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American Wife

tough love... exactly...lol

by American Wife on

I was going to say that deep down you all love one another.  But I know that some of "us" would go seri ass hypertension if I did...:-)

But I truly believe that.  If, for example, some new kid to the block...  obviously non-Iranian and dumb as a bed post, came in and insulted Samsam, you'd probably be the first to come to his defense!!!  And if someone insulted IRANdokht khanoom, Samsam would probably fall defending HER honor.  So I know alot of this is just being an internet bad ass.  Some of the non-Iranians (and you all know who I'm talking about!!) just come here to provoke you.  If they see a little crack in your armor, they incite a riot.  They LOVE to see you turning on each other.  Talk about a wet dream for those pathetic creatures!!! 

Don't let them.  ID was exactly right.  Everyone needs to learn the difference between insulting and criticizing.  Have I done it?  I'm sure I have. 

Go back before you post something.  Leave out the words that pinpoint an individual's intelligence.  I'd rather someone say "f**k you" than call me names. 

Delete the ADJECTIVES people. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

American Wife -this is tough love!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Samsam111111111111111111111, despite his serious shortcomings is always welcome at my table for wine and tofu. I am a peace lover and when I criticize him, it do it out of tough love. Personally, it hurts to see Iranians gang up on other Iranians in any context, but especially when they are being exploited by some zionist thug, but that's how most conflicts start anyway. You're right though - kindness first!

American Wife

well I'm happy to see

by American Wife on

that we're all getting along so well...:-)

I was going to suggest that we all kiss and make up for Thanksgiving but... HELL NO!  This is a lot more fun!  I love everybody on this thread... I really do.  The different personalities and characteristics.  This is like following a soap opera and I AM HOOKED.  I've got to learn better Farsi if I want to understand half of what is going on.   And I can't find anyone who will teach me Farsi cuss words either!  I think Marge is right though.  But I don't think it's JJ... I think Moderator1234 is the head police what in charge of deleting. 

Seriously though... you guys are all part of the same tapestry.  Your lives, past, present and future, are interwoven with each other and your common love for your motherland.  I personally don't see anything wrong with a spirited conversation with a little vulgarity thrown in once in awhile.  You won't survive a dinner at MY family gatherings if you don't have thick skin!

Be careful though.  These are your hamvatans.  It's easy to cross that fine line between kidding around and hateful insult.  We had a civil war that pit brother against brother.  It sucked big time.  Believe me.

Now... shake hands and come out fighting!  Like ladies and gentlemen!

peace out

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh my god. Thank you Khar for the post. So funny!!!!! ROFL

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I was wondering what this guy is talking about. Samsam11111111111111 is a caricature of himself, and every internet board needs someone like him. I totally understand that he greets non-Iranians like Zion who probably give him a sense of empowerment, so it gives him fuel. That's his choice, but it's too bad he doesn't do something productive or actually helpful, instead of turning on his fellow Iranians and calling them names.

I agree with your Mein Kampf comparison. This is exactly what I meant when I related his hate for Muslims to Hitler's struggle to eliminate the Jews. Like Hitler, samsam1111111 is a failure too. These people never win. Thank god, because now we have bagels and seinfeld and as my jewish buddy says, dollar bottles at happy hour :) Personally, I think the Jews are a fun crowd. Most of them are level headed. I say the same about Iranians. We happen to have good representation of outliers in both demographics. It's ok. We can handle it just fine. Actually, they make us all look better, if not saner :)


Who is SaRsam1111?..Plot Thickens..

by Khar on

This is too funny! Whoever is SaRsam1111 Damesh Garm, keep on posting!!!!!!!!!!! because he's not me. :-)

Following is what "SaRsam1111" wrote on the Mummy blog for those who are not sure what in the hell we are talking about:

   King T. P. of the Eastern Saghestan province

by SaRsam1111 (not verified) on

This is the immortal remains of king Tokhmeh Palangi, who was a vassal of Xerxes the 3rd, in the eastern province of saghestan, from 489 BC to 456 BC.

His army had famously demolished all the arab and ommatist forces east of Zabol, and controlled the growth of all beards and mostaches in today's Afghanestan and Vazirestan.

My own grand-grand fater was famously fathered by the great-great-grand son of one of king's neigbor's nephew's daughters, called Totan Khanom.

Many thanks for revealing another astonishing relic of our glorious pre-Qadesieh, anti-islamist, post-modern, pre-menopause artifacts!


person writing under Sarsam1111

by samsam1111 on

Unlike some characters I never wrote under anonymous except 2 cases on defence of a guest . AW  has my utmost respect, & it,s only juvenile ignorants like this shaikh lover /Iran hater Ommati character & his hajieh blue twin who need to re-educate from grade 6 . The real bigot/racist is the ignorant who ridicules old Iran just to look cool like a comic ommati/leftist malijak . It,s a shame for any Irani to call this character his/her ham mihan . And no, the moderators didn,t delete mine , I did, and that was because they removed that sarsam1111 insulting comment ..heh....I don,t give a hoot about Sara, Obama or McCain , but , next time He insults & ridicules old-Iran & write some mikhi sikhi junk ,He will deal with me , got that?,  . flagged as offensive  .

""Time and time again you've posted hateful and racist blogs about this group of people or that language & religion""

Just shows the fake argument & distortion with no proof . Shameless..

Ebi , educate this bunch about Iran , Clueless





by Khar on

Your problem is with me NOT IRANdokht, American Wife & others! Why do you resort to character assassinations of others to prove your point! IRANdokht and American Wife are the two of the very respectable and decent people on this site who in the past even supported you when you had something decent, wholesome and logical to say. This time and time again you don’t have anything except foul language to offer. earlier today you posted a Fouhsh-Nameh about me which the site moderators removed and you posted an abbreviated version of it again, what do you expect when you post something like that and defending it, expecting people or me not to respond!?. Number of times you’ve posted notes regarding me under your name and as anonymous which I ignored for a long time. Do you really have all that time to come up with all nonsense you write? Time and time again you've posted hateful and racist blogs about this group of people or that language & religion. Are you ashamed of yourself and how can you live with yourself being that hateful!? Rests assure being Persian & Ariaii be it "Pre or Post Ghadesieh" as you put it doesn’t mean being racist and bigot. Reading your blogs reminds me of reading the Mein-Kampf, and you should know who wrote that. Remember as long as racism and bigotry is preached under the cover of “glorious Aryan” past you can count on the normal good folks on this site to be there to confront and question your back warded & bigoted ideology.  

PS. Thanks Ebi Jaan I had to clear the air had to say my peace!  Zangeh Tafrih just started.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Sarah Palin = American Ayatollah

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

She's a Christian fundamentalist. The stuff she says about abortion scares me. When she said "Sure yea. I want a culture of life". It terrified me. What do we have now? A culture of death? 

Ayatollahs exist even in America! Shocking to see these anti-IRI people being so cozy with one kind of fundamentalist. It's like Uncle Tom's Cabin.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Don't you see it's ok to cuss in Persian? Call each other names!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'm finally convinced JJ just cares about English language "profanities". Not sure why. But it's shady. Personally, I could care less who samsam calls names. That's just the way this guy works because without that stuff, and the other stupid names he calls us who disagree, what would he be? 

ebi amirhosseini

زنگ تفریح

ebi amirhosseini

Oops !!





dokht & gang , learn to be civil

by samsam1111 on

Please remove the name Iran from your name . I try very hard to ignore your intrusions & insults in most blogs & my own on old Iranic theme with your phony demeanor & self righteiousness  but one needs to read your vicious anonymous & not so anonymous posts to find out your double personality . I,m not surprised for you to intrude once again uninvited on behalf of one of your foul mouthed stalker gang , since you have accused and lied about folks many times . Even here in between your so called civil comments one can see your character insults, done so , cleverly . I don,t share your shaikhist views about Iran but have simply ignored them since I don,t have your gang mentality . So , please learn not to insult & stay civil. You be the last one who would have an iota of worry about Cyrus of Anshan . I never see you in the blogs that is insulting to ancient Iran, protesting and on the contrary on some such as AM , I seen you defending the blogger's shaikhist agenda & insults to pre-Qadesiyeh heritage.

And for the last time , Respectfully , You & your gang can write as many comments as you want about my views on Iran & V-ran , and I will definitly ignore em but stay away from personal insults . You folks are obcessed with me . your vengefull butt in, just here shows how hatefull you are. get over it . & stop being a preacher on Iranian.com & tell people what to think, say, write,  believe or how to write on all blogs . that,s dictatorial . folks don,t need you to preach to them .


btw* Moderators , This Sarsam1111 has left  quite a few juvenile posts insulting others and mimicking me... so you know.


Dear Azar khanoom;

I just checked that mummy thing & funny,  found 2 more of these character (one via sarsam1111) insults  to Iran & kinda less demeaning remarks about me without me even present there again . btw It,s only me, I don,t have a gang & not into gang..here it shows how these folks are obcessed with moa. here is one.cheers !

 by Khar on

Certainly a pre-ghadesieh none-arab none-ommatist noble Mikhi mummy! He's name was "Vishtasb Ghoshtasb aval" first king of the Mikhian dynasty. Mikhian were well known for their noble Mikhi language and noble Mikhi culture. We should ask our own noble Mikhi speaking resident expert to give us a lecture about this recent find and the glorious Mikhi era


Jahanshah Javid

I'm right here

by Jahanshah Javid on

Azar Khanoom, all is good as far as I'm concerned.


JJ where are you?

by Azar (not verified) on

Are you still on the road? Have you been following the gang fights on your site? It is sickening to see the group on this thread bicker with others all the time all over the place. At least one of them is on every single thread on the site, provoking others and butting into everything.This is the ratpack mentality that has plagued the site for a while and it makes following the relevent discussions impossible. On a recent post about a fake mummy, I saw one of them leave a rude comment for another user without provocation.Your moderators did nothing to stop him.

If fair moderation is a problem while you travel,for heaven's sakes at least don't leave this garbage on the front page of the site where it is a disgrace for all Iranians to be seen this way.


it's obvious

by IRANdokht on


By your reply here, it's now quite obvious that you don't know the difference between criticizing and insulting. You are calling me ignorant and pathetic while accusing me of following you everywhere, which is insult! what I did was criticize your bad manners and your choice of words. 

To make it even clearer, you bring up an example to justify your actions to AW.

I don't really know if you just don't understand what "bi-adabi" means. because obviously, you feel justified to throw insults around for no good reason.

When you use the type of words you like to throw around, it only reflects on you and not the ones you're insulting.  It's too late to teach you manners and it's really not up to anyone on this site to do that. I already knew that but I am still very disappointed that you keep using that avatar. If only you changed that to match your words and character, then I would have never bothered addressing you.



Here comes the gang

by samsam1111 on

Irandokht ;

Either you are ignorant or purposely trying to ignore the fact . I am not into these theatrics but you and your gang pull me into this mudd finally . I am on this site for one reason only and that is to express my views on Iranic pre-Qadesiyeh values & challenge the status que on Iran & abroad . you(in lesser degree) and your associate(olagh) keep constantly chasing me on different blogs with juvenile insults . the saying goes that , if you can,t discredit the message then, discrediting the messenger . I see the game you folks are playing and try to ignore it yet you guys are relentless , so I have to stoop to your levels some times .  your olagh on many different blogs that I,m not even part of, has made vicious personal attacks which combined with distortions & just this morning used my username which passed through moderators with degrading comments on my behalf ,which tells me that if I don,t tell the ommati off , the lunetic will keep going . and your comment here is totaly biased ...go lecture your uneducated friend . pathetic .

Dear AW; here is an example of this dimwith comments in David blog ..I told david this;

by samsam1111 on Fri Nov 21, 2008 05:40 AM PST

Pal, are You telling me you never ate turkey or chicken in ur life !!..Is it a shock to see how they,re brutaly prepared for you..


 And here is the olagh's uncalled bs


We the Mikhi-Aryan pre-ghadesieh noble....

by Khar on Sat Nov 22, 2008 09:09 AM PST

...people will give no mercy to these sub-Aryan animals especially to those post & pre-Obama democratic-omattists Turkeys!


heh..I don't give a hoot about this character , but ignoring ignorance at some point is futile...cheers!!!

American Wife


by American Wife on

I know you're deeply passionate about Iran and I admire that.  You are THE leading authority on her history.  But dude... you are always complaining to the moderators or your "buddies" about how you're called ugly names, etc. etc.  Look at your blog!!!!!! 

lunacy induced brain hemorrhaged Olagh, braindeads, greatest gift to idiocy

And that's just on this article!  And I don't read finglish so I have no idea what you're calling people half the time.

We're only human.  We have our likes and dislikes.  People we care for and people we just can't stand.  People who think like you or people who rub you the wrong way. 

But it's for sure that you give as much (or more) than you take!  Argue a point or rebuke a view but leave out with the name calling.  Saying something is ridiculous is OK.  Saying someone is greatest gift to idiocy is not!  See the diff?



عين الله ..فارسی ورژن


گر که عين الله عرب از کربلا بيرون شود  
  امدش امريک به شيره کشی گردون شود

اين الاغ چار پا کز, دانشی بی بهره است 

  خود نداند کز خرييت,کره خر را پيشی است



هی بره اين بلاگ اون بلاگ ناسزا بگه پشت سر استادت . نيم مگس. لاتس اف لاف . بچه ای هنوز.




by IRANdokht on

Is this really the behavior that you think appropriate coming from someone who chooses that avatar you're hiding behind?  

is this the class of "true Persians" that you keep bragging about?

I guess what I am saying is:

Are you really proud of yourself now? 

I cringe when I read your comments so full of hate, full of arrogance and insults. Is this behavior becoming of someone who is calling himself the Aryan champion of the site?



