pahlavi.

It's funny how YOU never have to qualify YOUR obsession with the Pahlavis, but the people who disagree or worse "have wrath" (HAHA), have you qualify their dislike for this fake, unintelligent, embarrassment of an "activist". Hamin. I noticed you stopped your strange preambles to your blogs "I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE PAHLAVIS. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN." You are such a hypocrite.

Darius Kadivar

Probably Because I've Read Mark Twain Without Contact Lens ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno ... I guess I could very well ask you the same question: How did RP become the target of your wrath in a Mark Twainian Twist given that your Pauper isn't Even His Majesty's faithful Subject ? ...

Mind You His Majesty's Sceptre is used only to crack Nuts ... So any similarities with your Skull is purely Coincidental ...


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Two things for the Secretary of Pahlavi

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

1. I am so flattered that you read this even though it was NOT featured or including the title related to Monarchy/Pahlavi OR Palestine.

2. I am impressed that you SOMEHOW made this about Palestine.

3. Khaly alaki harf mizani Darius Jan. I did not blame Reza for anything except being unwilling to go on a diet. I'm blaming the immigration system for granting a moftkhor like him with asylum but ignoring this man's case. Of course you blame Chavex. I'm impressed that this is possible.

4. what would you do without Palestine? Why the hell do you tack it on everyone who doesn't lick the bum of Reza Pahlavi? 


illegal millegal

by Hairy (not verified) on

Immigration laws are unfair and over the years they've evolved into something that is totally screwed up.

Like this volcano statement by Bobby Jinda(l ;). He is so consumed with attacking any Democratic plan that he forgot there are volcanos in America and so the hell with it! No pun intended ;)


Darius Kadivar

Ministry of Silly Talk ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Sure Its RP's Fault ... 

Now as if it were not enough for all the critics RP's gets from Fellow Compatriots he also has to be accountable for Columbian Refugees ?

Well why not blame it on Your friend Chavez who lives nearby. After all he is even Elected for Life or about to prolong his administration for another two terms which is just a step away from declaring a  Presidential Kingship.

You may even be able to add a Columbian Passport to Your Palestinian one, and soon have the benefit of the choice.

Ridiculous distortion of the Washington Post article.

Whats Your Next Blame on RP ? Responsible for the Spread of AIDS in Africa or even the Arrest of AIDS Researchers by the Islamic Republic ?

Go sign Up for the Ministery of Silly Talks ...


And Impossible Demands: