Ground Zero and US-Iran relation


Goudarz Eghtedari
by Goudarz Eghtedari
Despite the intimidation and threat of being labeled as part of the Propaganda Machine of Ahmadinejad, I stand by my thinking that atrocities and violations committed by Islamic Republic are not good excuses for US administration to try to reject conciliatory overtures offered by the president and the rest of the Islamic Republic. I am 100% confident that NYPD did not count on Ahmadinejad's records of violating Human Rights in rejecting his request. They did so under the pressure by interest groups that do not accept half full glasses from Iran and are waiting for Iran to cave in, which as long as US is in such trouble in Iraq it just not going to happen. I am really sorry they missed the opportunity back in 2003. We can see this pressure not only on ground zero gesture but also on Columbia's invitation for speech. It is obvious that Iranian government regardless of who is in the president seat is eager to move forward. Is it because they are threatened? Is it because they want to buy time? Is it because the hardliners want to be the party that finally opens up to US, and makes the home run? nobody knows, it can be none or all of the above. One thing is certain, however, that if minimal resolution of the Iran conflict was of genuine concerns, any positive move should have been regarded as a step towards creating a respectful relation. We have not heard and will not ever hear that Bush's propaganda machine suggested to send a wreath over the Persian Gulf where the Airbus victims were drowned or at least set flowers on the tomb of unknown Iraqi victims of the war. After all it is understandable, that conflicts are not resolved when there is arrogance that runs at least one side of the dispute, and in this case to some extent the both sides. These rejections also shows that US administration is not well advised on understanding the Iranian regime's psyche. In a sense for Ahmadinejad to go to Ground Zero is the first step and highest important gesture in respecting the Americans. Laying flower on the tomb of the unknown soldiers has always been a part of diplomatic relations and for Iranian religious leaders visiting the cemetaries has the same nature. Why did Khomeini go to Behesht Zahra on his first day in Tehran? To answer those that appear to be all of a sudden very concerned about the Human Rights and democracy in Iran, I can only say that without establishment of a genuine and respectful relation between the US and Iran and without a full economic engagement of the west there, we will not see a major change in Iranian government's behavior. If you have any doubt just look at Cuba. International relations are so complicated and power structure so diversified that a weak US economy can not only rely on its military might to change the world. US has tried all in its toolbox to stop Iran's gas and oil explorations in the past two decades, Coneco, Total, Japanese, etc were all pushed out of the Pars project in the Gulf, and now Turkey is coming in to work there, Teyep Urdugan today told Berns to back off. Iranian regime has its own buttons that if pushed will produce results. We can learn from Lee Hamilton and his remarkable action to bring home Hale Esfandiari. The US administration's arrogant policy of all or none so far has broken the Palestinian territories into two parts and I am sure will not produce any better in bringing democracy to Iran. How can a political system talk about globalization and embargo/disengagement at the same time? Only losers take the ball and go home.

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President Ahmadinejad's message to the United Nation

by Message (not verified) on

Please see and hear the message below:



Ahamdinejad should be going

by hahaha (not verified) on

Ahamdinejad should be going to Argentina and pay his respect to the people his regime he killed and injured:
Argentina's President is going to address the world body at the UN and expose the criminal mullahs and the type of regime they represent.

"If you recall, Argentinian prosecutors formally charged Iran’s ex-President Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani and several other former officials over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires in October of 2006.

The 1994 explosion devastated the Argentinian Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA), killing dozens and injuring many others....“We have proven that the decision for the July 18, 1994, attack against AMIA that caused 85 deaths and wounded at least 151 was a decision taken by high-ranking authorities of Iran’s government at that time,” Nisman said. “These authorities ordered the Lebanese Shi’ite organization Hizballah to carry out this attack. It is known that this organization [Hizballah] is, from all points of view, a sub-organization of the regime in Tehran.”

Prosecutors also asked the judge to detain other senior Iranians, including former Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian and ex-Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Velayati."

They are also seeking two former commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), two former Iranian diplomats, and a former Hizballah security chief for their alleged roles in the killings.”

But a source close to the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association said on condition of anonymity that Kirchner had "committed to bringing up the matter of the attack" against the group during his address to the world body.

