Unsung Iranian heroes

by Fred

In at least one aspect of life in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, there is an incredible boom.

No, it is not the economy which is tanking. Nor the unbelievable increase in drug addiction which is now highest in the world as is the number of executions, particularly that of the children.

The boom is in the incredible rate of those being incarcerated. According to Gholam-Hussein Esmaili, who is the Islamist Rapist in charge of their many dungeons, during the past year and half 55,000 more Iranians have been added to the number of the incarcerated.

It so happens that this boom period coincides with the beginning of the latest uprising by the fed up Iranians who have had it with the Islamist tyranny.

the incredible bravery of the freedom seeking Iranian men women and children who knowingly face all the innate barbarity of Islamists which include raping, maiming, jailing and cold blooded murdering, deserves much better recognition and support than they are getting.

Aside a few internationally recognized, there are many thousands of unsung Iranian heroes being tortured and rotting in Islamist Rapists’ prison archipelagos.

When is the sane world gonna step up to the plate?



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Soosan Khanoom

HHH jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

Fred blogs from Isreal .......... give him some break  : )

I think most opposition group in the west especially here on our sweet IC community are up to 12 pack of bear ... for them watching Iran get bombarded by the U.S is like super ball  ......  oh how exciting !

They are so willing to sacrifice American soldiers as well as Iranian in Iran ....... I think they are too beautiful to go and join U.S army or get their ass over there to IRAN once the U.S starts bombing ......... I am not sure they even pray so forget about the synagogue part ........  if they had prayed they would have listened to Prophet Moses that THOU SHALT NOT KILL ...