Karroubi 2009 vs. 2005

Karroubi 2009 vs. 2005
by hossein.hosseini

While the recent election dispute centers around Ahmadinejad and Mousavi, little if any attention has been given to Mr. Karroubi’s numbers.  As you recall, Mr. Karroubi was also a candidate in 2005.  I looked at his numbers in 2005. Among 8 candidates on round one, he received 5,070,144 votes and became number 3.

After the election he created a new Political Party (Etemad-e-Melli) and a daily newspaper.

Now after 4 years, in 2009 he only received little over 300K votes (333,635 to be exact). This means with a huge voter participation and a new party and newspaper his votes were dropped by 94%!!

This drop does not make any sense what so ever from statistical, sociological, political, and census perspective.  This tells me that perhaps something fishy was going on in 2005 or 2009 or both. Can anyone explain this? Inquiry mind wants to know!


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Ouch, Samad aghaye aziz

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Angosht kardi to cheshe khare einolah. Dastet dard nakoneh!
Saghi mey foroush yeh dastmal basteh roo cheshesh!


جناب آقای ژالِهو (اینم شد اسم)


اگه خدایی باشه حق کروبی رو می‌گذاره کف دستش. همون خدا حساب این احمقینژادِ دستبوس شیطان رجیم رو هم میرسه. رای که هیچی‌ زهرمار هم بهش نمیده. این مادر به خطا اگه دکترا تو مهندسی‌ ترافیک گرفته بود، ترافیک تیرون رو درس میکرد به جای کرکری خوندن دربارهٔ هالهٔ نورانی. حالا اینها که همش حرفه، این خیمه شب بازی سی‌ سالهٔ انتخابات رو بگیر. اگه باور میکنی‌ خامنه‌ای ۱۶ میلیون رای گرفته بود (از ۵/۱۶ میلیون) تو انتخابات ۱۳۶۰، برات یه اُکازیون ناب دارم برای یک باغ پر حاصل در بیابان لرستان. آقای ژالِهو شما برو خوش باش، میدانم کارمند دولت هستین و این جوابگویی‌ها جزو کارتونه. شما برو بمالون و خوش باش و ما هم میریم خر سوواری خودمون. ؛) چُسمک 


صمد آقا، فرمودید:


"این همشهری ما کروبی با این وضع، دورهٔ بعدی انتخابات فکر کنم یه چن میلیون رای بدهکار هم بشه. "

شما زنده باشید، ولی‌ آقای کروبی ایندوره هم دیگه نای حرف زدن نداشت، چه برسد به دوره بعد! انشاالله اگر دزدی نکرده باشه، اون دنیا برای چند میلیون رای شانس بیشتری بهتر خواهند داشت تا این دنیا.



بفرمایین آقای حسینی‌


وضعتون خیلی‌ درسته آقای حسینی‌، نظر از هر طبقه ایرانی‌ گیرتون اومد: از مای دهاتی تا نوچهٔ رسمی‌ دولت. این همشهری ما کروبی با این وضع، دورهٔ بعدی انتخابات فکر کنم یه چن میلیون رای بدهکار هم بشه.


The drop makes PERFECT SENSE

by Jaleho on

Khatami with his previous many MILLIONS of votes went out in favor of Mousavi. He recognized that he has no chance before the incumbent president whose nuclear policies was in tune with 94% of Iranians, while that of the reformists had FAILED. The reformist movement put all its weight behind Mousavi who claimed an identical nuclear policy to Ahmadinejad, represented the totality of the reformist movement the best, and his wife was a huge plus attracting the progressive women's vote.

Karroubi was too much of a megalomaniac idiot not to understand all of that and get out in favor of Mousavi. Instead, he remained in a race which he even didn't have the intellectual nimbleness to debate, and managed to lose whatever credibility he had before by making a public clown out of himself in the presidential debates in front of the watchful eyes of the nation.


BTW, high time that Ammameh went out of fashion! It is nice that debates move more around the "university degree" of the "presidential candidate wive's" than how fancy and thin the cloth of the candidate's aba v amameh is made of!!