Four relatives of victims from that attack also planned to travel to New York and attend the session with members of the Argentine delegation."It will be a strong signal from the Argentine government to the international community that light must be shed and the guilty must be punished," the source said.Leaders of top Jewish associations in Argentina were also expected to travel to New York for the annual UN session, and Baharvand accused them of organizing "parallel diplomacy" and trying to "blackmail" the Argentine government."




To Mordeh Parast

by Mash Ghaasem (not verified) on

Well, you just proved that trash does not know any boundaries. It can come from all countries.


To: Mash Ghassem

by Mordeh Parast (not verified) on

Hey Mashti:

You are correct. Iranians are a bunch of Mordeh Doost and Mordeh Parast. AhmadiNejd every Friday night goes over his Jakseh rahbar (Khomeini) and pays respect.
Next time I am in Iran I'll pay respect by taking a massive dump on his grave and the grave of the rest of the Imams.


Ahmadonejad Is A Wonderful Person

by Mash Ghaasem (not verified) on

It is a part of Iranian culture to pay respect to the dead, regardless of the situation surrounding them. This is what Ahmadinejad is trying to do. I agree that he also plays a little politic with his action. But regard of his motives, Ahamadinejad is doing what every Iranian will do: that respecting others weather dead or alive. With rejecting Ahmadinejad’s trip to ground zero, Americans have shown that they are worth of Iranian friendship.


Islamic Republic is uncorrectable!?

by District Attorney (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic regime in its entirety from it very inception was like an illegitimate child born out of wed lock abandoned by its creators turned into a foster kid and further turned into a criminal outlaw wanting to commit more and worse crimes. In any society of law and order, this subject must be locked up or put to sleep. In other words, this criminal is uncorrectable!? The Islamic Republic in its very core is uncorrectable, therefore, it must be put to sleep! No negotiation with the Islamic republic!


AhmadiNejad wants to get a tour of New York

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Beside paying tribute to suicide bombers, this Iranian murderer AhmadiNejad wants to get a tour of New York. He was brought up in a mullah circle. These Islamists basters have deep sensation for good times by fooling others.

They are cheats all the way. They have no interest of Iran as a nation.

Jeesh Daram

They changed his itineraries:

by Jeesh Daram on

Iran's President wanted to have an excuse to get close to downtown and 42nd street area to shop around in the electronic and camera shops district, the "ground zero" was just an excuse.


So, the Iranian Mission at the UN changed Ahmadinejad's itineraries and the State Department approved and instead he will go to visit K-Mart and Target followed by WalMart.


He has a long list of shopping for the gifts that he has to take back home and those stores fit his profile best. Let's hope he will control his urges for shoplifting, you recall former Iranian Ambassador at the UN arrested for shoplifting back in 80's and showing of the videos on the evening news?





Ahmadinejad needs to go to

by NN (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad needs to go to Khavaron and visit the mass grave of thousands upon thousands of prisoners who were executed by the Islamic Republic and then dumped there like animals. He is an ex-executioner of Evin and a wanted man; an accomplice in assassination of Kurdish Leader. He shouldn't even set foot on this land after promoting genocide in his ridiculous holocaust-denial conference.


The man is an executioner

by Guiliani (not verified) on

The man is an executioner and also a wanted man implicated in the assassination of Iranian-Kurdish Leader. He represents a genocide-promoting, murderous, bloolthristy regime who is infecting the world with its hate-filled terror and wants to live in a world "without America" and his constituents have shouted "Death to America" on a daily basis. They also are claiming that the 9/11 was an inside job.


You Islamist Jihadist think American are stupid and don't understand what you people are up to? You have brought this on yourself. Americans are not going to take your terror exporting government anymore. Americans have woken up to the danger your barberic and maniachal regime represents.

He should not be allowed into this country in the first place — if the UN wants to host him somewhere, a slagheap in his own country would be an appropriate venue for the ceremonies. Given the appalling reality that he is coming to New York — yet again — to allow him anywhere near Ground Zero would dishonor our country, and the Americans who died — some trying to save others —on the clear September day when World War IV brought hell to Manhattan.

Iran’s rulers have been bombing, kidnapping, terrorizing and poisoning humanity for almost three decades. If Ahmadinejad wants to visit the craters he and his kind have left, in this war they have made, he could save himself the trans-Atlantic trip and start right there in his own neighborhood. There are the bomb craters of Lebanese politicians murdered when they stood up for a country free of Syrian-Iranian-backed repression and terror. There are the sites in Iraq where people now free of Saddam Hussein and aspiring to a decent life have —with Iranian backing — been blown up or gunned down. There are the places in northern Israel where Iranian-backed Hezbollah in the summer of 2006 landed its barrage of Iranian-supplied munitions… the list is varied and very long. Actually, if Ahmadinejad wants to do some wreath-laying, he doesn’t need to leave home at all. He could start with the graves of Iranians tortured and murdered for defying his own regime.


It is not that easy

by cyclicforward on

I have serious doubt that the relations between US and Iran gets better any time soon. The two side managed to cause considerable heart ache that can not be healed over a short time. In any case Ahmadinejad motives are not so clear to me either. Why didn't he put a wreath at ground zero on his first visit?


Thank you

by Bavafa on

A wonderful analysis and right to the point. The neo-cons and AIPAC seem hell bent on bringing yet another illegal war, this time to Iran no matter what.



Excellent analysis

by Qumars (not verified) on

thank you.

this country negotiated with Mao and Stalin. Even Hitler and Mussolini were important trade partners before WW-II.

The anti-Ahmadinejad campaign is just a ploy to avoid peace. It wouldn't matter if it was Khatami, Moin or Mussadegh himself. They would smear the leader of Iran as part of the war preparation. That's obvious.


and we will never forget either

by dariushabadi on

before the hostage crisis, we will not forget the coup that overthrew Mossadeq that was staged and planned from the US embassy.


before the bombing of Beirut (which still has not been proven to be directly attached to Iran), we will never forgive or forget the US involvement in funding and supporting Saddam and the chemical weapons and anthrax given to him to permanently harm our people.


before the bombing of Khobar (which even Saudi Arabia does not blame on Iran), we will never forget the PASSENGER AIRLINER that hte US shot down in 1988 and killed over 200 civilians over the Persian Gulf.


Before the anti-holocaust conference last year (which only the holocaust was mentioned) we will never forget the fact that after all the help Iran offered the US in its war on terror, specifically its war against Afghanistan and Iraq.....the fact that the US lumped Iran in the "axis of evil".


No, we will not forget either. But it is a time to move on. Both sides have inflicted damage on each other.


IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON and REALIZE that you cannot blame one side on a conflict, and that Ahmadinejad wanted to sympathize with the victims of Sept 11, not anger them.


Mr. Goudarz: Just as

by Not so (not verified) on

Mr. Goudarz: Just as Americans don't understand Islamic Republic's psyche, you seem not to understand the American psyche.

Americans have not forgotten the 444 hostage crisis, the bombing of Beirut, the bombing of Khobar, the anti-holocaust Confrence last year, Killing American soldiers in Iraq; though indirectly by supplying them with ammunition, death chants of "Death to America" every Friday for 28 years, The "World without America" conference, exporting and financing anti-American propaganda in Latin America and across the world, sending stupid letters and asking them to become muslims, and so on.

Most Americans in America thought that Ahmadinejad wants to lay a wreath not for the victims but for the muslim martyrs who perpetrated this heinous act. You've been living in a cave, if you have not noticed a growing countermovement against all muslims here in America. You need to face facts and try to change this perception.

Remember hatred, patriotism, getting revenge are universal traits in all human societies and don't belong just to Iranians who feel aggrieved.


interest groups without US interest in mind

by no_name (not verified) on

Well said...

These interest groups, mainly AIPAC and its other cousins, at the end, only have the interest of a foreign country at mind--Israel!

To me it is hard to watch and to see the most powerful and influential lobby organization in Washington is a group that works against US' interests and most Americans remain oblivious to it.

The pressure on Iran, is only going to make the mullah's regime stronger. The history is clear on this and we only need to look back at the time of Iran-Iraq war. The only way you get Iranians stand against the mullahs is to keep their stomachs full first.

To that point, the rejecting of the olive branch gesture will only do a disservice to America's and Iranian people interest and will not bring change or global harmony. It makes you wonder if that's their true intent.


Well Said

by Amousonny on

Goudarz jaan, thanx for the well thought of, and presented, piece.