I oppose a war on Iran

I oppose a war on Iran
by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Iran has not invaded any nations. The opposite is true of America and Israel. A war with Iran will ignite devastating consequences with China and Russia - two nukular armed states.

I do not support an attack on Iran, not only because it is my country of origin, but because I am an American citizen. I am an American who is disgusted at the sight of homeless vets at stoplights and alleys. I'm disgusted at the welfare checks to Israel in order to build settlements and bomb schools, mosques (even though I hate them), and dairy farms (don't let those stinky arabs be self-sufficient!). 

I do not want to see America lose more power because Israel commands it. This will be a war with Russia and China. This will hurt America. This will only help Israel, a parasite nation that does not benefit the USA at all. If Israel wants to amass more power in the Middle East, let them do it on their own with their own 7 million fake Ashkenazi blood (not the inheritors of the Hebrews... not the "chosen"). 

I do not support an attack on Iran. I support politicians who put the United States interests first. I'm tired of seeing the government spend money on ads for our children to sign up for the Army. Why doesn't the Science Foundation or National Institutes of Health do this? NO MORE WAR ECONOMY! 

I love the United States. Mr. Obama, don't be a whore. Don't make war with Iran so that your party can say "We LOVE Israel, therefore, we bomb Iran!" You will not win elections in the mid term this way. It's the economy Obama. Cut off the Israelis. Don't be intimidated by that thug Netanyahu. If our politcians in Washington are so lustful of Israel, let them run for Knesset, not Congress. 


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Captain jan

by Gavazn on

thanks for your post. I get you and it!     :D


A War on Iran is one of the worst disasters I can imagine

by ramintork on

I think you would have to be a crazy Iranian to think that War and the devastation that it brings could in any form be good for us.

So you have my support on this, I suspect that you would have the support of most Iranians on this.


Gavazn Khan

by capt_ayhab on

I think you meant to say [Every Sane.... ] as opposed to [Any Sane].

But No , no SANE person would wish for war, then yet again world is populated with at least 47% crazies,,,,,, they call themselves Righteous[aka righties] [ aka AK47 wielding peace loving, SANE WORLD]

Hope you get my form of sarcasm.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No we don't, and this isn't just about Iranians. It's about USA

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

There are many Iranians who are content with a war. They aren't always commenting here, however. I'm glad it seems like it's not a major point for Europeans. Most of you don't have a direct war economy. Aren't you all luck!? You have health care and education paid for - or very cheap. Here, it's debt from cradle to grave. We're working on it and it's improving.

"Too much Israel." Would you say that about the media blackout on what Israel does?? "Overdone." Words are cheaper than lives. I'd rather be blunt with my words than with phosphorous bombs. I think you should just go check out CNN/Fox/BBC. They are very sweet to Israel's platforms, even if it means being silent about them.

Thanks dears Gavazn and Nilofar


We all oppose war on Iran

by Rea on

..... however, this is overdone. Doesn't sound right, too much of Israel, avoiding the real issue.

Doesn't sell.  Not to Europeans anyway.

Niloufar Parsi

marge khanoom

by Niloufar Parsi on

great blog!

interesting the range of attacks you are facing. this is a great debate that really needs to be had. i hope we can keep our cool though and lower the personal attacks...

all the 'right wing' and 'spiritual' views expressed here againt your position - and your person unfortunately - miss a simple yet crucial truth: the same people who attack you for bringing israel into the equation because it is allegedly 'irrelevant to iran and iranians', boast about spending on israel and more, or lament 'your' lack of attention to all kinds of bloody conflict around the world.

the simple truth that they ignore is that you have a direct and legitimate concern for iran and usa, and both of these countries are at loggerheads because of israel. it would be quite unintelligent to ignore israel when discussing iran right now.

more fundamentally, they ignore the simple truth that iran as a sovereign nation, our nation, has important national interests that must be protected, including by us. the violent challenge from israel must be resisted by all of us. and iranians in usa have a particular advantage in that they can directly challenge aipac's power and harmful influence.

i have no personal link with american interests (i live in europe), but many analysts are seriously challenging israel's influence over us politics. it cannot be the case that american and israeli national interests are identical. america has a history of strategic realignment, and nixon's efforts with china are being regularly cited today in reference to iran.

