If Obama were a white man ...

by hooshie

The supporters of Senator Obama say that this is the most sensational American election ever and yet they insist that this election is not about race or color. This must the most hypocritical statement of all times. Ask Jeraldine Ferraro who, as the first female VP nominee on a Democtratic thicket, together with Walter Mondale, ran an unsuccessful bid for the top jobs in 1988.

In Ferraro's opinion, if Obama were a white man, he wouldn't even be able to defeat Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination let alone reaching the position he has reached now.  And yet there are those who say this Election is about Obama's message of hope!! Here she explains:


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh Goody you're back

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hooshie you spelled hypocrisy wrong. I dont know how else to communicate that idea to you.

Black people like iranian people, are very self-critical. I love Toni Morrison, but she's too much of a culture warrior to understand the compromises for Obama. The point is, it's a STARTing point.

Obama has a quilted background, so he's facing a lot of criticism from lots of groups. Too bad. Suck it up for once. The country is burning to the ground. Hopefully McCain will win and we can all fall off this cliff once and for all. We just need that extra nudge.



As a matter of fact I like Barack!

by hooshie on

and so do G. Ferraro, A. Young, and Toni Morrison (of "the first Black American President was Bill Clinton" fame). In fact Toni endorsed Obama publicly but not out of racial pride:


And the same Toni Morrison is cognizant of the fact that Obama does not represent the mainstream African Americans. In her words Obama has hardly supported the civil rights movement , he has never rallied in their support, never beaten by the police and never arrested by the police. In fact Barack is not a descendant of the slave black Americans:


Obama is the white man's most favorite black man! That's why I like the guy.

Also Marge, there is a way back after being black - think Michael Jackson - lol  

But dear Marge I am not sure what you mean by the wrong spelling of "hypocricy" and there is Geraldine as well as Jerladine - so take your pick! But here on this side of the "pond" where the language that we Iranian-Americans have so badly corrupted, meaning English, originated from, we have no "Pay Checks" but we have "Pay Cheques" - lol

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear Hooshie, I have a newsflash for you about black folks

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They aren't all 100% black. Especially if their ancestors were slaves, the likelihood of white genes exists. That means even Jesse Jackson, Reverend Wright and all the other black people you know and love are not fully black. Slaves were raped and coerced into having sex with white people. Thomas Jefferson even has great great great great grandkids who are black! They were the stars of the show 'the jeffersons' 



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Unfortunately, we can't get welfare checks YET

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Ferraro got over her Obama grudge. She endorsed Obama. follow her example. If someone that trashy that manage to shore up some class (i get xtra points for using sara joon's favorite verb shore up), then you can too? 

We still have to "work" for money. Pfffft. I don't just think Ferraro was a little bitter. I think you are too! Especially for someone living in the UK. 

If you idolize Gerry so much, spell her damn name right and the word hypocrisy for that matter.  

Hooshie, please share your best remedy for depression.



Obama is not going to be the first black president!

by hooshie on

If you think Ferraro was bitter and jealous, what about Andrew Young, the icon of civil rights movement?


BTW what are you Obama supporters doing in front your computers? You should be out there at the polling stations fighting for the young senator!!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Once you go black, you never go back

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I say we have black presidents from now on. We need a president who knows both americas. And don't lie and say it doesn't exist. The cool america and the "white men can't jump/dance/govern/sing except justin timberlake" america.

Gerry Ferraro is just BITTER and JEALOUS. That's politics. She made a racial statement and everyone soiled themselves. I see iranians took interest too. 


He is neither black nor white: he is mixed race!

by hooshie on

Guys I really didn't want you to get into this kind of bickering. Let's be honest. Obama comes from both a mixed race ancestry. It can be argued that he neither white nor black. Why do you continue calling him a black man? The Democrats are the only people who promote the significance of race and color whereas, excluding a few racists that Palin has been attracting, the fact that Obama is black (mixed race) has been about the only thing that the GOP hasn’t accused him of.

This is how the true color of this election should be, if the Democrats would allow it:



Irandokt jan

Thanks for the advice but it came too late Iam afaraid. I have already cast my vote by post!


