What is the most effective way to destroy Islamic culture?

by glent

 I know an honourable young lady in Arabia who told me she often watches american TV shows. I thought to myself " why the !?&**! does she do THAT"! I think I know now. The lesser societies feel an inate need to justify their moral and social decline. They do not have the fortitude to raise themselves back up the social ladder so they must drag down the higher cultures by attacking the minds and souls of the Islamic youths with hypocrytical,reprobate mechanisms such as TV and music. These are the most effective tools . The mechanisms of the destruction of your honourable society areestablished...and working according to plan. Will you fight back... or bow down?


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by Nur-i-Azal on

Another name for the fitna of shaytaan. That, more than anything the West has done and is currently doing, has been the single most effective way to destroy Islamic culture from within. Take a good hard look at yourselves. You are your own worst enemies!



You should go and tell them!

by glent on

 masoudA, why are you not( there telling them that the) murder of unborn babies is not human progress? Why are you not ( ) bombing of 9 year old girls is MURDER - not "collateral damage". Why are you not ( ) low class concubine behavior of their daughters was learned from THEM. Why are you not telling the... "west" ?


So who

by masoudA on

is going to tell the Islamists about the backwardness of their culture?   There is a lot wrong with the west - but who is going to tell the backwards about 9 year old brides?  about freedom of religion?  about equal rights for all genders, races and faiths? .....who and how?