Taking back the unremorseful

by Fred

In his latest commentary posted on Khodnevis, the site creator and editor, Nik Ahang Kowsar, has a piece on the “forgive and not forget” which was successfully utilized in South Africa.

Nik says the idea is great, however, it is a two way street. In other word, one can forgive and not forget a crime or wrongdoing of someone, as long as that someone accepts the act in question was wrong.

That is how it worked in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. As long as an apartheid era official was willing to publically admit to his part in crimes related to human rights violations, the commission had the power to grant amnesty in some cases. This process would not have worked if the wrongdoers had insisted on their crimes were the right course of action.

Unfortunately that is exactly the case with the thrown out of power “reformist” faction of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. The bunch, or at least its heads and mid-level cadres, all lifelong Islamists with extensive resume in service of IRR, are unwilling to accept their part of responsibility for what is by now undeniable. The thirty two years of rape, torture, murder and pillage of Iran and Iranians under IRR is a fact.

The leading Islamist “reformer” with eight years as IRR’s Prime Minister under his belt during whose tenure thousands were summarily murdered in prisons, steadfastly refuses to accept his part of the blame. Not only that, he is advocating return to the “golden era of the Imam” meaning the time when those mass murders took place.

My question is, given such unapologetic lifelong Islamists, is there any imaginable scenario under which Iranians will be willing to forgive the past, sacrifice life and limb,  just to be ruled once again by the unremorseful Islamists?


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I am a forgiving and peaceful person, but....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

One thing I am 100% sure about as an Iranian: once the islamist regime is overthrown, which it will for sure, It's entire leadership and active supporters will have a very grim fate no matter where they'd try to hide on this planet. Basically there will be mass executions and targeted killings around the world for many many years to come. A bit like Nazi fugitives after the war, except the islamists would not have the luxury of a nuremberg court....

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The S Af model

by comrade on

Dear Fred needs not my reminder that South Africa's masterful transition into whatever it is today was the outcome of:

a): global concession on the subject of apartheid, and

b): Nelson Mandela's impeccable leadership.

I can keep going and start preaching on either of the two cases above, but I don't, for I know the reader needs not coaching. 

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Sargord Pirouz

This is sort of like asking

by Sargord Pirouz on

This is sort of like asking officials in the Bush administration to acknowledge their mistakes in the Iraq War, or asking Israelis to acknowledge  that they force out Palestinians from their homes at gunpoint in 1948.

Anyway, you folks at "Fred" are way behind on more liberal politics taking place inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. The very use of the term "Green" is passe inside Iran. 

You people have a lot of homework to catch up on. But then, you're either not serious about this kind of thing or you're plain outright incompetent.