Worthless Palestinians

by Fred

War is hell; however, some wars are more hellish than others.

Take for example the nearly two years of the total war being waged against the Syrian nation by the Syrian Battists, Messianic Islamist Rapists and their houseboy, the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Facing tanks, helicopter gunships, attack fighter/bombers, field artillery and other implements of murder in modern wars, the Syrian people have been on their own with the sane world issuing condemnations and nothing else.

While the recent eight day blood letting instigated by the Islamist Rapist armed terrorist Hamas against Israel was going on,  the continuous pogroms in Syria added another 500+ to the list of murdered making the total 40,000 +. 

At least 400 of the murdered have been Palestinians whose murder seems to have not aroused much attention, in essence making them worthless Palestinians. 

War is hell, the 8 day Gaza war was hell, and the unending nearly two years of total war in Syria is more hellish.


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by SMotaghed on

Very informative documentary.

They asked people if they know why we are fighting? The 10 years old kid gave the best answer.

He said, Those who start the war know better why we are fighting.

The bottom line is the self interest/Imperialism against common interest and slogans of freedom and democracy are just empty slogans to manipulate public opinions and gain their support.


Zionist Fred

by SMotaghed on

Are you trying to cover up Israeli genocides in Palestine? Killing babies and children, etc?

It won't work!  Israel has done way too many crimes for you to cover them up with a news made by The Jerusalem post and posted by Zionist Fred on a pro Israel site.



by Fred on

"fighting for Assad"?

Palestinians have been "murdered" by the Battists, Islamist Rapists and their terrorist houseboy, Hezbullah.

see here.




Four hundred Palestinians

by firstdayofmylife on

Four hundred Palestinians were fighting in Syria for Assad's regime?? Please provide link.


Why We Fight?

by Demo on

A 'Must' watch documentary movie by all: