Women can’t make rational decisions

by Fred

On the occasion of “Women’s Week” Radio "France culture" has interviewed Fatemeh, Fati Commando,  Mir-Abutalebi, the wife of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, ambassador to France.

During last year’s uprising, this ambassador’s wife personally assaulted four Iranian girls who had gone to the “embassy” to protest the treatment of Iranians back home. During the same period for assaulting a French police officer her son and husband got into trouble as well.

All that so the reader would know the loutish Islamist behavior is a family value with this bunch.

Now to the interview in which at one point Fati Commando tells the interviewer:

“It is unfortunate Mrs. Ebadi was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Women are sentimental and there is a tumor in their head which does not allow them to make rational decisions.

Yes, you are right in saying we have powerful women in Iran, this is your opinion. But, we do have that tumor and can’t make sound judgment.”




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She reminds me

by amirkabear4u on

of Farah;

- she talks like farah

- she lives in France

- she is from Shemiran

- her mother was a foreigner

It is a little bit strange she speaks Farsi but uses my country (keshwaram) instead of Iran.

She is too talkative for a muslem woman.

Considering the following;

- she DID NOT NEED to show off her house in Iran.

- she MADE SURE we know she is from Sheamiran,

Therefore one can conclude she did her nose job for beauty reasons.

But then there are more of them like her in Iran, see for yourself;



Fairness and Equality in Justice


Biopsy of a cultural tumour...

by comrade on

In an unprecedented act of censorship the French media didn't publish her reply when she was asked about male's tumours: "Ooh la la" she said " Iranian men have mãshã Allah much bigger ones than the French"...

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Her nose broke?

by Simorgh5555 on

Shame it wasn't her neck!


The other part is.....

by Souri on

When the interviewer ask her about her nose job!!!

And she said: oh yes, I did it, because my nose got broke some 16 years ago!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOL ...

She said: all my family members have a beautiful nose! We are well known for having  beautiful nose !

Can't she just admit that she got a nose job for the sake of beauty? Is the make-over  prohibited in Islam? I don't think so!
And also she lives in one of the castles which belonged to Louis XV, the ancient  king of France! Then she said, it is nothing compared to my own house in Iran..........

God must help us to get rid of these zaaloo !


Ajaab giri kardim

by Mehrban on

beyne in vohoosh :-(.   


She should be put on trial

by Simorgh5555 on

She should be put on trial and then hanged from the gallows with her chador wrapped tight around her neck!


Thx for the link

by Rea on

I doubt she realy believes what she says.

PS. felt sorry for the poor translator.


one thing Fati comando and Fred have in common


both hate Shirin Ebadi (in the case of Fred the closet war advocate, for being against military strikes and sanctions that target ordinary iranians).


The only tumor in Iran

by Onlyiran on

is the IRI.



by Cost-of-Progress on

More like tumor is only in the heads of islamist anti nationalist men or women! inside and outside Iran.

It's actually funny that these people cannot complete a sentence without bringing Gaza or Felestine into it. Inside or outside Iran.

I am sure the "love" is reciprocated.......NOT!




Hoshang Targol

Below is an excerpt from the interview in Persian

by Hoshang Targol on

 همسر سفیرایران در فرانسه : غده ای در سرِ ما زنان وجود دارد که اجازه قضاوت درست را از مامیگیرد / اینجا خانه من 12 اطاق دارد. منزلم در ایران خیلی بزرگتر از اینجاست،  ۵ طبقه است، یک چیزی بالای ۱۵۰۰ متره
بمناسبت هفته زن در رادیو فرانس کولتور، فاطمه میرابوطالبی، همسر سفیر جمهوری اسلامی در فرانسه مصاحبه ای با این رادیو انجام داده است
خبرنگار : مایلم در مورد خواسته های زنان ایرانی صحبت کنیم، شنیده ام که خانم شیرین عبادی برنده جایزه نوبل حقوق بشر برای تساوی حقوق زن و مرد در برابر قانون مبارزه میکند …… همسر سفیر : من قبل از اینکه توضیح بدم، اینهم باز از اون چیزهائیه که متاسفانه، متاسفانه باید بگویم که این جایزه بعضی اوقات به کسانی داده میشود که لیاقتش را ندارند. من فکر میکنم خانمها عاطفی تر هستند. به نظرم میتواند به فرم بدنی آنها هم ارتباط داشته باشد. میدانید که زنها چگونه مادر میشوند؟ برای اینکه در سر زنها غده ای وجود دارد که مختص زنان است، چه در انسان و چه در حیوان. این بخش از سر زنان است که محرک اصلی حساسیت زنان است. بخاطر اینکه زنها خیلی عاطفی هستند خیلی دلسوز هستند خیلی مهربان هستند ممکنه که اون زمانی که میخواهند شهادت بدهند اون عواطفشون مانع این کار بشه و نتوانند درست تصمیم بگیرند ……
خبرنگار : خود شما به نظر نمیاد که احساساتتان باعث لغزش در تصمیماتتان بشود و شما را بسیار مصمم میبینم، من در ایران برعکس آنچیزی را که میگوئید دیده ام. بعضی اوقات زنان ایرانی را با افکاری بسیار روشن تر از مردان و بسیار باهوشتر از مردان ایرانی دیده ام ……… همسر سفیر : این درسته، این نظر شماست ولی این واقعیته! ما اون غده در سرمان هست، هرچقدر هم اقتدار داشته باشیم، آن موقع حساس، باز اون عواطف ما نمیذاره، باز جلوی ما را میگیره!
خبرنگار : چند اطاق دارید... خانم سفیر : ۴ تا در طبقه اول، ۴ تا در طبقه دوم و ۴ تا درطبقه سوم. منزلم در ایران خیلی بزرگتر از اینجاست! سالن پذیرائی من یک چیزی حدود ۳۰۰ متره!
خبرنگار : خانه شما در ایران از تمام این کاخ بزرگتر است؟
خانم سفیر : بله منزل من ۵ طبقه است، یک چیزی بالای ۱۵۰۰ متره.سئوال حبرنگار در مورد سکينه آشتیان (زن محکوم به سنگسار) :  نظیر سکینه زیاد است. چندی پیش در آمریکا نطیر او اعدام شد. مگر مردم غزه بشر نیستند.



by Rea on

your link doesn't work.

Sargord Pirouz

What on earth are you people

by Sargord Pirouz on

What on earth are you people trying to convey with that gobbledygook first sentence?

I don't even think Google translate (Hebrew-to-English) could produce such a mangled product!