Killing the Messenger

by hossein.hosseini

Lately I have seen many posts where rather than debating the issues, posters attack each other by such name calling as ‘IRI apologists’, ‘monarchists’, ‘liberal’, ‘red necks’, etc. Why is it that when we are unable or unwilling to debate an issue, we resort to such tactics?

It reminds me of the old Western and the cowboy who was charged with stealing a horse. 

One of the cowboys said, 'Let's hang him.' And the other cowboy said, 'Hold on. Before we hang him, let's first give him a fair trial.' Can we at least give the messenger a fair trial?  Is it just me or others feel the same?


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham, it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with you

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

and no one would've known it was from you if you hadn't said so and finally, what do I or  they) care? On this thread? Only you care. Trust me.All I care about is the two uses of f.u. which I flagged and many hours later still stood. I don't care if they were uttered by Peter Pan and Wendy under conditions of waterboarding.

No, I did not forget. I couldn't FIND it among the scores upon scores of posts. Please find it yourself and link it to me since it seems so important to you

Parham, please post the link on my new blog on abusive language, of which  you should be aware. Please don't post it here. I think that would be best for everyone, don't you?

Parham, you're getting me..tired..

Take care,



آقای حسینی.....



حتماً حکایت اون هموطن رو شنیدین که خودشو انداخت وسط دوتا پاسبان و گفت .....اهه....منو کجا میبرین؟
این حکایت «چوب رو که ورداری.......» در فرهنگ ما سر دراز دارد!
 شما فحش رو بنداز زمین صاحبش ور میداره! باور نمیکنی؟ چند تا نمونه میخوای که گفته شده....«هوادار های این رژیم......»...... و یه دفه فکس ها، تلفن ها و ایمیل ها بکار افتاده و موی «هوادار های.......» رو آتیش زدن؟

« Name calling» کار درستی نیست، ولی اتهام رو که عنوان کنین « Name» پیداش میشه و اتهام رو میچسبونه به خودش، که اونشو دیگه ما کاریش نمیتونیم بکنیم!

مادره به بچه اش میگفت  دُم گربه رو نکِش دردش میاد ، بچه اش گفت من فقط دُمشو نگهداشتم، خودش میکشه!



by Parham on

.. I saw that!

That quote you're bringing up is by me. And of course I wrote that as a reply to someone whose post was out of line. That's what I do: I give comments that are out of line to people who are out of line themselves (most of the time).


You forget to post the guy's comment, but you post mine. What does that mean?? Need I explain? :-)

rosie is roxy is roshan

It's gone FAR beyond's become really overtly

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

abusive. It's reaching the DANGER point. When will the good ol' death threats come, I wonder?

 Clearly Delara is opening gaping wounds. As did Gaza. They have to be healed. These emotional situations are the most important ones of all. That's when people could GROW and find COMMON GROUND


People must FLAG. THEN we can BROACH the labeling--Monarchist, Anarchist, secret agent,  Greenpeace member, televangelist, etc.

The site was AT that point for a long time. Like I said, in moderation pendulum swings, and should swing. Got too strict for a while back there IMHO. now it's WAY too lax.


Moderation must be well-prganized like it WAS to efficently deal with the flaggings.  People must flag. ModeratorSSS must efficently do the necessary deletions therein.

Oh boy...what a day it's been..


Aghaye Hosseini, you're right

by Monda on

Some people on the blogs here really lose it by labeling and bad mouthing each other on political ideologies or personal beliefs. It's sad to see such low tolerance when people feel stuck in their reasoning. But you know, as they say anger is just a surface emotion  and underneath lies fear. We each have our reasons to be fearful, these are fear-provoking times. But I wish we could be mindful and cool off before replying to another reader. Moderation is a good idea. 


Thank you

by Souri on

For bringing up this issue, one more time :-)

Always the same topic, always same feeling over here. Other friends addressed this problem, I don't add anything but to fully agree with you and also with Mr. Yassari this time:


rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, here's a good example:

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Seriously, DO YOU get laid after leaving such comments on, or do you just go wank?

Someone actually wrote this today on a Delara thread along with two other clearly abusive posts, though not as bad as this one. I forgot to flag them at first and then I remembered, so I did. But the thing first I forgot. You can't reason with someone like this, only flag.I mmediately. Then the replies, which weren't as abusive but were not..pleasant..would've have existed either..

I hope the flags went through. If they did go through, I expect they will be deleted shortly. If they aren't then something is definitely wrong. might be..that there aren't enough moderators combing the threads and checking the flags..Who knows,?

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

People are forgetting to flag. Me too. When the comments are clearly abusive they must be flagged. Suggest blog on flagging.

when the worst offenders aare deleted they modify their rhetoric, and then there is a domino effect and everyone else calms down.

Do you know that it is possible for one single person to destabilie an entire most discussed thhread? One.

That kind of person needss to be flagged. There is no other way to change them.


I agree and would add that...

by alborz on

... there are now entire blogs dedicated to this act.

As for the role of moderation, I am still at a loss of as to whether there is a line that can be crossed.  But that is my issue as I only see what is posted, which leads to the following question: "is there worse stuff being submitted that is getting filtered through moderation?"

In any case, I can only be responsible for myself and with whom I engage in a dialogue. 

Thanks for the post,



Name calling and abuse of emotions


Thank you for raising this issue.  I agree with Irandokht and Niloufar that I was shocked and very disappointed seeing name calling by some people I expected to know better and respected.  There is constant labeling of individuals and not much substance in discussions.  There is a mob mentality.  I have personally decided not to directly address some individuals.  

rosie is roxy is roshan

It is far better than it used to be. Those of us who were active

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

end 07 at the beginning of the blogging community remember the death threats and so on before the moderation was implemented.

Moderation has hadits oscillations like a pendulum, they are inevitable, sometimes too strict, too lax, sometimes seeming to favor one group or another, or have diffeent standards for this or that type of article. Overall moderation has teetered one way or the other around the medium which is where it should be.

When things get out of hand it can no longer be blamed on the posters who over and over have proven the need to be regulated from without. Many of them cannot even control it on  thread where the vast majority are grievring. It is nice to remind them Hussein and people should keep doing so but it will never be enough of a solution.

Ensuing stability is maintained has only been possible through the moderation system. This has been the only lsting solution.

The moderaton system must be well-organized with balanced responsibilities for the different people involved, with not too much responsibility (either in terms of stressing them or giving too much authority) on any individual.

No, not on any single individual.



It's sad

by IRANdokht on

I was just looking through the comments and saw that some of the name callings and fosh o badobirah has gone way overboard. The arguments have always been pretty heated here but some of our friends completely shocked and disappointed me this time.

it's a shame 


Niloufar Parsi

hossein khan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i agree. Far too much name calling going on here. i don't get the sheer rudeness of some people. why attack people on a personal level when they express their opinion? it's intimidation at the direct expense of democracy.