The whipping boy


by Fred

When one takes uncommon stands even the ones people like but find it socially too costly to say so publically, taking flak comes with it, it is simply a fact of life.

I say this as someone who is at the receiving end of criticism on this popular site where people, mostly with Iranian heritage, visit in large numbers.   

My expressed opinions are very seldom scrutinized on their own merits and more often than not are attacked for dreamt up association to some other person, dogma or entity which might or even might not have any commonality with. 

To be clear, if I ever come across a counter argument which logically refutes a lifelong belief of mine, in a heartbeat that belief is gone as though never existed.   

But that is not how it goes with some fellow compatriots. Here is a list of some but not all the ways they refute my and more often than not others' opinions:


1- Questioning my Iranian identity.

2- Declaring me a mercenary.   

3- Injecting religion into nonreligious opinions.

4- Personalizing it, as, you just don’t like so and so.   

5- Dehumanizing me by saying I am after inflicting misery on my motherland.

6- Generalizing my criticism of some pretenders to that of all the genuine articles.   

7- Rewriting historical facts in counter arguments.

8- Finding my opinion null and void because I’ve not said anything on an unrelated issue.  

9- Talking down to me with known code words.

10- Never ever have shown the intellectual honesty, the grit to come back and correct a passionately proclaimed and later proven by events to have been erroneous take on a particular opinion of mine.  

All in all being Fred the whipping boy, Fred the “non-Iranian anti-Muslim neocon warmonger mercenary” has thought me a lot.  And hope it has been more than just an amusement to the silent, yet always present large audience.


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Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Yes I read the report about those poor Timbucto camels. They could use some rest after centuries of Barkeshi. Also, DK thinks you're not the same Marge on Simpsons and you're posing as her! Can you believe that?

As for our friend(s) Fred(s) Incorporated and his (their) complaints I have only one thing to say, that old American proverb:

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck!"

And I hope Fred(s) would not come back crying: "I (we) am (are) not a duck!"


Stellar demonstration

by Fred on

Ghaaltaagh and retinue have done a stellar demonstration of blog’s point.


where do you stand anyway?!

by benross on

where do you stand anyway?! Sanctions or not?

FYI, Iranians were under sanctions of IRI for some 30 years -just a reminder. Thanks to 'anti-imperialists taking refuge and protection in imperialist countries' cheerleaders like you.

But these SANCTIONS will end. With or without you.

As for misguided subject matter, I'm sure you'll find another to divert the attention and discussions, but to keep you busy, I say this does not matter. Sanctions or not, is not the result of political activities of IRI opposition. It's the result of IRI handling of the situation... and IRI is not Iran.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

hola mola

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

you know darius made a funny news blurb for you. did you see it? he thinks you're a camel :)


One does not know to laugh at Fred or cry for his...

by Bavafa on

tactics "oh poor me" which Zionist have mastered that game.

He claims that he is not challenged on his "opinions are very seldom scrutinized on their own merits "

Just in his last few blogs, Q and some others including myself had asked him questions in regards to his opinion expressed in that blog entry and he was dared to answer them. None of the questions were related to his nationality/religion or otherwise as he claims here.

Did he respond to any of those questions?... well check out the blog entry and find out for yourself.

Behavior like this has earned him the reputation he has. I think JJ has summed it up really well in his response to Fred's blog.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

i don't sell anything. i am a communist through and through. i wanted this "man" fred to buy a novel called the museum of innocence but he ignores me. stop defending him like he is actually attacked. he is no different than sarah palin when he is crying victim every month when he gets sick of people ADDRESSING HIS BALONEY. he complains about being attacked while he presses on with bullying that makes history. even JJ had to step in. 

anyway i think fred is not the sith or evil star. it was a joke. you take me awfully seriously masouda, what's wrong? did i hit you where it hurts, to borrow a classy phrase from you?

communist mullah kisses,


Mola Nasredeen

Marge, welcome back

by Mola Nasredeen on

I buy, I buy!




Hate to interject but I couldnt help it,

massoudA says:

 "You are indeed result of a malfunction"

That rich, coming from a Rush Limbaugh fan.


Crush on Alex

by masoudA on

Just the fact that you even know Alex Trebek says volumes about you! - let alone a crush on him!!   You are indeed result of a malfunction - but as you can see nobody is willing to ride on your wagon.   There is not much demand for what you sell.     

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

the gangs of blogs

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

give it a rest masoud. no one is ganging up on fred. we are a big dysfunctional family. he is just the result of failed logic and he writes this blog blaming others when he himself fails to ever write an argument for freedom and democracy.... things only fred has the power to make so cheap.



by masoudA on

Glad to hear that - as V said try to ignore them.  They gang up on you because you hit where it hurts. 


Irandokht jan: You're

by vildemose on

Irandokht jan: You're absolutely correct. I did call him Islamist. I was rather disappointed when I found out he was a disciple of Dr. Shariati. I still can't believe a wonderful soul like him believes in that mumbo jumbo. At any rate. I'm a a nobody and noone should care about what I think.


I see

by IRANdokht on

So you agree with Dr Sahimi's stance but you called him an "islamist" a few times (that I recall).  I guess that was the "hate" part of the relationship.

