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Farzad.. you claim this YET

by aaNONYMOUS (not verified) on

Farzad.. you claim this YET can't prove it.. we CAN prove $cientology to be a scam.. it's authoritative hypnosis, Abreaction, and plagerized Eastern Religion.. Basically the concepts of Meditation AND reincarnation. Everyone speaking out critically against $cientology are correct.. on Youtube there are a set of parents posting under getbeckyout.. There daughter was conned into this faux religion by her boyfriend AND has been trying to leave ever since. $cientology does not LET there members just leave. Look up what happened to Roxanne Friend for some proof of this. Look up how they lied about Carrie Slaughterbeck ever attending a Co$ org AFTER their Purification Rundown killed her. It's in Clearwater Police Reports and verifiable. Look at what happened to Ed Brewer, Lisa McPherson, Elie Perkin's, Kyle Brennan, and John Duignan just to name a few. This is common practice. $cientology isn't to be trusted and should be expelled from civilized society. It's cult like Jonestown and HaleBop.



by Hartman5555 (not verified) on

So let us imagine a mental hospital ward run by Scientology: The Scientologists would have the severely mental ill patients on vitamins. It would be unsafe for the staff and the patients would be killing each other.

Scientology has no viable working treatment for any psych disorders. They don't believe in the mind so they have no answers for its ailments.

anonymous fish

oh my

by anonymous fish on

aren't you the eloquent one.  shove it?  that's the best you can come up with?  you seemed determined to try to "shove" down MY throat YOUR opinions.  you seem to know exactly what does or does not "nourish" me.  speak for yourself young lady.  i DO find comfort in faith.  not your cup of tea?  i already said that was just fine with me.  i was going to say, please don't belittle something that i do find enriching.  but i forgot the golden rule for a moment.  you DO have a right to your opinion.  just make sure you understand that it's your opinion and nothing more.  it's not a fact.  and it sure as hell didn't come to your ear from god's mouth.  ok?  let's just be a little considerate, do you mind?

as far as being angry... oh my goodness my little cupcake with blue frosting.  you are the epitome of an angry and bitter person.   :-)


L. Ron Hubbard the Raving Maniac

by Bart Simpson (not really, LOL!) (not verified) on

If Scientologists are so against medications, why did L. Ron Hubbard die a raving hermit with black teeth, long,dirty,matted hair, fingernails so long they curled under, and a body loaded with Vistaril? Please explain that one to me? See page 107-108 in Andrew Morton’s wonderful and truthful book about Hubbard and his cult….

“As the movement went into meltdown, Hubbard was in hiding, on the run from law for fraud and tax evasion. Those who glimpsed this shadowy character, then living under an assumed name in a remote ranch in Crestor, California, recall that he cut an incoherent, unkempt figure reminiscent of the eccentric billionaire, Howard Hughes. His teeth were black, his lank, shoulder-length hair dirty and matted, his nails long, gnarled, and curling-hardly an endorsement for the lifestyle he had spent years promoting. The ULTIMATE IRONY of his BIZARRE LIFE is that when he died in January 1986, shortly after suffering a stroke, his body was full of VISTARIL, a PSYCHIATRIC DRUG used to calm frantic or overanxious patients. Yet this was the same man who had devoted his life to fighting psychiatrists, blaming them for all the world’s ills.”

Hubbard died January 24, 1986 in a 1982 Blue Bird motor home. He had been injected with Vistaril(hydroxyzine hydrochloride) by intramuscular injection in the right buttock by Dr. Gene Denk. Public documents are on record. Located at San Luis Obispo Sheriff Office, Coroners file #8936.
A great website to get good information is //www.ronthenut.org

I hope that everyone will spread the message that Scientology is a Dangerous Criminal Cult, and a mind control scheme to get your money.


can't remember which one came first ;-)

by Gloria S. (not verified) on

"Man needs God like fish needs a bicycle."

or was it: 'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.'

I get confused...

but I agree with both anyway

Good going Crush lady

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

anonymous Fish can shove it. I didn't "taint" the buffet

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The people who push religion have tainted it. History books = such a mood killer. If you really think I am tainting religion for "others hungry for faith", then you are not paying attention. 

I am not angry or bitter. I have shed religion for a LONG TIME since my teens actually. I am STUNNED that people still eat at a buffet that does not nourish them. Religion is nothing more than a crutch and a powerful industry ($$$) of influence. You like it? Good for you. Take a cookie and a lollipop.