Kaveh Nouraee

It's not that.....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Geraldine Ferraro's opinion is important.

It's that it's valid. The racial element exists whether you want to believe it or not. Denying it doesn't make it nonexistent.

It exists because people are afraid to talk about it. If it was brought out in the open, then the stigma it carries would disappear once and for all.


Since When Jeraldine's opinion is important?

by Mammad on

She disappeared from the political scene after 1984. The only time she would be talked about was when her husband, a developer, was being investigated for corruption. Just because she was the first female VP candidate on a major ticket does not mean anything. Besides, she was picked by Mondale, a decent man, for exactly the same reason that Palin was picked by McCain: Mondale was desperate for a big electrifying move, because Reagan was, unfortunately, popular at that time. Otherwise, Ferraro has never been a heavy weight in political circles.

She is moronic enough not to see that the majority in this country are sick and tired of Bush's bankrupt presidency. She is moronic enough not to see Obama's great ground organization, registering millions of new voters. She is moronic enough not to hear Obama's message of hope, expressed eloquently and consistently. Does it mean that he will deliver? Let's wait to see whether he gets elected. Then, the jury will be out. He will have 4 years to deliver.

Barack Obama has not promised free health care, free education, no war, etc. But he has the intellect to develop the solutions to some huge problems, if they do exist.

And unlike what the moronic Ferraro says, if Barack Obama were a white man with EXACTLY the same message and virtures as Obama the black man, these elections would not have been a contest at all. Obama would have won in a lanslide, hands down. He may do it tomorrow as a black man.

Most of those who attack Obama on this site do it because of (a) Obama's middle name, and (b) believing that if McCain wins, he will attack Iran militarily, but think that Obama will not. Both are constrained by the same parameters: The strategic goals of the US foreign policy are the same, regardless of who the president is. 




"Why doesn't he admit he's

by desi on

"Why doesn't he admit he's going to paint the white house black and have Go-Go parties with hooker and strippers and cocaine? "

Nah, let's just elect Mccain.   He can keep the white house white and snort Cindy's stolen, chopped up oxycontins.  Better yet, he can hire a hooker and cheat on Cindy the way he cheated on poor disabled Carol.  Go-Go parties?  What decade is this?  Obama aint Shaft bro.  Although, that would be super cool.  I can see it now...the music on inaugural night...Isaac Hayes.  



what kind of idiot...

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Irandokht Apparently you neither have sense of humor no do you understand metaphor but you can insult people very well (And they say education in IRI is not good!) not unusual for BO supporters. it's symbolism over substance. zombie see zombie do.

I find it quite funny how misreable BO supporters are though. The messiaha is getting elected tommorow. In four months he is going to provide free health care, free child care, free before after school, free college, free housing you name it and with a little luck he will be having free lunch with ahmadinejad soon! so stop being such party poopers, have some fun!

By the way if he does what you say below it will be fantastic. it will be a change we believe in!

"Why doesn't he admit he's going to paint the white house black and have Go-Go parties with hooker and strippers and cocaine? "


You tell them Marge!

by Khar on

Lets not forget about "Keating 5" fraud case againts McCnuts back in early 90s, McCain a man with integrity? my a$$!!!!!!

btw, Your hair looks exceptionally blue today!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

One Step Further: Why we should Vote for MacKane

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Over his three decades in Washington, John McCain has stuck to his ideals, which are "take everything you can get from lobbyists" and "make your second wife buy mansions and luxury cars for you, because you are a Maverick."

But at least he has spent a very long time in Washington, at cocktail parties. Also, he loves to have wars. Do you love getting into wars and then losing them? John McCain is your man. He dropped bombs on people in a war, against Vietnam, and that was a very big war that America lost! Some say we've never recovered from that debacle.

-AOL endorsement! You can bet your stimulus check on it 


Obama's words and promises has expiration date.

by Anonymous on

Please send the following link to all of your "undecided" friends. This will get them decided in a minute.

Or you can see more of Obamas gaffes here: www.obamasgaffes.blogspot.com


So what!?.....

by Anti-Racist (not verified) on

You have your stupid Bush, Palin, McCain and rest of the Neo-Cons. Now go to sleep and don’t wake up until 2012, when you do come back, bring something inelegant to say will you!


what kind of idiot...

by IRANdokht on

what kind of idiot would hire a successful Harvard graduate to run a dry cleaning service or a donut shop? are you out of your mind? you can't afford to hire someone like Obama. Just because he's black you think he would work in your dry-cleaning service or bake you muffins?  How pathetic can people get?

I am amazed by how simple-minded people try to reason and how self-righteous they act!!!  wow  my head is still spinning!!

khosh behalet bekhoda MrX, ignorance is bliss...


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I feel sorry for you who focus on race and embrace Gerry F.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Those of you who focus so much on race. You're overlooking the myriad of reasons people are voting for Obama. 

Kaveh Nouraee

Somebody pick me up off the floor

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Geraldine is right on the money.

DAYUM....a Democrat who speaks the truth.

Shit, I'm going to go play the lotto tomorrow.

You know, I wish race never played a role in this thing at all. But as you can see, it clearly does. And it shows that a significant number of people are jus too damn narrow minded.

But these myriad reasons....what are they? They are so lacking in substance it's ridiculous. There isn't anything substantive about the Democrats' platform. It's all smoke and mirrors.

American Wife


by American Wife on

If any of you had an small buisness (dry cleaning, donut shop,what ever) not one of you would offer a job to BO to run your shop for you, not one!!!  To even say something like that is disgusting and offensive.

You are so AMAZINGLY uninformed.  truth is, we don't know anything about BO, where he was born? what his grades were in school? his health cinditions? his religous affilations? amazingly they are ALL SEALED!  Or is this intentional?  No, can't be. 

We do know where he was born.  We do know he was extremely successful in school.  We do know his health is very good.  We do know his religious persuasion.  Do you think that if you say things like that often enough, we're going to go... oh yeah, forget every evidence to the contrary... Obama is a Muslim or whatever your objections are.  Obviously your main objection is that he is black.  How sad.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

MRX - I agree. Why doesn't he stop worshipping Satan?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Why doesn't Obama just cut himself and show that he isn't even red-blooded? 

Why doesn't Obama stop eating babies for breakfast?

Why doesn't he admit he's going to paint the white house black and have Go-Go parties with hooker and strippers and cocaine?

You're right to ask these questions, and I'm afraid we'll never know the truth about this extremist baby killer Allah worshipping devil. BTW his grandma died today. Maybe he did it! I smell a "Muslin" as many of my Kansas skinhead friends spell it. 


IF Obama were not a white man...

by Roxanaa (not verified) on


This is not a case to make an argument

by Abarmard on

Regardless of what if, simple minds like to simplify their reasoning to justify their lack of understanding about the changes that are taking place in the society. What if JFK was Black?

I have heard all the arguments that why he won't get elected because he is black, this one, is in another level!! 

As we say in Iran, we planted If (what if), it didn't grow.

 Go Obama 


come on, be honest!!!

by MRX1 (not verified) on

If any of you had an small buisness (dry cleaning, donut shop,what ever) not one of you would offer a job to BO to run your shop for you, not one!!!!righfully so, why would you take a chance with some one with no experience, hell some one that never had a job much less runing a business!
but amazinlgly over the internet you all sound so sophisticated and refined.

truth is, we don't know anything about BO, where he was born? what his grades were in school? his health cinditions? his religous affilations? amazingly they are ALL SEALED!
by the way:
maybe he would have 9 houses and 13 cars.
-> I had no idea white guys running for president they all have that.

Or maybe he would be a billionaire that did not NEED to get the best grades in school.

--> hum. what were his grades in school? why is his educational record all SEALED?

Or maybe he would have done MUCH MUCH better in the elections because nobody would be saying he's a secret Muslim.
--> no body would have if he just said right from the begining he was not muslim. Ok we ignore Hussein.that's why we call him BO.

If Obama was a white woman, maybe he would have benefited from her Husband's former Presidency or Governorship.

--> and how excatly that helped her?


If Obama were a white man

by Kollangi (not verified) on

Maybe his Father would have already been President so it would be easier for him to win.

Or maybe he would have 9 houses and 13 cars.

