Thank you America

by Fred

Precisely two minutes ago at 3:41 PM, President Obama signed into law the latest sanctions bill designed to force IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic to comply with the international law and will of the sane, civilized world.

For the very first time since the inception of IRR, a law has been enacted in the United States which as one of its components targets the Islamist Rapists who abuse Iranians and deprive them of their human rights. That is a very good thing, thank you America.


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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... YES!!!! I'm Muslim

by Imanfaith on

Imanfaith: In the Name of Allah

Do you seriously believe that sanctioning the nation of Iran will hurt the government and/or its officials????  They will have the resources to take care of themselves if that happens.  It will be the children of your relatives and friends who will suffer from those sanctions that you are applauding.  Every handicapped or emotionally disturbed person, and/or every citizen over 60 with no viable income, will be denied the means to purchase services or goods that are affordable by the rich and wealthy, or those connected to someone in higher places!  Overall, there is not a country, nation, or community in this world - not from the Amazon Jungles or the lofty heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro - that has not flexed its muscles or clenched its fists against a neighboring clan, village, nation, or country, with the intent to conquer and/or control it...  Thus, what difference does it make who it is that ends up in control, unless you are determined to hate the one in control who is Muslim?  Either way, beware the one whose sword or horns are hidden, for they present a greater threat than the one whose fangs you imagine are already at your throat.  Do you believe that the USA is interested in separarting the corn from the husk?  When you open the gates, believeing that they will take the time to separate the butt-kissing, supporter of the US government and the religious Iranians, you have another think coming.  You will all be thrown into the same kettle, and boiled out of existence.  They don't care who you are, or whether you were the one who opened the gate, or the one who fought extra hard to close it against the intruder!  You will all be equally obliterated.  Those who turn on their compatriots will be treated worse than those who fight to the bitter end.  One Iranian is the same as another as far as they are concerned, whether you wear a turban, kufi, or a yamika.  The missiles and firearms will not stop to think whether you are a Muslim, Baha'i, Christian, or Jew before it strikes you dead.  The best Iranian will be a dead Iraniantype of Iranian you are before it strikes you dead.

Furthermore, it is the non-Muslim, as well as the non-practicing  Muslims are the ones who own the bulk of the wealth.  Those who don't know Allah, as well as those who have forgotten Allah will prosper guiltlessly from the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have nothing to call their own.  Those that forget Allah and keep the bulk of the riches, are not remembered on the Day of Judgment when they meet Allah, nor will they be able to take anything but their deeds with them.  Their reward will be the fire, while their wealth will be inherited by the next generation of Anti-Religion/Iranian, who show no shame in allowing the Western armies to destroy the little that is left of Iran.  This is all in returning  to a pre-Islamic history of falsified glory, characterized as confrontational at the least, and conquered and ruled by several other civilizations - including the Greeks.  Therefore, you really should be used to being under someones foot, and controlled by undesirable governments - including akkhoonds, Mullahs, Sheikh's, etc.  By the way, aren't you all Iranian?  



by shushtari on

how is fred anti-iran????


it's your akhoonds who are anti-iran, and have raped and pillaged our country for 31 years- they're the ones who have been trying desperately to 'outlaw' our culture and destroy our 2500 year old traditions.....

your idols are the same fools who have turned iran into the laughing stock of the world.....if they had any cojones, they would allow a referendum so people would freely kick them out of the country to damascus and southern lebanon....but they know too well that if they take 1 step back, they'll be swimming in the persian gulf


so it is your akhoonds who are against iran and it's great heritage, not anyone else......and the next generation of iranians knows it all too well, so you and your ilk are doomed 



by Imanfaith on

Imanfaith: In the Name of Allah


Most Likely...


Hatred leads to injustice...

by Imanfaith on

Imanfaith: In the Name of Allah

What many of you - especially those who maliciously call names, and/or so easily throw stones - don't seem to understand, is that you are really not so different from those same people that you scorn and disparage with your nasty tongues.  If what you say is true and/or if the crimes that you accuse that so called 'Islamist Rapist Republic' was truly applicable, then if you were put in their place, not only would no one be able to tell the difference between you and the IRR, but the way that you do business would be far worse than anything that you have accused them of perpetrating against the Iranian people. 