Scientologists would

by blark (not verified) on

Scientologists would probably be throughly persecuted in Iran if $ci were to show its face there. The place is an islamic theocracy for god's sakes. People are put in jail for converting to Christianity there. As for psychiatry being a cult of greed, it is neither a cult nor is it characterized by greed. There are a lot of good Psychiatrists who care about relieving peoples' suffering. If you want to think greed, look at the pharmaceutical industry. They don't just make psych meds either. Also, people please, if you're going to learn something about $ci, then learn that it is really a good idea to stay the hell away from it. Your mind and your pcoketbook will thank you.


And now Psychiatry, the fraud

by Mehdi on

In this video, psychiatrists themselves openly admit that not only they have no idea what they are doing, not only they can't even define what mental illness is, they also have absolutely no results and they have never cured anybody! This is an amazing documentary. See it and let me know what you think. I am very interested.


Creed of the Scientology

by Mehdi on

Here is the creed (a set of fundamental beliefs) of the Church of Scientology, if you are interested. Do you think this is a bad creed? What effects would this creed have if more people followed it and enforced it?


The Deathbed pledge myth . . .

by Artoo45 (not verified) on

I dislike the cult of Scientology for many reasons, but Robert, you've been posting all over the internet lately that Hubbard made his son Ron Jr. (aka Nibs) pledge to start a religion. Hubbard and Ron De Wolf (he changed his last name) were not on speaking terms when he died in 1986. De Wolf was suing the "church" for what he believed was his inheritance because he believed his father was already dead. That they had a serious rift was correct, and posting the interview is a great idea, but please stop with the deathbed pledge story. It's just not correct and it gives the clams ammo to use against any other points you've made. As for the quote about starting a religion, it comes from A. E. Van Vogt, an early pioneer of sci-fi and onetime adherent to Hubbards quackery. The most widely reported version of the story is that during a poker game, Hubbard had said "Writing for a penny a word is no way to make money, if you want to get rich, start a religion". I'd love to say that was verifiable, but it's purely anecdotal. Luckily, the ridiculousness of Hubbard's "tech" is not so hard to prove, just read any of his books and it will be all too obvious that it's just nuts.


well DUH marge.

by Anonymous fish unregistered (not verified) on

you're surprised at the reaction to your comment? you might not mean "jumping up and down" but "happy" comes pretty damn close.

i don't disagree with you on the subject matter but you just can't keep from going overboard. i respect anyone's opinion and if your's is to hate religion, all religions, fine. that's your right. but you make these "absolute" statements like they're fact, and not just your opinion. it's hurtful and disrespectful to people who DO have faith. whether it's islam or judaism or christianity.

if you don't like it, don't eat it. but don't contaminate the whole buffett for those of us who ARE hungry for faith in something higher than ourselves. if you could only see that it becomes a cause célèbre and you yourself a target for proof of why the world needs faith in something.

you're bitter and angry. maybe you have a cause to be. maybe you just LIKE getting people's gander up. (which i think is more the case...:-)

but please... don't judge something you know nothing about, by EXPERIENCE. if you're not catholic, you're judging something you've only read about. if you're not buddist, you're judging by a movie you saw, etc.

mehdi. your last comment was very interesting. i don't agree with scientology but i sure do dig what you're saying.


IRANdokht jaan: No to SCE yes to human rights

by Mehdi on

I have never disagreed with the goal of improving human rights anywhere, Iran or not. What I have disagreed is the strategy of SCE. I find it not only not helpful to Iran and Iranians and the state of human rights there, but in fact very much damaging. And I have tried to explain my views. My viewpoint is that today, the more people, countries, groups, etc, take antagonistic actions which essentially leads to more sanctions on Iran, more isolation from the international community, and similar conditions, the more they are directly worsening the human rights conditions in Iran. But SCE's answer to me has been "we don't care about that, we just want to piss them off and make things known." They don't even seem to care that all they do is they are reenforcing Israel propaganda that because Iran is a such a mess, therefore bombing it would not really be a bad thing. And SCE doesn't care that their efforts are HEAVILY used in that direction. To me they are murdering Iranians and they are killing human rights and they must stop their damaging work. This does not translate to supporting the human rights conditions in Iran. But you are entitled to make your own decision.


Thanks for the explanation Mehdi

by IRANdokht on

IRI is the current regime that rules our country. It's called Islamic Republic of Iran and I have not noticed you supporting it in only some cases. So far, no matter what the subject, regardless of shades, you have taken the IRI's side in every discussion.

