When Catherine meets Saeed

by Fred

The 5+1 has announced its readiness to enter into another round of meeting with the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) over its illegal weaponized nuke program.

Given the ratcheting up of warmongering moves by the messianic Islamists and their continued refusal to obey UNSC demand to immediately and verifiably stop its illegal nuke activities; this round of meeting is pivotal.

Either IRR comes clean, allows unfettered access to all sites, declared or not, military or civilian, or things will get very nasty very soon.

And if IRR continues to drag its feet on inspections, perhaps then the sane world would openly help the enslaved Iranian people with the needed material help to overthrow the nuke acquiring messianic nuts who have repeatedly announced their intention to “manage the world.”

Catherine Ashton has been a disappointment till now, lets hope in facing off the truly messianic Saeed Jalili, she puts her foot down.


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whose foot is stronger?

by مآمور on

What wiki link on Mr Jalili, provided by fred, does not say about him is He is also a veteran of Iran-Iraq war druring which he lost one of his foot!!!

Once again, Fred, unkonwingly( he would have mentioned and it is not in the page), brought up a good point!!!fred u r getting lucky so many times here

limbing as bad as an amputee using artificial leg, Mr Jalili enjoys thestrongest personality and fair knowledge of politics.

good luck Saeed

I wear an Omega watch

Oon Yaroo

Ostaad Fred, you are right on the money! Not only that

by Oon Yaroo on

Catherine will meet Saeed but also I bet she will khaak him like in wrestling!?


Hallucinations for 'Halloos!'

by Demo on

"perhaps then the sane world would openly help the enslaved Iranian people!!!"

And when was the last time the imaginary sane world??? of the blogger helped??? any enslaved??? nation???