Time to party

by Fred

At this very moment the Godly folks at IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic are celebrating their 31st year of the takeover of Iran.

But, it is a strange celebration for number of reasons:

1- The birthday host, IRR, is so afraid of the guests, Iranians; he has mobilized all the armed thugs his budget would allow.

2- The compensated bussed-in honored guests all carry identical birthday greeting cards.

3- Although it is supposed to be a happy occasion all the talks are about smacking this, that, or the other in the mouth and hoping for the demise of others.

4- Instead of confetti, live bullets and in place of goody bags, club wielding thugs are cracking heads and breaking bones.

Those Islamist Rapists really know how to throw a birthday bash.

Lets “bear witness” this one too.



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