People are entitled to their opinion, I don't know if you want them reformed or the way they are or replaced by even a more backward thinking bunch, it doesn't matter!  but when you defend all their actions even if the subject is human rights violations in Iran, you show an unconditional support which means there are no different "shades".  


The reason I found it interesting that a scientologist defends IRI was the image that popped in my head. I saw Travolta's Grease Lightnin' video with him wearing the spaceship silver outfit and mullahs dancing behind him instead of his high school buddies.    :0)



IRANdokht jaan: I don't know what IRI is

by Mehdi on

And I haven't seen anybody who does! To be honest, after Scientology, it is very hard for me to see any difference between people - I mean anything serious. What I discovered is that true evil does not exist. I mean pure and solid (unchanging) evil. All evil could be said to be the result of lack of understanding or short-sidedness or ignorance of facts (simply now knowing things). Most people who "hate IRI" are also completely incapable of defining precisely what IRI is. I think this is because there is no pure IRI. There is only shades of IRI, which is meant to be shades of Nazism, shades of evil. There is no pure evil and there is no pure innocence. When individuals or groups act very evil, we call them evil, but if you think about it, they are still humans like us but have gone off tracks somewhere - even Hitler was human but actly seriously like he wasn't. Now if you are in possession of very great wisdom, you will have the ability to bring these evil people and group back on track. But to the degree that we are lacking high level, pure wisdom, we will resort to force (fights, hatred, wars, etc). Every time you see a violent revolution, a war, you are witnessing two sides who are not competent in communication and who are unaware of certain facts and who are not armed with true understanding.

L. Ron Hubbard correctly said, "Understanding is the universal solvent."

The Israeli hating the Palestinian, the Palestinian hating the Israeli, the Basiji hating the Bahai, etc, all are unaware that they are only cutting their own throat. In the absence of a better solution, they have resorted to animal-level wisdom. I don't support IRI, if by IRI you mean injustice, unfairness, corruption, lack of religious freedom. But I strongly disagree that a revolution in Iran is the solution. Even a regime change, in the sense of US or Israel attacking that country or using fancy term like "surgical strikes" etc. The solution for Iran is to help improve Iran's relationship with other countries, especially the US and Israel. This animosity is based on nothing and if enough people put their shoulders to this cause, it can be resolved quite fast, and after that, the corruption, lack of freedom, etc, will almost automatically resolve. 


LOL Mehdi

by IRANdokht on

I think you're the first scientologist I have seen who supports IRI

it's actually quite funny when you think about it... kheili sakht nageer.



This is the worst falsehood I have ever seen on iranian.com

by Mehdi on

Following the vicious lies and falsehood spread around the world by the international cult of greed, Psychiatry, the writer is giving "advice" to Iranians to stay away from the most wonderful wisdom of our times, based on one reason - her hatred!!! Can't get any worse than that.

Iranians must make every effort to find out what Scientology is for themselves and do NOT allow someone else force them into an opinion. It is the basic definition of brainwashing to believe something without ever knowing anything about it - and that is what the writer is asking everyone!!! 

I have been a Scientologist for over 20 years and discovering the wisdom that is Scientology is my most precious achievement in life. Just because an international cult of greed, with their electric shock torture techniques (sold to idiots as "treatment") and their international "legal" drugging of mankind (including innocent children), insulin shock torture and such despicable "solutions" find Scientology dangerous to their trillions of dollars of theft, one should not get scared. Have courage and find out for yourself. If you yourself find something you don't agree with, then at least you know what you are dealing with, but for God's sake, don't let someone else tell you what you should think based on falsehood and made up stories.

There are a lot of Iranians already familiar with Scientology. Talk to them. It is a lie that if you talk to them you will instantly be brainwashed. If you believe in that nonsense, you are already brainwashed!


on Ron Hubbard

by FrankG (not verified) on

> Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard on his deathbed
> told his son
> "You know how to get rich... start a religion."

Dear Robert,
If I remember well LRH died in 1986.
Scientology was born in 1954...
1- Could you tell me which religion he told his son to create????
2- Which "son" did he tell to create a religion?
3- Who told you this piece of information? Was he there?

It seems to me that you do the following
1- Gather gossip from the intenet
2- Don't analyze the information
3- Alter it
4- Relay the altered gossip as "facts"


To those who have still some ability to think I suggest discover what Scientology believes in by reading Scientology books.

