Supreme Leader Rafsanjani


by Fred

With the far less than expected turnout by the opposition, the 31st anniversary of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has come and gone.

Although many are putting on a brave face, the facts as I see them are as follows:

1- The enslaved people of Iran have had it with IRR in any shape or form.

2- The brave people of Iran have proven their readiness to do what it takes to retire IRR.

3- The faux opposition made up of the ultimate IRR insiders had a shot at second life but blew it. Their denunciation of the peoples’ “Iranian republic” demand and insistence on the “reform” within the context of the IRR’s manifesto of rape and pillage, aka, Islamist constitution, has sealed their fate.

4- The Iranian men, women and children are willing to sacrifice all for their over century old struggle for freedom. But they are not eager to be gang raped, tortured and murdered by the rabid Islamists just to install murderous money-grubbing Rafsanjani in place of the Head Rapist Khamenei.

5- The democracy wanting Iranian seculars and the sane world share common values and interests.  Iranians want democracy, the sane world does not want nuke in the hands of any formulation of Islamists, which includes the “pragmatic and reformist”.

Now that the infighting among the Islamist cutthroats has opened a gap, the sane world should seize the opportunity. Imposition of airtight sanctions on IRR, dovetailed with unrelenting moral and material support to the Iranian people will finish off the beacon of Islamist menaces.

Before the Islamists’ weaponized nuke program succeeds in imposing a war on Iran, Iranians and the region the sane world has to let go of the “good Islamists” and back the Iranian people. Time is of the essence.


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Hence why surgical attacks are the only salvation

by mahmoudg on

we are all willing to let the natural course of action take its toll.  People have a right to demonstrate, but we now see that the regime is willing to kill more that is necessary to stay in power.  Hence why at this juncture a military solution is the only salvation left for Iran.  we need to remove the Basij and Pasdars out of the equation of a free Iran before the country can move towards a true democracy.  I am in support of the US/Israel join military strikes on the regimes assets.  The people will do the rest.