Einollah Bagherzadeh 2

by samsam1111 on


I wonder , if it wasn,t for this woman Palin or Bush theatrics, what original views this lunacy induced brain hemorrhaged Olagh has had except copy pasting some ommatist mumbo jumbo of some shaikh . heeh ahh no, I forgot, the ommatist olagh going blog to blog bashing old Iran & promoting shireh keshi on the site . Post Sassanid Iran's greatest gift to idiocy , ladies&hentlemen  meet,  Einollah Bagherzadeh , The ommatist chaharpa who Aaaarrr Aaarrrs just to validate his retardation ...  looool

btw*an observation ; If one can,t rebuke some one elses views with logic (usualy braindeads), he involves himself on an orgy of bovinity trying to stoop the opponent to his level . So if dimwitt wants more punishment...come oooon in..heh

I,m willing to bet that this olagh acts & looks like Ainollah in real life...:)..no realy !!! 



Dear Marge...

by Khar on

Sorry for jumping off the subject! But something really stinks here I think a "Mikhi-Thinking-Aryan-Skin-Head" just visited your blog. He is suffering from a rare form of paranoia! The Psychologists and Psychiatrist categorize him as a "simpleton”, a throw-back from the past. He is not dangerous, but he has a bad mouth he recently swallowed a big silver foot!

BTW, He loves Palin and the Right-wing Neo-cons!

American Wife

I thought this was a joke

by American Wife on

when I first saw it!  Man... they are diggin' deep for something to boost their ratings...lol.

Listen people... she's the media darling right now.  She's going to be ridden hard and put up wet. She is not, never was, and never will be a serious political contender.  She's hot and she's got a big mouth. 

samsam... I hope you're not talking about us!  We get picked by moderator1234 all the time.  He/she/it has got a serious case of it for a few of us.  Please don't think for a second you're the only one.

peace out!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hells Bells

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hunting accidents happen. All those village idiots in the woods aiming for moose are BOUND to hit one another by accident. 

Mitt Romney will destroy her. If you think the Dem primary was ugly, wait until you get random "unaffiliated" smear groups against Sarah by Romney. That's not to say she won't attack him for being Mormon. I can't wait for them to eat their own. Again. Yum! 


Einollah Bagherzadeh lol

by samsam1111 on

Moderator . Good job for the wise revision on the Einollah,s comment on other blog . mine is revised as not to stoop to that level . How ever, my poetry stays , since it,s so amazingly soothing . Regards ! 

Ey ainollaheh taazi               boro ba khadijeh baazi

Einollaheh bichareh         samsam kariit nadareh, sarbesar mizareh

Ageh k**net mikhareh         bedeh hajieh bemaleh


""Dar Shahr ba maa pishnahadati bashod"" . ""bandah abama ra antakhab bekardom""







What 2012?

by mash rajab (not verified) on

You never heard that there wont be any 2012? Its over. we all need to pack up and kiss our asses goodbye and that is the proof, Sara is going to run in .....poof.


As Bill Maher said......

by Majid on

GO AWAY already !!

If we wanted to see you on TV everyday we would've voted for you on Nov. 4th....and guess what ? WE D I D   N O T !!



The GOP/Republicans...

by Khar on

Continue the "Dumbing down of America" project. She is an inspiration in stupidity!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The power of social wedge issues

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This ad would make sense if it contained just chubby pink white men in suits with big salaries. You're right. The economic policies benefit the rich. 

BUT everyone loves a BABY. No one likes an abortion doctor, birth control, or a sexy lady or guy who gets down out of wedlock.

Republicans, even Karl Rove, do not believe what they say. Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, they never even read a Bible. Rove has admitted to being an atheist. It's just a matter of making Dems look like baby eating commies. It works too! Look at Bijan. he is beside himself with fear!! 


Poor Republicans?

by IRANdokht on

I am always amazed at the power of brainwashing they have, to make the poor people of this country actually fight and vote for lowering the taxes of the rich and against the gov. social programs, even willingly sign up to go fight the wars that are started just so their leaders can make more $$!  that's genius!

I wish I could make my ex think that he'd be so much better off if he gave me the house and the car and lived in a one room flat, riding the bus to work!


PS: As for living in a post-Palin world, I sure hope Palin's era has ended.  I'd rather think such phenomena never was...

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is a type of pornography to me

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Republicans make patriotism pornography. I hope you understand what I'm saying. They take it to a level that is inappropriate and it's embarrassing. Also, no, it's not a joke. 

We live in a post-Palin world now. This stuff is acceptable! Get used to it Irandokhty dokht.  



by IRANdokht on

Is that for real???

it's ok, even the morons are entitled to representation.