I personally like... "The fondaments of thought"



wikipedia unbiased?

by Robert Lindblad (not verified) on

Wikipedia has locked the subject of Scientology.
For an organization that claims free discussion to lock out debate on Scientology does display a bias.
His son knows more about it than Wikipedia...
try reading L. Ron Hubbards' sons' interview
that I posted on the board prior to your statement


Want to know about

by Anonymiss (not verified) on

Want to know about Scientology? Go to Wikipedia. The entry on Scientology there is the most honest and unbiased portrayal of the organization in the entire world.


catherine bell is a scientologist

by sarshar45 on

maziar, i think you are referring to catherine bell.... she appeared on JAG and on army wives.


she is half british, half iranian and a scientologist. she has several links on her personal website regarding scientology and dianetics.



(this is the second time i am posting this so if it is a double post i apologize... not sure why i dont see the first one i posted....)

rosie is roxy is roshan

Marge, I think MPD is waiting for you on...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

another thread, he has answered your questons at length. Great discursive length..


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Tom Cruise named his daughter Suri - hmmmm

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I really think it was a sick choice because 1. it gives that future zombie child a way in with Iranians in the future. 

Speaking of Zombies, I'll bet you GOOD (American pesos) that Tom did not choose his child's name. The church definitely had a part. And I don't really take his wife to be a very well-read person if you know what I mean. Usually a girl named Katie Holmes from Dawson's creek doesn't end up calling her kid Suri, despite the fact that it's Hollyvood. 


Iranian Scientologists

by Farzad (not verified) on

There are actually many Iranian and Persian Scientologists, including myself. I've been involved with Scientology for over 20 years and I find it rather condescending that someone who states quite proudly that she hates all religions feels that they know so much better than those who are religious. But this is to be expected of an anti-religious bigot.

It is also condescending and infinitely arrogant to suggest that the only reason people are involved in Scientology is because they are brainwashed and too mentally weak and stupid to think for themselves. Scientology, in fact, unlike psychiatry or psychology (or materialism, for that matter) is very much about thinking for yourself and finding answers within yourself. In this sense, it is very much like Buddhism in that it is a religion of self-awareness.

There are also hundreds of Dianetics auditing groups throughout Iran. Auditing, for those who don't know, is a Scientology spiritual counseling procedure. Dianetics is actually very popular in Iran and first appeared in the 1970s but faded for a time after the 1979 Revolution. In the early 1990s, it re-appeared and study groups started popping up all over the place. I visit Iran all the time and have found bootleg copies of Dianetics (in Persian) being sold in many bookstores in Tehran. There are even professional therapists in Iran who specialize in Dianetic counseling.

You claim that Scientology makes "millions" off of its members yet ignore the fact that psychiatry is the biggest scam of all and the most lucrative business in the world. Psychiatry is the ultimate business in that it makes drug addicts out of everyone it claims to "help." They've turned America into a nation of pill-poppers, going so far as to militantly drug millions of schoolchildren, all because they are considered "hyperactive."

But I suppose you, the kind of person you are who is filled with so much hatred and bigotry, would support the drugging of children with Ritalin, which is a methamphetamine like speed and crack cocaine. That's to be be expected.

Iranians, thankfully, are generally suspicious of psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, so you'll find very few in our community who subject themselves to this kind of insanity. Iranians in Iran are even more anti-psychiatry since the Islamic Republic uses psychiatry as a tool of oppression.

It would perhaps interest you to visit Iranian mental hospitals - they are filled with political dissidents, homosexuals, abused housewives, and homeless youth. And they are all routinely drugged, electroshocked, and psychologically tortured to the point that if they are ever released, they cannot hope to ever be part of normal society again.

I strongly urge everyone to research the psuedo-science and psuedo-religion of psychiatry, because that is exactly what it is. It is all based on theories, not facts. Do your own research and ask any psychiatrist, and they will all tell you the same thing: psychiatry doesn't know anything about the human mind, nor are they able to cure mental illness. In fact, there is no standard clinical test for mental illness - any diagnosis made is totally subjective.

Lastly, for those curious about what Scientology is really all about, you can visit your local library and find all of our books and many of Mr. Hubbard's lectures there which you can read and listen to for free, since we have donated thousands and thousands of our materials to public libraries.

If you're someone who hates religion, then you'll hate any and all religions. But if you're someone who believes in God and that human beings are essentially good and that a person can help him or herself without the need for priests, mullahs and psychiatrists, then don't listen to the ramblings of a bigot and find out for yourself and make up your own mind.


A psychiatrist, and Iranian and a Scientologist were fishing ...

by Terryeo (not verified) on

A psychiatrist, an Iranian and a Scientologist were fishing from a boat. The Scientologist realized he had to pee, walked across the water, relieved himself, came back and begin fishing again. A short time later, the Iranian felt the urge. Having closely observed the Scientologist, he walked ashore, relieved himself and came back to fish again. The Psychiatrist soon felt the same urge and attempted the same, but missed stepping onto the rocks and splashed into the lake, creating great disturbance and ruining the fishing. And got helped back into the boat, for his trouble, but with a relieved bladder.


Scientology is nothing but a

by Hinky (not verified) on

Scientology is nothing but a scam. Their "tech" (techniques from their courses,books tapes that L. Ron Hubbard wrote) does not work. There is no proof of a "clear" and there never will be. There are no OT's.

Nobody has perfect memory or can go exterior from their bodies, nor can they cause things to happen, or shatter suppression from being Scientologist.

If these things were possible. Show me the person who holds these great powers? They would be famous!They would be a millionaire and helping ALL of mankind!
Don't yah think? Hmmmm?? No..I guess all the OT's choose to keep quiet and pay more money to Scientology. EGAD WAKE UP!

On a more serious note. Scientology has an abusive sect called the Sea Org. They abuse these members the most. They have coerced abortions,family disconnection,slave labor,sexual abuse,elderly abuse,illegal alien trafficking,sleep deprivation,mind control,no education, little to no mdeacal treatment,child labor and the list goes on.

To support Scientology is ANY way is to support the abusive treatment of it's Sea Org members. Visit exscientologykids.com to read ACTUAL stories from ex members that have left. Your heart will break.And perhaps you will have the notion to help speak out.

One gal's story on that site is the niece of the current church leader David Miscavige.
And by the way... has anyone see his wife Shelly in the last 2 years? NO seriously. Where is she?

People are leaving Scientology in droves even though upper mangement and "regs" who out to get your money lie and say everything is fine and hunky dory.
There are multiple pending court cases, France is suing them, among other places. They just skipped town in New Mexico and left a HUGE unpaid bill in the tens of thousands of dollars. That little operation was called their Second Chance program. One of MANY Scientology front groups that use different names to aquire funds from unasuming people. But its all the same, its ALL scientology and it's all CRAP.
Be aware of the bigger front group names. The CCHR, (Do not let a Psychiatry Industry Of Death Exhibit set up in YOUR town!) ABLE, WISE, Way To Happiness,Second Chance,Narconon, DrugFree Marshals,Criminon,Sterling Management,Delphi School, Scientology Ministries, and there are 1000's more.

It's just turning into one big embararasing circus for them and most of it was brought on by themslelves by their fair gaming and litigeous nature.
The truth is coming out little by little, and it's about time.
It's not cool to be a Scientologist , it is a HUGE embarrasment.

And word on the street is they are really trying to get more in the third world countries even more now, as they are burning their bridges all over the globe and looking for new victims to fleece.



by Hajminator on

As we iranians are used to say that all intelligent, powerful, cute, beautiful, etc. men and women in the world are persians or at least have an iranian root - (Look, even Obama comes from Bushehr)

I'm wondering if Tom Cruise (his REAL Persian name Tom Khooroos) ain't the one you search for?


Iranian Scientologists

by Robert Lindblad (not verified) on

Soory that's to say an interview with L. Ron Hubbards' son:



Iranian Scientologists

by Robert Lindblad (not verified) on

Here's an interview with L. Ron Hubbards' aon


rosie is roxy is roshan

Well I googled it for you Marge, and I found out...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

there are many many Scientologists in Iran;


I shall return later with some observations about Scientology and psychiatry, and maybe a couple about that ol' time religion too. For now, this ground-breaking news on Scientehranology will have to do.


A rose is a rox is roshan


that's so true Marge

by IRANdokht on

Iranians do have a very strong BS-meter!  I don't think they have any chance spreading the word of the extra-terrestials in Iran, but I wouldn't be surprised if some naive and vulnerable uprooted Iranis would fall for it. 

Most people substitute religion for whatever else is missing in their lives anyway and a lot of us miss a sense of belonging and our families. It's almost understandable, sad nevertheless.

Very interesting blogand loved your power of BORO BABA LOL