Lawyers & US!

Lawyers & US!
by hossein.hosseini

Yesterday I heard Obama asking for a credit card reform bill.  It got me to think that many documents that we do not read and even if we read we don’t understand but have to sign (to buy a car, a house, etc.) are actually written by a lawyer. 

In fact a good % of congress and politicians are all lawyers.  A friend was telling me that all the laws have almost always a loophole in them that only a lawyer understands.  That’s a way for politicians (lawyers) to guarantee job security for their lawyer buddies.
So Obama said “"I am calling on Congress to take final action to pass a credit card reform bill that protects American consumers.” 

my question:

Can Obama (a lawyer) ask congress (another bunch of lawyers) to pass a bill to protect us?

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? 

Should we start sending only ‘common sense’ non-lawyer types to congress?

No wonder my 17-years-old son wants to become a lawyer. Is the new generation smart or what?


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bajenaghe naghi

hossein.hosseini jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

If people had listened to Shakespeare we would not be in such a mess with so many laws and even more loop holes. Please tell your son to become a dentist instead. 

Ali P.

Not all jerks...

by Ali P. on

 Abe Lincoln, Mohatma Gandhi,Earl Warren, Thurgood Marshall,...

Ahmad Kasravi, Dr. Mossadegh,...Dariush Forouhar,...

all typical lawyers!