The troublesome “Islamic tenets”

by Fred

Chief among the reasons given why the Islamists in Iran are not in violation of numerous UNSC resolutions and after weaponized nuke, it is said nuke bomb is “forbidden in Islam.”

Fine, lets be a doofus and disregard the mountain of evidence pointing to the contrary.

Lets also make believe the state of Pakistan which is built on Islam and is a declared nuclear weapon state, is in direct violation of basic Islamic tenets.

If one were to buy the religious prohibition explanation, Logic dictates all other stuff being done by the Islamist rulers in Iran must NOT be “forbidden in Islam.”

In other words, for example, raping, maiming and stoning to death Iranian men, women and children are part of the Islamic tenants.

Or, lying is permissible in the basic Islamic tenet, because, for years the Islamist regime denied backing terrorist gangs, then all of a sudden said that they have been all along and will proudly do so in the future.

Relying on the “basic Islamic tenets” to explain away the weaponized nuke program creates more questions than it answers.

Leave the religion of Islam out of it!


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No, thank you

by مآمور on

I wonder about my pic too? I supose, israeli intelligence services are at work!!!

I mnt sure if u noticed my name is not Ahmadenejadzadraddad, my name is the persian word for agent. U may call me 'agent 888'  from now on!!!

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thank you mr ahmadinejad.

by mousa67 on

did not really understand what you were talking about. but thank you. you remain my top favorite subject of study on this site.

and what is happening to your avatar. looks like it is being squeezed hard by somebody.


update on upcoming nuke talk

by مآمور on

Iranian position


1- ایران بر استفاده و راه‌اندازی سیستم جدید و تبدیل مقادیر اورانیوم
3.5 درصد غنی‌شده‌ای که در اختیار دارد، به میله‌ سوختی اصرار دارد. در این
مرحله ایران اعلام می‌کند که میله سوختی تولید می‌کند به طوری که در مرحله
دوم صفحه سوخت را تولید خواهد کرد... .

2- ایران امکان تولید بومی میله‌های سوخت هسته‌ای برای نیروگاه آب‌سنگین در حال ساخت اراک را خواهد داشت.

3- رآکتور هسته‌ای نیروگاه بوشهر که اکنون در حال کار با 75 درصد ظرفیت
تحت مدیریت مهندسان روسی است، تهران می‌خواهد که مدیریت کامل این رآکتور در
اختیار مهندسان ایرانی قرار بگیرد.


I wear an Omega watch


Viagra can cause heart attack, old men attention required

by مآمور on

men using it to get the pleasure must be careful!! coming to IC for pleasure for sure is a better idea!!

I wear an Omega watch


mr demo: thank you for your kind response

by mousa67 on

to cure my Erectile Disfunction i visit this site twice daily. read your comments.especialy reciting holey quran.  then i get a massive erection iduced by huge roars of laughter.

thank you again.


Zionists' Daily Medications!

by Demo on

No wonder then the Pepto Bismal is so popular among Zionists even though its taking neither help with their widespread rectile disfunctions nor with their hereditary sexual impotencies @ young ages! GOD bless both Uncle Tom's & Uncle Shamu's souls, indeed!


yes. Islamist Terrorists are forbiden from having nuclear bombs.

by mousa67 on

and there are many reasons for that. they know it themselves. yet they need to let their passionate supporters on this site know too so they would not get so excited about the bomb. as my uncle shmuel  (god bless his soul) used to say:

"too much excitement over nuclear bombs could lead to erectile disfunction" 

Republican جمهوریخواه

Book of tit for tat........

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

I only wonder what makes the "policy of nuclear ambiguity" and "Zionist expansionism" kosher...................


ISLAM= Gharat + Ghanimat + Lie

by Azarbanoo on

To do so must KILL others to reach the Holy Goal of Mohamad.


Unforbidden Nuke Power!

by Demo on

Per the below clear verse of Quran any types of defense tools are permissible as long as they are employed for the nation's self defense:

Against them (your enemies) make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of GOD and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom GOD doth know. whatever ye shall spend in the cause of GOD, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly. (8:60)

The most strictly forbidden tenets. however, are hypocrisy & treachery! Do those 2 ring a bell?