Top 10

by Fred

The top ten reasons why the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has to be overthrown, the regime is:

1- Reform-proof.

2- Warmonger.

3- guilty of committing crime against humanity.

4- Gross abuser of human rights.

5- Funding international terrorist gangs.

6- Disregarding lawful demands of the UNSC.

7- Arming itself with ICBMs.

8- Pursuing weaponized nuke (according to Obama & many


9- Inciting inter-religious fratricide.

10- Opposing any and all attempts to establish peace and tranquility in the vital region of the Middle East.

In the next few months, the sane world’s sanctions will be entering into the biting phase.

In order to shorten the agony of the enslaved Iranian people, time is at hand to help them with the needed logistical support to overthrow the nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists with announced goal of “managing the world.”


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Reason number zero!


It hates Israel!



Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Iranian-American Love Association.


Mr Mousa, u r stealing my ideas

by مآمور on

sorry, I take your bluffing game at any moment and I ,voluntarily will be your bombing target at.... maybe this month if not next month into new year but very soon within next 33 years........

But now u r stealing my ideas of dancing dirty!!! in order to bring u as israeli and your other u as servant of israeli pretending to be a noble iranian!! together


I wear an Omega watch


And for their most damaging act against the British image

by anglophile on

Changing the name "Churchill" street to "Boby Sands"! 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

11. IRI is pure evil

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Good Friday!

by Demo on



With its importance to the people of 'faiths' worldwide, it is also 'Good:'

1. to see that the 'invaluable' remarks of IC's comrade, i.e. PN, are back;

2. to once again remind the true followers of prophet 'Moosa' among the Jews about their forefathers' angers/hatred towards the 'true' words of one of their own, i.e. Messiah Jesus son of Mary, against their 'false' claims of 'superiority,' and of 'religiousity' which finally led to the 'crucification' of GOD's prophet on this 'Good Friday' by their hands.

Happy Passover & Happy Easter Sunday to All People of the 'Faiths' Wherever They Are! 


Mr Think before you act: You sound like a very angry man

by mousa67 on

As my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) would say:

"Try some balet dancing  to Tchiakovski's swan lake for relaxation if you cant do kama sutra".

Same advice for my dearest Mr Demo too.


One size fits all, almost...

by پندارنیک on

It's an interesting list............I like the abbreviations.........let's add some about a numerical one? 1967.......or a combination like UNSC 242? .....or a simple one like NPT.....let's try one of those words which I had to google  when I heard it for the first time: FLOTILLA...........and what was that? "inter-religious fratricide"?...............the substantive similarity between the two governments is cloaked by the difference in their format; admit it.........


In order to shorten the agony of the enslaved Jewish people, time is at
hand to help them with the needed logistical support to overthrow the
nukie warmonger Zionists with unannounced goal of
“possessing the world.” 



by Demo on

Going once, going twice, your country is sold! 'Tabreek.' You're the winner!

PS: Traitors need no TOP 10 to betray their people! Just ask Chalabee, INC. to learn the exact figure dear!