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Friendship vs. Enmity:

This is one of my favorite lines from Hafez. It's simple, but deeply profound. That we need to spend our lives nourishing the positives in our friendships, while when negative toxins come our way, it is also up to us to unpluck them in their very earliest of stages.

These Olympics showed that sports is about people. That when you put 2 giants of Freestyle Wrestling together, they will compete with "friendship" and hug each other afterwards. That the real human condition looks very different to the manufactured, politicized one we are force fed 24/7 on TV. I guess we'll have to wait another 4 years for scenes like this - but thought some of you would enjoy this photo as much as I did.


Plant the tree of Friendship and watch it bring your heart's joy and success

Unpluck the sapling of Enmity and root out all distress

درخت دوستی بنشان که کام دل به بار آرد

نهال دشمنی بر کن که رنج بی شمار آرد


Here's to all of us directing most of our energies on nurturing friendships, while not allowing enmity to even grow, and taking Hafez's advice about unplucking it before the sapling becomes a tree. 


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Good message in blog

by Truthseeker9 on

Thanks, as others have said we need positive blogs amid all the bad news and heartache.

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Rea and Reality Bites: Thank you and glad you enjoyed the post. 


What Faramarz said

by Reality-Bites on

And a lovely blog by HfB.


Gentlemanly gesture, beautiful photo

by Rea on

Somewhat unnerving, though.

Mind you, "Catholic Republic of so and so" would get me just as itchy.

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Faramarz: thanks for the note. Do remember, there's a "truth" to sport - it has no agenda. Sebastian Coe, British Olympian, said that in the opening ceremonies, and it stayed with me. Like you said,  Goudarzi not blaming anyone, is him being "truthful."  Or  the friendship in this photo to me feeling "truthful"  and authentic. We live in a world where pure feelings with no agenda rarely get a chance to manifest themselves - and fortunately, they did via sports for 14 days. Thanks, again.


Goudarzi, A Class Act

by Faramarz on



Thank you Afsaneh.

Goudarzi is a class act.

He looked solid all the way to the final match, but lost to the American wrestler fair and square. 

I watched his post-match interviews, curious about his reactions and explanations. But to my surprise, he said that he lost to a stronger opponent, "Zooram ro Zadam, vali Nashod!"

That is very unusual because Iranians generally blame others for their shortcomings and IR's Sports Minister, Ali Abadi who rushed to London after seeing Iranian success blamed all the defeats on the refs and credited all the victories to Ramazan prayers, especially on Ghadr's night (Ali's beheading by ebn-Moljam over an Arab beauty!) He even said that Iranian athletes were competing in a hostile country, blah, blah, blah, as if the athletes were being unfairly treated in London!

Athletes like Goudarzi make me hopeful about the youth of Iran and the future, despite all the obstacles that are placed in front of them. 

Hafez for Beginners

lovely poem

by Hafez for Beginners on

All-Iranians: Lovely poem, thank you.


درخت دوستی بنشان که بیخ صبر برکندم


خرامان از درم بازآ کت از جان آرزومندم
به دیدار تو خوشنودم به گفتار تو خرسندم
اگر چه خاطرت با هر کسی پیوندها دارد
مباد آن روز و آن خاطر که من با جز تو پیوندم
کسی مانند من جستی زهی بدعهد سنگین دل
مکن کاندر وفاداری نخواهی یافت مانندم
شراب وصلت اندرده که جام هجر نوشیدم
درخت دوستی بنشان که بیخ صبر برکندم

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Iraj Khan, Yolanda, Mamour, Demo: I am glad you enjoyed it - the photo really did "wow" me, too! Thanks for the additional photo Yolanda and the poem, Demo. Here's to nourishing the good.


عمر به خشنودي دلها گذار


عيب كسان منگر و احسان خويش
ديده فرو بر به گريبان خويش

آينه روزي كه بگيري به دست
خود شكن آن روز مشو خود پرست

خويشتن آراي مشو چون بهار
تا نكند در تو طمع روزگار

عمر به خشنودي دلها گذار
تا ز تو خشنود شود كردگار

درد سِتاني كن و درمان دهي
تات رسانند به فرماندهي

گرم شو از مهر و ز كين سرد باش
چون مه و خورشيد جوانمرد باش

هر كه به نيكي عمل آغاز كرد
نيكي او روي بدو باز كرد




by مآمور on

I agree with it


I wear an Omega watch



by yolanda on

iraj khan

Wonderful Picture

by iraj khan on

wonderful poem (I didn't know it was by Hafez), thanks for posting here, Afsaneh.

Hafez for Beginners

photo: Burroughs and Goudarzi

by Hafez for Beginners on

PHOTO: Burroughs USA (Gold) and Goudarzi IRAN (Silver) Men's Freestyle Wrestling. London 2012