This is my first time on this site, and I pray that what I say is not misconstrued as a personal attack, because it is not.  I just believe that your government is alot better than the government of the USA that you appear to idolize so greatly.  Although I am an American, and enjoy being an American, I have no problem standing back and viewing our public and foreign policies with a critical eye.  What we put people through within the confines of our borders, as well as the attempted genocide of Muslims and other people of Middle Eastern descent,  is inhumane.  For you and others like you to encourage an attack against your country - regardless of the loss of many lives - Muslims, Christian, Jews, and Baha'i alike - to name a few - just to smite the Islamic Regime - is totally and inexcusably outrageous!   PLUS, what we and many other so called 'First World' nations have done historically to many nations of people around the world - including, but not limited to these United States, India, China, the America's, and African nations, in the interest of colonization and conquering the world is atrocious, and in my assessment, far outweigh any of the political crimes committed by Iran against its own citizens.  

Of course this does not mean that I agree with acts of violence perpetrated by your government against its people; IT IS ALL WRONG! In addition, although violent behavior can be linked to innate characteristics of human nature, it is still inexcusable to persist in nurturing it to use against any of Allah's creatures.  The Perpetrators of any crimes of violence should be dealt with accordingly.  There is injustice everywhere, in the furthest corners of the world, and back around to your front door.  The origin of injustice is the breeding ground for emotions like hate, and anger; feelings that never spawn or nurture the more desirable ones like love and/or respect.  The cure lies in allowing positive emotions - like love, compassion, and forgiveness - to surface.  It is mostly by these means that Iran, the USA, and the rest of the world might be able to create ties based on morality and justice. 


Clueless lefties

by Fred on

Those clueless lefties, who when it comes to their Islamist Rapist Republic champion status quo, have to prove their lie about medicine being part of sanctions.

BTW, those who were supporting candidate Obama unconditionally to win the Presidency, now have to be content with what they wanted.


you wouldn't be celebrating

by IRANdokht on

If you had anyone in Iran who you worried about, if they were sick and needed medication on regular basis, if you had any relatives in Iran who told you how the bad economy already hurts them every day... you would not have cheered the sanctions if you cared.



Another post on Israeli, I mean "Iranian" dot com

by amgw4 on

This site is just a bunch of Israelis camping a domain name.


sargord, your comparison was too strong for the sanction

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

While you are right , implying no true iranian who loves his patriot would not like to see Iran being harmmed in any possibile way; but comparing the sancation just signed by Obama to fiasco in US economy would be a bit too strong.

As matter of fact, because the very same economic crisis US has not and will not be able to get any thing substential agianst Iran. Almost every politicians,including Obama himself, have already questioned the effectivness of the new set of sanctions-well some thing better than noting.Iran is a master to get around the sanctions. US has no chance of winning in Afghanestan, Iraq is under Iranian influnce and prospect of peace between Plastinies and Israel looks pretty gloomy. The only chance for US is Iran. Sit tight for the ride brother.

ram jams

Sargord Pirouz

Jitters? Put it to you this

by Sargord Pirouz on


Put it to you this way, imagine if there was an American named Fred in Beirut. And every time something bad happens to America, he writes a blog post praising the misfortune, because he hates the US government.

So he praises the Wall Street fiasco, praises every troop fatality in Afghanistan and Iraq, and even praises 9/11.

How would Americans feel about that sort of Fred? Well, that's how non anti-Iran cheerleaders feel about Fred/Ted right here at IC.

Pretty loathsome, Fred/Ted. Pretty darn loathsome. 


Thanks for the post Fred

by fooladi on

I need to look up the details.

BTW, have you noticed that this decision is already creating jitters amongst the IRI "emplyees" in US concerned about their next pay check :)

Sargord Pirouz

We get it, Fred/Ted. You

by Sargord Pirouz on

We get it, Fred/Ted. You hate Iran.

You should start your own site, calling it