The useful crowds

by Fred

With the death of Islamist lead Green Movement in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the usual sane world based useful crowds are out in force. They bear the usual nonsensical articles, sketches, seminars, interviews, explanations, populist demagoguery, excuses and asinine promises for better days to come, again.

Not that long ago the mere mention of  hardcore Khomeini ideologues, aka “reformist” leaders are mucking up the heavily paid for Iranian people’s Green Movement brought out angry accusation and renunciations by the so lovely usual useful crowds.

The usual useful crowds' CV in part includes:

Backing corrupt and murderous Rafsanjani, labeling him “pragmatic”,

Backing charlatan Khatami, labeling him “reformist”

Backing corrupt and murderous Rafsanjani’s run for “presidency” this time around labeling him “pragmatic reformist”

Cutting the not too promising résumé short, one question:

Theoretically speaking, how many more times do these so lovely useful crowds have to be proven wrong before they give up their so lovely ways of trying to coax innately barbaric Islamist Rapists to move towards the path to democracy?


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