Wishing you death

by Fred

Anniversaries are times of introspection, taking stock and most times celebration.

In three weeks time IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic will celebrate its official birth, barring an unforeseen sudden change of hearts and minds; it will certainly not be a celebrating occasion.

What the Islamist Rapists have done to Iran, Iranians and most importantly the hopes for the 1979 revolution will be retold in history books as a case of an experiment gone terribly wrong.

Regression has been the hallmark of IRR with its pace of decline picking up speed as the years pile up.  It would be foolish for any person in possession of the least possible amount of conscience to make a claim of any worthy outcome at the hands of the Islamist Rapists.  

As the anniversary of the creation of the Iranian men, women and children raping, torturing and murdering entity nears it would not be that far off the mark to claim most, particularly Iranian, wish for it to be the last one.



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