The triumvirate’s painful dilemma

by Fred

It seemed it will never end. Day after excruciating day of a swaggering U.S. Administration’s bellicose gibberish that literally squandered international goodwill that was offered post Islamist terrorists’ mass murder of 9/11.  

The ever present opportunistic Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies benefited from the situation and by disguising their morbid agenda under the cloak of Anti-Bushism/ unilateralism even got some sane minds to buy their intellectually flawed proposition.

With President Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamic pedigree, drastic change of if not substance definitely tone and intellectually leftist leanings at the helm, the triumvirate of doom and gloom has been dealt a severe blow that most are still punch-drunk from it.

On the one hand the absurdity of that whole nonsense about Anglo-Saxon agenda against the Islamic world is now too plain even for the unfortunate ones with a single digit IQ to not see. And on the other hand the mother of all labels, the neocon hubris causes it all mantra does not bode well. Of course the extended hand of friendship from Obama does not do them any good either for they have to put up or pipe down.  

To be descriptively blunt, the triumvirate is in the situation of having a razor sharp saw inserted in a particularly sensitive part of their bodies. Either removing or inserting it further in will cause excruciating pain.  


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lol, look what happened to you

by samsam1111 on

you now , have to go underground to send ur comment . ommaties sent  packing..looooooooooooooooooool..what happened ! ...scared to come out under ur own ommatie ID . yah right..all ommaties here claime to be non religious and hate mullahs..but then u r just another scared ommatie fish , poor & pathetic hiiiiiiiih


Annonymous or Anonymous--Spell check, please

by AnonymousAgha (not verified) on

Actually my friend, I am not the least bit religious or Muslim and even consider myself an agnostic. But my first suggestion is that you attain a basic level of literacy (for example, that of a 6th grade student). I think that the so-called "Ommatists" have planted you on as an example of a "Bi Savad" Shahollahi in order to discredit 2,500 years of Aryamehrs. Believe me: Cyrus the Great would never let "Bi Savads" stand anywhere close to him.


okay , unlike you half-breed

by samsam1111 on

I dont have the luxury of jj,s annonymous cover for ommaties , but every one here knows I consider all post Qadesiyeh kings(except Zand & Pahlavi to a lesser degree ) as part of the problem , as for Rajavi & mullahs , they are both your cousins ...To me Nothing & I mean nothing of post Sassanid Iran is sacred , Except offcourse great ferdowsi & patriots like him ...

Go hitch a camel now & write under ur own ID next time illiterate mang ..


This is not realy about spelling really correctly

by AnonymousAgha (not verified) on

Did Cyrus the Great know how to spell words correctly or was he a complete and total "Bi Savad"? Cheers "Bi Savad" foot soldiers. The humiliation of the Shahollahis on continues. The funny thing is that the Pahlavist/Rajavist "opposition" actually supported Saddam's Arab invasion of Iran, which means that, besides being illiterate, "Iranian" propagandists are also charlatans. Okay, so now we can say "Cheers, Bi Savad Charlatan foot soldiers"!


This is not realy about Fred,s it?

by samsam1111 on

It,s pathetic game of shaikh & his clan..that,s all!!!hehe

Cheers ommatie foot soldiers!!!


You've got to love Marge..

by KB on

Thats funny.

Thanks Mollah N for keeping us entertained.

And Fred my dear fellow, it was much better when you wrote short "enigmatic" comments. Reading this blog, it seems there are several persons in your head that you were conversing with and suddenly you decided to include the rest of us.

Mola Nasredeen

Marg they're trying to save Kashani's ass on a different thread

by Mola Nasredeen on

It's a "300" situation here all over again. The Spartans (actually the Efriteh and  Mullah in drag) are trying to defend and hold on to that front.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Zion!! Samsam1111111!!! Where art thou?Rescue FRED from us Fast!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Oh my God. I'm afraid for Fred. The alliance is dying? Call in the patriot Godfather!


whatta load of nonsense

by fereydoon (not verified) on

you sound like the other blogger only with better english. Use a couple of insults to ommatists and you're there!
More and more dots are connected and the saga continues...


A piece of great intelligence

by AnonymousEsfahani (not verified) on

The author's failed attempt at eloquence and "analysis" is certainly more excruciating than anything that the pathetic Bush Gang ever did. I especially like how he mentions Bush's "gibberish' but "forgets" to mention the U.S. invasion of Iraq and resulting destruction of the country. And what is Obama's "Islamic pedigree", well his middle name of course! Personally, I find the views of most Esfahani cab drivers to be quite a bit more worthwhile than this "analysis".

Mola Nasredeen

Fred I read your blog to my camel, he ran away and is hidding

by Mola Nasredeen on

in the bush. He's calling 911 on me!


bellicose gibberish

by single digit IQ (not verified) on

To be descriptively blunt, (reading you post) cause excruciating pain.
What are you talking about?


You need a job

by Landfill Security (not verified) on

the nonsense you uttered here is only sign of deep unemployment that is prevalent these days. I think it's time for you to actually look for a job and let the emotions rest for a while.

Artificial Intelligence

Very true Fred

by Artificial Intelligence on

These people are all about making excuses. They will find other excuses now that the "necons" are out of the picture. Soon Obama will be branded as a "Zionist Jew" for IRI failures. These games by them will never stop but I think that they will always be intellectual failures.


Insightful and Excellant Analysis

by hooshie on

Thank you Fred. As always brief and sharp to the point.