Karroubi admitted to taking bribe

by hass (not verified) on

political contributions = bribe


Thats Khamenii panicked

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Karubi finished second and if there was a runoff it would have been between Mousavi and Karubi, they panicked because their monkey was not even 2nd.



by tehrooni on

easy to explain, it was ahmadi support that went up 94%. Everyone loves his lies , his look, his big mouth, his arrogant saintly vision of himself, his suppression of freedom, his support of reactionary forces, his use of iranian people as a cover for his personal agendas, his expansion of his savak and parvandeh sazi for people, his jailing, torturing and killings, his making of iran one of the most hated nations in the world and last in every civilized criteria,  of course everyone also began to love his wife and what they have seen of her through inch diameter hole in her black tent and on and on. 2005 nobody knew him and unaware of most these outstanding characteristics now they know and therefore the landslide victory.


Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

According to the new Islamic Math, Karroubi's votes increased to 333,635, a jump of over 73% from 2005 to 2009.   But fortunately it was not enough to beat Ahmadinejad.  May praise be upon the great Persian mathematician, Sir Izert Khamehei. 


اِی بابا


والله جناب آقای حسین حسینی چه عرض کنم که این بنده خدا آقای کروبی، دلیر مرد لرستان، برادر کوچیک مرشد خان، ساکن ده پایین، مرد مومن عمامه به سر، هم سال ۱۳۸۴ هجری شمسی‌ و همچنان سال ۱۳۸۸ هجری شمسی‌ سرش را کلاه گذاشتن. اگه به خاطر این خامنه‌ای چلاق و احمدی چشم تنگ و رفسنجانی‌ دست کج نبود، آقا مهدی دو دست رئیس جمهوری رو تو جیبش گذاشته بود. و آقای موسوی هم هنوز مشغول به کار هنری.

ولی‌ آقای عزیز بگذریم از این حرفا، از کی‌ تا حالا در این ولایت فقیر رای شمردن که شما دلتون رو خوش کردین به آمار گرفتن؟ اگه مثل من اکابر رو تموم میکردین همون خر سوواریتون رو میکردین و نون شیرمال و ماست خیکی اتان رو میخوردین و شکر خدا.



Shahram Jazayeri and $300K

by Anonymouse on

Ahmadi did accuse Karoubi of taking $300K of lobby money from Shahram Jazayeri.  Karoubi responded in 2 part, first to say that he has to take political contributions because he is not like Ahmadi with all the Govt power and resources and

2nd because "there are things he can't say now" which meant Shahram Jazayeri had paid many more influential Govt officials up to and including Khamenei himself.  So if he has to talk about that money he has to also talk about "who else" had received money and that is to be discussed later.

Everything is sacred.

David ET

The election results were such obvoius joke

by David ET on

Karoubi said : I had more campaign people than that!


Makes sense

by Cyrus S (not verified) on

Less votes for Karroubi makes perfect sense since Karroubi admitted to taking $300,000 payment from Shahram Jazayeri during his TV debate with Ahmadinejad.


Under Iran's system a vote

by Nima1 (not verified) on

Under Iran's system a vote for Karoubi is less likely to have been considered a risk because the winner must have more than 50% support to avoid runoff (or cheat); so I doubt any Karoubi supporters would switch to support Mousavi


Let's be fair

by Anonymous46455464 (not verified) on

His ideas (ideas only with no guarnatees behind them) sounded a hell of a lot more progressive than Mousavi's but of course we shouldn't forget that he bowed to Seyyid Ali's order when he was the head of the parliament and threw the press law reform bill out the door.


While this is not

by Anonymouse on

While this is not a good comparison because Ralph Nader and Karoubi are in 2 different countries with vast differences in demographics and election "rules" below are what he garnished in his previous campaigns:

1996 = 685,297 votes 0.71% of the popular vote

2000 = 2,883,105 votes, for 2.74 percent of the popular vote

2004 = 463,653 votes, for 0.38% of the popular vote

2008 = 738,475 votes, for 0.56 percent of the popular vote

He's been fluctuating but his best showing was in 2000 which perhaps cost Al Gore his presidency and then a drop in the next election because those who voted for him realized how close the election can be and didn't want to risk their vote again.

People in Iran didn't want to "risk" their vote with Karoubi but he definately got more than 333K votes.  In that infamous Interior Ministry letter he was ahead of Ahmadi before they fixed the elections.

Everything is sacred.