Putin's Historic Speech at Davos


Hamid Y. Javanbakht
by Hamid Y. Javanbakht

Very well spoken I might add. What does this mean for the middle east? Can there be trust between Israel and Iran? Each country must do its part to get its own house in order. The subversive tactics used by illuminati terrorists need to be solved. Until there is full disclosure on the root of the problem, it will continue to go underground only to resurface unexpectedly to cause another opportunity for NWO propaganda to resume...we do want a better world, just one in which every side is able to work together in peace, not oppression and forced polarization. The artificial dialectic must end, Iran has been part of it underhandedly, I don't believe regime change will be necessary as long as the leadership is able to find a coherent and conciliatory voice on the world stage. They are a serious nation, capable of becoming a beacon of hope and stability, Iran needs a nonpolarizing political figure, Ghalibaf sounds perfect.

"The world has lately come to face an unheard-of surge of violence and other aggressive actions, such as Georgia's adventurous sortie in the Caucasus, recent terrorist attacks in India, and escalation of violence in Gaza Strip. Although not apparently linked directly, these developments still have common features.

First of all, I am referring to the existing international organisations' inability to provide any constructive solutions to regional conflicts, or any effective proposals for interethnic and interstate settlement. Multilateral political mechanisms have proved as ineffective as global financial and economic regulators.

Frankly speaking, we all know that provoking military and political instability, regional and other conflicts is a helpful means of distracting the public from growing social and economic problems. Such attempts cannot be ruled out, unfortunately."



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