Their Nobel Peace Laureate

by Fred

The amazing Nobel Peace Laureate, who, quite literally, puts her country and compatriots above everything else, focusing exclusively on their plight, was recently released from her latest term of confinement. Many might not know she is all for sanctions against her country she loves so dearly.

My questions are: 

Why such a person with proven track record of absolute dedication to the cause of a regular non-religious democracy in her homeland, would advocate sanctions?

Does she see the jungle while others see the tree?

And, with the hope that it will do for them which it did for South Africa, do the people who are under tyranny have the right to ask to be subjected to even more pressure, i.e. sanctions, till they decide when it be lifted?


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Sargord Pirouz

She's like Norman Finkelstein

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yes, she's a lot like high-profile jewish dissident Norman Finkelstein who advocates sanctions against Israel.


Finkelstein "sees the jungle where others see the tree," whatever the heck that means. lol 


In the case of Iran we are dealing with Animals

by mahmoudg on

Mostly Arabs under the influence of ths cult of Islam.  Hence sanctions alone will not make them move out.  But show these savages the stick and will not only shave their worthless beards but will shed the garb and the towel on their heads and mingle with the crowd.