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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog on iranian dot com 


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HAHAHA! Rosie,

by RIBS (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing the NY Times pictorial.
All I can say about it; cheese, guns and jesus.

Mr. Milani you will survive.

This Ticket Valid One Way Only Way Jan. 1 2009

magic persian...the choice is clear, the path is bright..

by This Ticket Valid One Way... on

you and javid marge, you and javid...one for prez one for veep, doesn't matter which, you two choose. flip a coin, toss a touman, get your acts together, start grooming each other (like my cats do..) and we'll all "chip" iin once you prove yourselves serious...and then...

the white house will be ours...2012..oval office here we cum.

and how. 




your future press agent


Your article reminded me of

by RIBS (not verified) on

South Park's Les Bos v. Persians.