We’re in the money


by Fred

We are in the money. We have all hit the jackpot; every Iranian has got it made. That is should our beloved president Ahmadinejad gets his latest project past its announcement.

The news came during his historic trip to Copenhagen to set the U.N. Climate Conference straight. While being the only one not invited to the dinner with the Queen, our beloved took the freed up time to look after our financial wellbeing.  He is just that kind of a guy, for him it is all about making life better and easier. 

The dearest summoned the Danish press and among many illuminating things talked about ordering his staff to prepare the necessary papers to ask for compensation for WWII.

That is right, WWII, not the Iraqi imposed war, World War Two. It is true with all the Iranians they killed, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage inflicted on Iran and Iranians, Iraq has not paid one red cent in compensation. It is also true that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has been spending big money on many Iraqi reconstruction projects.

But that little incident aside, the dearest said since the three winning powers, America, England and Soviet Union owe their victory in large part to using Iranian territory during the war-- And since their action imposed sever hardship on the country, they have to pay reparation.

After sixty years even with simple and not the usual compound interest the money will pay for all IRR’s wasteful spending. Filling the hole left after thirty years of Islamist Rapists’ thievery, inaptitude and other stuff like nuke, the money paid to Syria, Latin American countries, the terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and Mahdi Army with plenty left over for a fat sum going to every Iranian.

So start writing your resignation letter, find out what the payoff amount on your home mortgage is and decide what color Lamborghini strikes your fancy, we are all in the money.






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Why does the IRI forgive one trillion dollar Iraq reparation ??

by vildemose on


رئیس کمیته روابط خارجی مجلس شورای اسلامی اعلام کرد که بر اساس برآورد سازمان ملل متحد جمهوری اسلامی ایران یک

 هزار میلیارد دلار بواسطه خسارات جنگی از عراق طلبکار است.

حجت الاسلام حسین ابراهیمی، رئیس کمیته روابط خارجی کمیسیون امنیت ملی و سیاست خارجی مجلس در گفتگوبا خبرنگار مهر به جنجال اخیر برخی رسانه های عربی درباره ادعای تصرف یک چاه نفتی در عراق از سوی جمهوری اسلامی ایران، اشاره کرد و اظهارداشت: ایران کشوری است که از بسیاری از مسائل عراق گذشت کرده است.

وی با بیان اینکه طبق برآورد سازمان ملل عراق به دلیل آغاز جنگ علیه ایران باید هزار میلیارد دلار خسارت به ما پرداخت کند، افزود: ما تاکنون هیچگاه این مسائل را مطرح نکرده ایم و طبیعی است که هیچگاه با عراق منازعه نخواهیم کرد.

ابراهیمی در خصوص انجام مذاکرات بین ایران و عراق بر سر مسئله چاه نفتی، تصریح کرد: قطعا این موضوع از طریق دیپلماسی، مذاکره و گفتگو حل خواهد شد؛ ... >>>

 //iranian.com/main/news/2009/12/19-6 //iranian.com/main/news/2009/12/19-1 Why bring up the forgiving of the war reprations owed to Iran? Or any other war rapraations for that matter? It seems that the regime is in a financial bind.


this is Iran's right

by Anonymous8 on

i fully agree, we should get compensation for iraq war. this is no reason not to get our justice for being occupied in world war 2.

when zionists received billions in compensation, it was not because of the people who died by the nazis. not directly. it was for property confiscated by governments and swiss banks. that property was used to invest and make more moeney. we have had land and resources confiscated. our country was occupied. why not raise the issue?

we are not any less human then others who have received compensation.


Actually this is good

by vildemose on

Actually this is good because we can ask for compensation from the mullahs for financial and physical reparation; including all the murders, looting, squandering the oil wealth, cost opportunity, giving away Caspian and so on, to Iran and Iranians in a free Iran and use that argument legally in the court, hopefully, in the free Iran to have access into their personal accounts.

We need to start to itemizing those reparations now so when the regime falls we can take them to court.

Sargord that includes your complicity directly and indirectly in the above mentioned atrocities against Iran. Hope you have enough money...

Bijan A M

Sargord, or by some accounts, Tahgord

by Bijan A M on

I guess it would have been a myth if millions of Iranians had lost their lives in WWII. Ya, your family suffered and AN's comments are appreciated. What kind of a f**king creature are you?

Fred, you remain as one of my heros for sticking it out and continuing your fight. I wish I could do more...


Thank you Fred...

by Arthimis on

It is so sad.... Persian/Iranian people level of misery is simply measured by the Evil system and Psyccho-paths like Ahmadi-Nejad in charge... These Arab/Muslim bastards who are not even accepted among Arabs/Muslims as one their own, have occupied our country and continue their Evil and beyond shameful deeds on behalf of Iran and Iranian nation.

This A hole (Ahmadi...) has the air to bring in Danish reporters and talk about Palestinians human rights issues in Copenhagen's Climate Change Conference they other day !!!!

Double making an ass of himself and Iranians with his own recent records of crimes against humanity and Iranians and worse bringing it up in International conference for CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

Marteekeh Madar Felaan Nemeefahmeh, Khejalat nemeekeshe....Ey khoda, In Eslami ha hezar saale deegar ham Adam besho neestand...

I swore if I had 5 minitues alone with him, I would pay him back a great portion of his last 30 years crimes against Iran, Iranians and the world.... With my own bear hands...

Badbakhti beeshtar to kharej az keshvar, In Ozgalhaye avazi ke mian roo net mesle in Pasdareh ke miad inja hey An-tari roo gher-ghere meekone!


How about the Alexander attack?

by masoudA on

Are the Greeks liable?  Let's bring on the lawsuits on Macadonia as well. 

Sargord Pirouz

He's right, Fred

by Sargord Pirouz on

Personally, my family did suffer as a result of the Anglo-Soviet invasion and subsequent American occupation. That's no joke. Do we seriously expect reparations? No, but at least the matter is not forgotten. President Ahmadinejad's comments in this historical matter are appreciated.

Oh, and just so you know, in terms of Iraqi war reparations: well, we did receive dozens of Iraqi military aircraft compliments of Saddam Hussein during Desert Storm. Not much, I admit. But better than nothing! :)