Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: It’s Not Just Chauvinism

by gunjeshk

"It’s not just chauvinism . . . she said .

Its bigotry, sexism, prejudice . . .”

Her voice, normally low, became slightly shrill

As he picked up his flute.


“It holds us back! It hurts everyone!

You, me; men, women, children . . . “

She breathed sharply,

Pacing the span of the room.

Hair flew out from under her scarf


“How will we find the nerve,

The humility, the strength

To break this terrible mind-set?”

She turned around again and

Looked down at her shoes.

He followed behind her, playing.


“Why won’t you help?” she said

As she stopped, searching his face.

Light streamed in through a window

A corona appeared behind her head.

He stopped playing.


“I am trying," he murmured

"I really am trying.”





by yolanda on

Thank you for taking your precious time to write the poem! Is his flute the Persian flute, "Ney", or Western style flute?


Thank you gunjeshk for accepting the invitation

by Anonymouse on

This is a beautiful poem. That's all we can ask for now which is to try and help out.  More will come for those who try.

Everything is sacred.