i remain optimistic about prospects for a peaceful solution. 



by Gavazn on

Any sane individual would oppose a war. Why on earth would anyone support a war on their own country? After Iraq I very much doubt US would make the same stupid mistake again. Lets keep our fingers crosses that a peaceful solution will be found. No sanctions, no war. 


i oppose bombing iran. tout court.

by humanbeing on

i oppose bombing iran. that's all. it's not me who is fighting anyone or boycotting or delegitimizing any country or ethnic group. it does no good to patronize or alienate or have a cynical attitude to people who (maybe naively) want to stop war and incitement and to disseminate a peaceful attitude just because they happen to belong to another group or have another perspective on things. i didn't know there is a monopoly on who can strive for a more humane world.

 i withdraw from this dialogue but you can't stop me from opposing the bombing of iran.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Do you fight the IRI on the Internet? Good. We need everyone

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Good for you! Bravo. I also hope that you don't buy products made in China, Iran's biggest trading partner, and another evil regime that loves to kill any religious peoples. Not buying Chinese products is one of the ways I do my part. 

This world is full of problems. No shortage of problems. But we have people everywhere. If everyone helped a little, it would be great.

So if your cause is fighting the Islamic Republic Regime, good for you! Good luck! I live in the USA and it's not really my cause. I live in the USA and I elect leaders from whom I expect representation with taxation. That isn't happening.

This is a big world. You have your cause. Anti-war is mine. Good luck to us all. No need to attack my cause because you are avoiding yours for the time. I love you all no matter how much you hate me. I love Iranians. We are weird, but we are good people. It's a big world. Room for all opinions and voices. 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Thank you Captain!! Thank you always

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This time it's: "you ALL are obsessed with Israel." However, whenever we mention Israel, here THEY come to obsess with us. Hypocritical, no! Don't mind them. 

Again, it's not about "caring" about Palestinians. I don't care if we are bombing squirrels. NOT ON THE USA'S DIME. Tax payers don't work hard to pay for phosphorous bombs on Palestinians or Israeli settlements. NO WAR ON IRAN!  

I don't care about the Arab Israeli conflict. I still don't. When you take steal another nation in the name of religion and BS God, you are doomed. Israel plays dirty, and always has the advantage thanks to the USA. Time to stop the welfare checks.

Why is there always money for bombs and wars and bailouts for banks, but always a shortage of science and education? Hmmm? I can't wait until we have to say "Israel, we just can't afford your BS anymore." Sadly, it's coming and it's not good. People are growing poor and angry in the USA.


if they really cared about palestinians

by humanbeing on

if the organizations who drag in the palestinian issue really cared about the palestinian human beings they would not make this artificial linkage with iran, dragging the palestinians and the human beings of iran down along with them in their free fall.

the palestinian plight has to do with the conflict between them and israel, and iran's turmoil is a heroic struggle for freedom which leaves the outside observer in shock and awe. genuine improvement in both cases will only come from within, when the nations are weaned of outside stimulants (israel of the us apronstrings, iran of the palestinian fig-leaf, palestine of the iri apronstrings).

israelis and palestinians at ground level would have a broader consensus for making change in internal politics, there would be less warmongering and more energy in promoting peace and prosperity in the region. likewise the palestinians and israelis would be able to shake off the imported incitement, terror groups and fundamentalism plaguing both societies; i do not represent the palestinians, but many are fed up with intifada, and want a better life for their children, as well as their land back, their rights, and a state.

and, as artificial intelligence suggested, aipac would not go in the direction it is heading. that would be a nice bonus.

sound like a pipe dream? it probably is. it's either take a gamble for a better world through change of attitude and change in government, in education in the madrasas yeshivas in children's tv shows etc., or perpetuate this hell on earth because of fear of change.


Dear Marge ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

I see you have managed to attract nicely organized attacks on your person.

When is it that we are going to learn that not wanting war on our nation is frowned upon so badly. Now if had written a blog inviting the sane world to starve and eventually bomb Iran  by now you would have been crowned Patriot of the Day.

