Face of a Killer


Face of a Killer
by hamsade ghadimi

On Monday June 15, 2009, this basijee opened fire from top of the roof of the Iranian militia (basijee) compound in Tehran killing seven brave men.

“Iran state radio reported Tuesday that clashes in the Iranian capital the previous day left seven people dead during an "unauthorized gathering'' at a mass rally over alleged election fraud the first official confirmation of deaths linked to the wave of protests and street battles after disputed elections in last week.

The report said the deaths occurred after protesters "tried to attack a military location.'' It gave no further details, but it was a clear reference to crowds who came under gunfire Monday after trying to storm a compound for volunteer militia linked to Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard.”

Source: //thechronicleherald.ca/World/1127486.html


Below, is updated information on this basijee from another post on iranian.com (none of these information have been verified):

//iranian.com/main/albums/v-sign by Nemidanam (not verified) on Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:56 PM PDT

مشخصات کامل بسیجی‌ وحشی تیرانداز به مردم بیدفاع و عامل قتل ۷ نفر: ((ستار نجفی کارمند معاونت طرح و برنامه وزارت تعاون بسیجی‌ ویژه و از فرمانده‌هان گردانهای عاشورا، محل سکونت: میدان آزادی بلوار استاد معین پایین از تعمیرگاه مجاز ایران خودرو - کوچه سعادتی نامبرده هم اکنون به علت شدت سوختگی در به آتش کشیده شده پایگاه در بیمارستان سوانح و سوختگی توحید بستری میباشد)) مبادا این اسم نحس یادتون بره مبادا آتش انتقامتون سرد بشه


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hamsade ghadimi

to: trebek groupie

by hamsade ghadimi on

no, it wasn't right. we should've put those killers in prison so that they think about the murders they committed until they rot away by natural death. meanwhile, shall we tell the parents of those who were murdered to look away and forget about what happened?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Nazy is RIGHT!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Let's learn from our mistakes. Was it right for people who sought out shah's people and murdered them? HELL NO! Let's rise above. Let's be better? Let's show these guys, that we're better than they are.


ireport is doing the same thing

by azadi55 (not verified) on


great idea

by azadi55 (not verified) on

I fully support the idea of identifying these thugs. They have to pay for their crimes, specially the guy who shot and killed those people at azadi square. he has been identified as Satar Najafi. It seems that he at least got a little piece of justice as he is hospitalized for burns to his body after people torched that basiji base. I know some people may lash at me for this comment, but I hope he dies a very painful death.

Nazy Kaviani

The man on the rooftop

by Nazy Kaviani on

He moves
He talks
He laughs
He smokes a cigarette
He peels an orange
He carries the neighbor's groceries

At night
His children rush
To welcome him home
After vozoo
After namaz
He sits down
To peer into
His dauther's eyes

Seeking solace
Seeking comfort
Seeking peace
In the familiar love
Finding none

He peers inside
Looks around
Searches frantic
Up and down
Finding hollowness
Where his soul used to live

The man on the rooftop
Shooting his soul
And burying it
On a sunny day.


کمک کنید تا لباس شخصی ها را شناسایی کنیم

1 hamvatan (not verified)


اینها همانهایی هستند که هموطنانمان را می زنند و می کشند. مطمئن باشید که اینها هم زندگی دارند و در جامعه رفت و آمد میکنند. با پخش گسترده عکسهایی که از آنها گرفته میشود میتوان آنها را شناسایی کرد. کاری کنیم تا آخر عمرشان قابل پیگرد باشند. آدرس این وبلاگ را برای تمام ایرانییها بفرستید تا بصورت گسترده در تهران پخش شود. اگر شما این افراد را میشناسید یا اطلاعی از اسم و نشانی آنها دارید و یا عکس جدیدی از لباس شخصی های جدید دارید به آدرس lebasshakhsiha@gmail.com بفرستید.