Or maybe he would be a billionaire that did not NEED to get the best grades in school.

Or maybe he would have done MUCH MUCH better in the elections because nobody would be saying he's a secret Muslim.

If Obama was a white woman, maybe he would have benefited from her Husband's former Presidency or Governorship.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh yea. That intelligence of Obama's is so affirmative action

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Because you know, no black person can actually be intelligent enough to be admitted to an Ivy League school w/o a big help, right?

Same goes for Iranians. They can't do CRAP without someone feeling sorry for them that their country's government is a bunch of extremists too.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hooshie - this blog is to DIE for //hillbuzz.wordpress.com/

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on


You'll find new material in here I'm sure! Enjoy ;) 

p.s. before you ask me. that is not george costanza in the home picture. 


she is right

by MRX1 (not verified) on

She is right one hundred percent. If he was a white guy, he would have not been accepted so easily to an Ivey league school (no affirmative action). more importantly the media wouldn't have risen his status as a new messiah!

BO is a charlatan that was trained by dailys corrupt isntitution in Chicago, packaged and presented by the media as some one that is a reformer, preaching the word Change very five minutes. Come to think of it he does sound like khomeini and khatami!

I am confident by the time he is done, he will leave us with change in our pocket.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Also, anti-Obama peeps want to hit rock bottom

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Before they'll ever admit that the REpublican values have hurt this country. I really hate what Reagan instilled in his worshippers. The Gipper made everything sound so simple and stupid. Any idiot could do it, right? WRONG. That's the lesson of George Bush, Palin, McCain.

We need someone with book smarts. It's a requirement. You need someone who reads, who listens. Ferraro has her own shortcomings too, mind you. Hillary too. She just doesn't listen. She has that in common with Bush - another reason she was not chosen.

She actually said that her rule during the campaign was - I will NOT read any negative news about me. I will not read articles that criticize me.

Good for her, see how it served her? She went down like McCain's plane in Vietnam. By the way, I never meant to demean McCain's service in the military, but I do think that the full story of his military BG hasn't been explored, the fact that he wasn't even qualified to be flying that day he was shot down. Anyway, I dont think that mistake or his battle wounds qualify him to be a leader. That's all. I still think it's great that he did his service, but it's not applicable to what's going down in the world now. Cold War is over and his military plans make me wonder if we'll have a draft. We will if he serves up on those promises. Anyone with teenaged sons or boys in their 20's should pay attention to that. 

American Wife

Good grief!

by American Wife on

Haven't we beat this to death YET?  I thought this was a dead horse weeks... months... ago.  Of course race is a factor.  It's absolutely naive to think differently.  But people... it's ain't the whole enchilada!  Black/white.... man/woman.... Protestant/Catholic...  North/South... it's all OK man. 

If Obama can help the black community... more power to him.  Let's REALLY mean it when we say everyone is equal.  It's how you GET there that everyone is so bent out of shape about.  Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.  Very controversial words Marge but I agree 100%.  Well, maybe 95%... it's a fairly progressive attitude.

I'm just thrilled that I'm part of this... that it happened in my lifetime.  I can't wait to see how the future unfolds.  Someone said it elsewhere... hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride!!!

Whoo hooooooooooooooooo!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ferraro Endorses Obama and Says She was Picked b/c she's Female

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Here's an update from Ferraro. //www.pbs.org/now/shows/443/Geraldine-Ferraro.html


I love how everyone uses Ferraro as their go-to for picking on Obama. 

Ferraro has fully endorsed Obama as someone who will protect the values of the Democratic party AND that Obama's background definitely plays a part in his candidacy - JUST AS IT DID WITH HERS.

Yup. She said in an interview with PBS that she knows she was chosen too, for her gender.

Just like McCain is only good because he was a POW. So what? Obama's race actually enhances his credentials and it applies more than someone who sat in a communist prison. He is much more interested in confronting the problems in the black community whereas McCain can't because he's a white wussy who will be labelled racist. 

This country needs a black president if the black community will ever live up to what people are coming to expect of them. It pisses someone like Jesse Jackson off, but so what? He's old guard, like HIllary and Ferraro.