The ultimatum


by Fred

“Ultimatum: a final proposition, condition, or demand; especially: one whose rejection will end negotiations and cause a resort to force or other direct action.”

A lot has happened since the outing of the vast illegal full cycle nuke program IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic was operating clandestinely for nearly two decades. Many years since the revelation by an opposition group and the ensuing sane world-IRR minuets over it has passed.

To coax the Islamist Rapists to give up their drive to acquire nuke, the kind that goes boom creating spectacular mushroom cloud, many tactics have been tried, all utter failures.

The essence of the arguments the usual clueless talking heads along with lobbies created for this specific reason were making was simple. IRR is rightfully worried and once threats have been taken away, once all issues were open for discussion, once hands of friendship were extended--being that Islamist Rapists are “not suicidal” and very much “pragmatic”—a deal over nuke and its terrorist activities can be had.

Well, even though right out of the gate the Obama administration went into a full lovey-dovey mode. Even though at the height of the first round of YouTube documented sporatic IRR bloodletting mini-massacre unsolicited secret personal presidential letters were sent to the Head Rapist Khamenei asking for his friendship. Even though goodie bag after goodie bag with no stick in sight were offered, the result has been zilch.     

Actually that is not true, all the back and forth have had results. Islamist Rapists are much closer in having their nuke to load up on their mass-produced long-range ballistic missiles.

And since the expiration of the latest “firm” deadline issued by the sane world, Islamist Rapists have upped the ante with their own “ultimatum”, see the news link below.

Before it is too late and the Iranian men, women and children raping, torturing, murdering, nuke acquiring messianic Islamists with worldly ambitions impose a devastating war the sane world has to act.

Imposition of airtight sanctions along with unremitting moral and material help to the brave and willing Iranians to overthrow the beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essence.


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Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

I have been saying this since 1990...

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

The Islamic Republic Regime, the IRGC, the Basij forces, and their supporters must be militarily taken out. There is no other way.

The thing is that after all Obama may have to be forced to do it!


We had MKO in the 80s to betray their country and now

by Bavafa on

a new form of traitors only advocating with a bigger gun/bomb to destroy Iran and Iranians.



out of touch iranians making comments on iranian affairs


that is what you guys are.


Iron clad tight sanctions a must

by mahmoudg on

But i believe with it has to be surgical attacks on regime's assets to weaken it before the good Persians can finish the job.  200K of the basij and pasdars have to perish before Iran is free.