Israeli/jewish lobby groups


Israeli/jewish lobby groups
by hirre

"...Noting the high voting rate of individual American Jews in elections, J.J. Goldberg, editorial director of The Forward, stated in a 2004 speech that The Jewish lobby... is actually more than just a dozen organizations. The Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, Hadassah, of course, AIPAC, but it is also the impact of the Jewish role. ... So, the Jewish influence is a lot of things.  It is the organizations, it’s the vote, it’s fundraising."


It's important to understand that many of these lobby groups have Israel and israelis/jews as its number one priority, then America and americans, and perhaps after that the rest of the world... The reason a lot of focus is on these lobby groups is because together they are the biggest (in terms of fiscal muscles (direct and indirect assets)) lobby groups that lobby for the existance and sovereignty of another country (in this case Israel). This has led to serious effects on the world's policy in the middle east, especially from an american point of view...

Update for those who don't get the point:
In the future, if you want to change american policy about Iran to be similiar like the US-Israel policy, you need to engage in lobbying...


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Bavafa Jaan - I though NIAC wasn't a lobby group

by Onlyiran on

at least that's what they say themselves.  They are also not registered as a lobby group.  Didn't they sue Dai over calling them a lobby and then screamed up and down that they're not a lobby group?!! 

Kaveh Nouraee

On this Website

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Two guys eating bagels and cream cheese constitute an Israeli/Jewish lobby.

Bavafa makes an interesting point about Iranians joining together to establish lobbying groups. Problem is, everybody is so hell bent on being "right" no one will shut up long enough to allow a valid point to be heard by everyone. It's a symptom of why things in Iran are the way they are, with truly no end in sight.


a bit off topic but very

by vildemose on

a bit off topic but very interesting: (what is happening in Israel?


 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


The lobbing group is a fact of life in US politics…

by Bavafa on

And as much as I disagree with it, there is little I or we can do about it.  Jewish community has as much of a right to create lobbing groups as any others.


This is why it is of such paramount for Iranians to join together and create their own lobbying groups, one that gives them a voice in Washington and more power by uniting them.


There are a number of Iranian-American lobbying organization some with great success.   I have so far chosen NIAC as my organization to support and will encourage all Iranian-Americans to look and support their favorite group as a counter balance. 

  You can’t do nothing yet expect great result


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



  It's important to

by Simorgh5555 on


It's important to understand that many of these lobby groups have Israel and israelis/jews as its number one priority, then America and americans, and perhaps after that the rest of the world..


This is all down to envy and Jew hate. On the one hundreth centenary of the massacre of Iranians by Russian Cossacks in Rasht and Tabriz our so-called compatriots feel the urge to launch another attack on Israel 'Zionists' but nothing disguises their Jew Hate.

100,000 Iranians were killed in and "subjected to every conceivale torture" by our Russian oppressors and tormentors who have occupied, humiliated and annexed our territory even up to the mid-twentieth century when they tried to form a break away republic in Iranian Azarbajan.


To add to that, Russia had invaded three countries in the last thirty years Afghanistan, Chechnya and Georgia causing widescale humanitarian suffering, and yet Mr Hirre-an alleged Iranian whishes to enter into hostilities with a country and people that has not harmed us in any way.

Here is an exhibit of Iranian anti-semetism disguised as legitimate criticism of Israel and proof of Iranians brainwashed by Islamic Republic propaganda.

If Mr 'Hirre' had the interest of Iran at heart he would be publishing a blog marking a centenary of the massacre but like most of our useless leaders from Rajavi to Pahlavi they are not serious about liberating Iran. Rajavi wears a Hijab and Reza Pahlavi has given his children Arabic names. Not one of them have commemorated this tragic and bloody event of 100 years ago. The only thing that matters to them and, dare I say, Hirre is Islam and Palestine.

In the season marking the birth of Jesus Christ, I shall quote Luke Chapter 23:24: "Forgive Them Father for they know not what they do" - The worst type of sin is ignorance. Many Iranians are suffering from this because of the Islamic Republic.