Taking mercy on rapists

by Fred

It was a dud, well more than a dud; it was another episode of displaying the unbridgeable divide between the rulers and the ruled.

IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic had made a big deal out of torn picture of Khomeini, its homicidal founder. They tried their best to have Iranians come out after the government’s Friday prayer to show disgust at what Head Rapist Khamenei labeled “great sin”.

As the kickoff to the Arabic month of Moharam in which the many large religious gatherings present windows of opportunities for displaying of public opposition, this Friday prayer and the planned mass demonstration could have set the right tone for IRR.  

Instead, all the Islamist Rapists could muster were the usual bussed-in crowd. This was another self-inflicted wound the desperate IRR is becoming an expert at. By saying “mercy must be shown to the Islamic Republic” or by repeating the popular opposition chant “neither east, nor West, an Iranian republic” Tehran prayer leader did not help matter either. Although the cleric tried to shame them for their chant, but the fact that he repeated it on live T.V. is a sign of desperation of the Islamist Rapists.    

It is palpable, desperate mass murderers are at their most dangerous stage. Before it is too late and the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists impose a catastrophe on Iran and the region the sane world has to wake up. Imposition of airtight sanctions accompanied with open and unremitted moral and material support to the enslaved democracy wanting Iranians to overthrow this beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essence.




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