Thanks for the clarification



Irandokht: I'm against

by vildemose on

Irandokht: I'm against sanctions and war against Iran because I think they are counterproductive. In fact, I think the regime's only way of survival is to provoke a war against it; perhaps by leaving NPT or some other shenanigans in the Hormoz strait. You can say that Dr. Sahimi and I have love-hate relationship, however, I admire him for continuing to be involved in exposing the IRI and his anti-war activities. I'm especially delighted that he is a keynote speaker in a peaceful dialogue between the Neocons and anti-war crowds.

To be honest with you Irandokht jan, I really don't care what anybody thinks of me or what I'm categorized as. I think that's a wise policy given the nature of blogging anonymously.



by IRANdokht on

When you blamed us for condemning "zionist Fred without addressing the crux of his argument" (when nobody called him that) I guess you missed this part in my comment:

You're advocating sanctions on Iranian people and many of us think that sanctions have proven to work against the people and not the government.

Do you agree with sanctions? Go ahead and call people comrades and islamist and IRI intellectual powerhouse. You used to say that you agree with Dr Sahimi's point of view, now you're babbling away about the crux of the argument, imitating Fred's mocking of Dr Sahimi. My question is: where do you stand anyway?! Sanctions or not?

Oops, I just realize you are taking advantage of the momentum to throw some words around and sound somewhat informed, please carry on.



I see all the comrades have

by vildemose on

I see all the comrades have rushed in to further condemn "zionist"  Fred without really addressing the crux of his argument. The ideological gidlock at this time seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for the IRI's "intellectual powerhouses" on IC.

Fred, consider ignoring them for the remainder. They want you to leave and give up. Don't give them the satisfaction. I might not agree with some of your tone and prescription for Iran but at least they are embded  in painful but  reality-based  rather than hate- and hubris-based community of ex-commies and toudehi.



by Fred on

Rest assured them buggers are known only too well and that probably is one of the contributing factors in their steadfast warm feelings towards me and my kind which at appropriate intervals select few of em are repaid with compound interest.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

let's all pay Fred ONE compliment. Make him feel better today

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Here's mine: Fred, you have a lot in common with Sarah Palin. Bravo!! The mainstream eye-ranians just don't get it and lack common sense. Shucks.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

fred's feelings: as sensitive as a glass needle in an earthquake

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

America is going to make Iran into Europe like it did in WW2. Can't you see it people? If not, you are attacking Fred's feelings and making him a whipping boy. Actually, he's Jesus Christ and we mullah ravers are AiPAC. Hey wait a minute!


Fred playing the victim card


Reminds me of Khamenei's speech towards the end after all his BS where he said something to do the effect of "jaaneh naachizi daram, andak aberooyee daram" etc.  Lots of crying ensued. 

As for your points, its takes alot of guts for you to be even posting about them because you more or less practise it all in every blog post of yours. 

Remember the "lifelong" belief of yours where you equated Iranian regime to Nazi germany? Is that belief gone or do you still believe in such drivel?


boo hoo... cry me a river

by IRANdokht on

Wasn't it enough to insult everyone with these nicknames? now you're calling yourself a whipping boy? Here's a partial list of your words addressing people on this site.

1- Those ghaltaagh career sycophants with Pari-bolandeh diction

2- Grandpa Islamist

3- Haji pekh pekhoo- Haji nuke

4- Again, grandpa Islamist, you are an aged Islamist wedding photogropher.

5- Late blooming prodigy Haji

6- Grandpa Islamist you are slipping in your old age, are you drinking your Ensure? Go take your Islamist wedding photos and enjoy what is left. 

7-  ghoorbagheh ghaltagh (I had to use english font to save the format)

8- the rabid resident lying uber-Islamist grandpa

9- Islamist Dr. Strangelove

10- the fashionable cyber wiffey of Islamists

I didn't even include all those colorful words you have for liberals and "fashion conscious wishy washies" (remember?)

Now we're supposed to feel bad for someone who's been throwing insults and accusations around?

You're advocating sanctions on Iranian people and many of us think that sanctions have proven to work against the people and not the government. You have not been treated like a whipping boy, you lash it out and then you cry victim.




Fred - I am surprised at You

by masoudA on

I know you are far smarter than falling for IRR games.   Buddy - creating an image of support is all IRR knows how to do - all they invest in.   How hard do you think it is for IRI to focus on this and several other popular Iranian venues to create a false atmosphere that IRI enjoys support amongst Iranians?   And they don't have to spend a lot of $$ either - any 20 years old college student who has fully detached from Iran will do for an extra $250/month.   Don't fall for the 6-7 individuals, regularly changing handles and making irrelevant comments on each and every one of your posts.    Don't underestimate the Eyranian wisdom - we can read them like an open book.   Our problem is that we hardly take anything serious, don't get involved in politics, and our definition of social activity is to attend Iranian concerts. 

Sargord Pirouz

some friendly advice, barâdar

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fred, I'm new here, but I have to tell you, this is the first post I've read of yours that doesn't contain ad hominem attacks or code words of your own. I mean, it's awful hard reading redundantly applied ad hominem name calling of the Iranian government, leaders you don't like, incidents that offend you, etc. It's beyond civility, and it encourages commenters to do the same.

That said, and being on the opposite end of this blog's political spectrum (although more in common with the political mainstream of the IRI), I've encountered some of the same refutation tactics you number in your post.

My only advice is to tone down the name calling and write more like an adult. You might be surprised at how much more seriously readers will take your arguments.