Hang in there - I have your WEATHER - Havato daram


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

War War War....for ever

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I want war yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Since we're in the toilet, I think war will hasten our arrival

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

In the sewage plant. Hooray for war. I change my mind everyone. War war war!

What do we want? WAR

When do we want it? NOW! 



by Onlyiran on

I have commented on this issue before, and perhaps that is why "I have a crush..."  ("IHACOAT") may think that you comment under multiple ID's.  You are very correct.  This issue is taking Iran down the toilet in that it is deliberately designed and pushed by IRI's  massive and well funded propaganda machine in order to deflect attention about their atrocities, incompetence and the plundering of our homeland.  And the investment that they have made in this project for the past 31 years appears to be have paid off.  As you correctly point out, you never hear our resident "humanists" talk about the five million dead in Congo, human slavery in parts of Africa, the genocide in Darfur, etc., but the minute some bit of news comes out of Israel, there are blogs, news postings, tear jerking, etc.  One has to be an absolute retard not to see through the B.S.

I will even submit that the U.S. resident versions of these brainwashed individuals are even more dangerous than the "Basiji" flavor inside Iran.  This is because the U.S. [couch potato] version of anti_Israel Iranian crusaders are not only infected with the IRI propaganda virus, but their anti-Israeli fervor in further enhanced by a dash of their cultural isolationism mixed with a pinch of western Antisemitism, which, ironically, is the only bit of "western" culture that they have managed to absorb.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I oppose a war on Iran

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It's not really more complicated than that. You can make this about me and Israel all you like, but that's not the point. Israel is the point. Israel is threatening. Iran has enough mess to climb out of without these bastards coming in and making it worse.

The same that is true of Iran is true of the US. Nations that depend on proxy conflict are doomed. How nice. We have middle ground. Now you can keep attacking me as much as you like. It's always about me me me. Never the idea. All these years I'm used to it.

Here's your satisfaction sentence: I am obsessed with Israel's Iran platform because I oppose a war on Iran. Obseeeeeeessssssssed. There's your happy ending. Now go have a cigarette. 

Louie Louie

As I said your lips say no but

by Louie Louie on

No what bugs me is that Iran is going down the toilet over an issue not related to her. I said that before go back and read your own comments. Time to go do some shopping follow by a very nice dinner. When I see Calvin Klein's Obsession, I'll think of you.

We capitalists love to do shopping, we are shallow ;o)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I am not obsessed. Nice try.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I am just a little exiled loser on the Internet writing a short blog about how fed up I am with media bias and a repeat of historical blunders of the US going to war. I'm used to the hate and the attacks, so don't hold back. I'm definitely obsessed with Iran, but I can't help it. I am also obsessed with news and politics like most people on this site. Sorry it bugs you. I'm sure you'll be OK. Ghorbanat.

P.S. your comment is familiar. Someone said the same thing when I published the article about AIPAC being regulated as an agent of Israel rather than a lobby. I am definitely obsessed when they are threatening war, but I'm not really interested in much else going on in Israel. I'm American. We have enough to deal with here. Thank you very very much for bothering with my dinky blogs, and happy happy Norooz to you.

Louie Louie

And this is the follow up of fake ID comment?

by Louie Louie on

Khiyalet takht man ID digeh nadarm, man kheili tanbalam. See my photo on Pendar Nik's blog ;o)

5 million dead in Congo and child prostitution in far east countries, so what are you going to do for the humanity?

This obsession of yours and your friends with Israel is way overobard, and it's taking Iran down the toilet. The brainwashing has worked big time. Your lips say no but .....

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

"Louie" known by another name.... you have reading comprehension

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

problems. Wasting time here is just that. Try reading. 

The US does not belong in the Middle East. Period. We don't belong in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and they don't belong in our Congressmen's hearts. We cannot broker peace when we are giving bombs and getting settlement building contracts from Israelis. This is a big mess that makes the USA a target for no reason.

Israel doesn't either, but that's another discussion altogether. The USA needs to focus on strengtening its own independence and economic value. Not help Israel ignite another war. 

Louie Louie

And once she wrote

by Louie Louie on

"I hate it when people have their heads up in the Palestinians asses", which this lady is really good at hating this and hating that!

She should go back and read her own comments and find out where her head is!


peace to you too

by humanbeing on

peace to you too, articifial intelligence. and to marge. and to everyone. i am willing to engage with all. not just discourse with like-minded. i am not in it for the debate, but for a desperate attempt at dialogue. rapprochement is much harder work than repeating slogans, incitement, linkage of separate conflicts in order to raise the stakes, sanctions, or bombing



Mola Nasredeen

Good questions asked from President Obama

by Mola Nasredeen on

"They say that 'we have extended our hands to the people of Iran but the government of Iran and the people of Iran pushed it back'. What hand did you extend toward us?" Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech.

"What changed? Your sanctions were lifted? The adverse propaganda was stopped? The pressure was alleviated? Did you change your attitude in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine?"

He has valid points.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Humanbeing

by Artificial Intelligence on

You nailed it. Inflammatory is the operative word. But it also goes  further with this specific lost soul. Its to the level of ignorance and outright lies such as the stupid and idiotic askenazi comment. Its more like someone seeking attention and knowing that when you pick on jews/israel- you get automatic attention. If you look at this poor soul's other daily comments you will see what I am talking about.

Don't waist your time in debate as its useless. Unfortunately, this is precisely why organizations such as AIPAC have the positions they due. Its necessary to combat the ignorant idiots in the world who make comments like  "7 million fake Ashkenazi blood (not the inheritors of the
Hebrews... not the "chosen")."



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

There is no GOD. And if there were, She isn't blessing.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

She is cursing. Look around you. Pray. There no no god. But keep praying for blessings to get out of this economic and war mess.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

these aren't "theories"

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They are realities. Believe me I know there are Israelis who are against the BS going on in Tel Aviv. Many of them feel they are living under the Bush administration all the time with the way things are being run - a climate of fear surrounds them. 

I have been nice and sweet for a long time. I can cite NPT and medical isotope laws until i'm blue....wait i am! Most people have. You can't ask nicely. You have to be forceful. There is nothing wrong with anger. It is a reaction that we avoid for a while, but when thigns are unbearable, you have to speak up.

Hans Blix was the same way. Once he had enough and spoke up, he was swiftly blackmailed and outed as a homosexual to discredit him. 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Bomb Bomb Bomd the Islamic republic of Mullahs!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

That's the only way to get the world rid of the mullahs and their killer machines.

Alex Trebek is Canadian commie who should be deported back to Canada along with his beat-up old broad commie lovers!?


Once again bomb the Islamic Republic!


God Bless America and Israel.


current israeli government

by humanbeing on

the current israeli government is rapidly unravelling the relationship, no need for obama to do anything. hope you're satisfied. it seems some people will only be satisfied with total destruction of the whole middle east. by sinking into iraq war, post world war 2 economics etc. there is a perpetuation of the situation.

do not brush aside at least a hope for a peaceful solution. some of your conspiracy theories may have some truth to them, but they speak of the past. constructive humane steps at thinking about solutions, reconciliation, outreach, de-demonization, pro-humanization of all parties involved are the only way forward. the hatred will only alienate people (including ashkenazis -- yes, some of them are human) who are fed up as you are and want change.


Love you Marge!

by Monda on

You expressed my sentiments word by word!  I'm sick of it all as well.  Great blog!  oh I saw this bumper sticker that said: And I Don't support our Next War! 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

inflammatory rhetoric? what's on fire?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Oh that's the smell of the USA burning. 

Peaceful resolution? There is no resolution when war economy has been guiding USA and Israel since WW2.

Directing my comments at IRI? What are you talking about? I've already left my country because of IRI. I'm more concerned with the USA and Israel enabling IRI and other monsters like the Mojaheddin who should just roll in the tanks themselves.

Iran is not the one threatening to invade Israel. This is Iraq War Rhetoric revisited. The only great thing is they just have to do EDIT >> FIND >> IRAN>> Replace Q with N >> Replace SADDAM >> Ahmadinejad.

I hold my government to a high standard in the USA. It is my right. Demanding the breaking of relations with Israel is part of that opinion.