Super gheirati Iranians

by Fred

When Hollywood makes a movie depicting pre-Islamic Iranians in not a favorable light, even though it is just a movie, a whole lot of Iranians get very very hot under the collar, their nationalistic gheirat boils over.

When the financially and/or politically motivated mass media outlets in place of the long established Persian Gulf use the bogus “Arabian Gulf”, again a whole lot of Iranians go ballistic and get gheirati big time.  

There are other such examples, but these two should be enough for the point I’m trying to make.

The Islamist Rapists who are ruling over Iran and Iranians on a regular basis do the exact thing and not a peep out of most of  these gheirati Iranians.

Let me give you an example, lets assume U.S. Army shows off its newest long-range missile on T.V with the  The announcer dubbing it  Bataan 1942.

As a reminder, in that year American soldiers in Bataan had to surrender to Japanese who after that crucial battle completed the occupation of the entire Philippines.  

During The latest IRR military hardware T.V. show featuring a North Korean knock-off missile, their announcer dubbet it "another fath-ol-fotooh”.

As a reminder,  after the invading Arabs won the crucial Nahavand battle which was the death nail in Sassanid dynasty and beginning of the total occupation of Iran, they named it “fath-ol-fotooh” battle.

My question is, where are all those super gheirati Iranians?


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what gheirat?

by MRX1 on

IRR tortures, rapes , arrests and beat women and teen agers on the streets, Lot's of clips in youtube and other places to see. yet you never ever see any guy lifting one finger to help these defenseless women when tugs arrest or beat them in the streets in front of their eyes! This is a fake gheirat like many other negative attributes that has been compouned in our society..... 



by Fred on

So glad you’ve got your priorities in the right order.

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Well this means that according to Muslim conquerors all countries
in the Middle-East must be Muslim. The Persians carved out a niche
for themselves in the Muslim world without losing their identity.
So the only non-Muslim country in that part of the world is Israel!
Maybe the Jews should convert to Islam and create their own brand
of Islam like the Persians became Shiites and had their own unqiue
contributions to Islam! Just a thought!


death nail?

by asadabad on

Do you mean death knell?




by SamSamIIII on


My mom,s side is from Nahavand, under my old id;

try this Fath-al-Fottouh crap in Nahavand & find a fath missile up their tokhmeh Arab @ss. I believe its no longer pure ignorance since these monkii-donk ommaties are pretty well aware of what they are refering to but the  pacifist gene of an Arabophil traitor who sees nothing wrong with naming things after icons of his/her forefathers's genocidal nemesis. & then you wonder why we write & speak an Arabic dialect. & heck why go far, when some "Iranian" folks(& not some scapegoat  poor Arab) on this very site informed us  Ajams(Iranians) that .."the Bedoins invaders taught us timid Iranians bravery...".."..Iranians are beautiful today because of mixings with Arabs , otherwise we would have been boring looking.." & the most interesting one --> " If it wasn,t for Arabs & Arabic we would still be a nation of laal & mumbs who could barely communicate aka ajams".

Fred, you are a few centuries late pal , the bucks had stormed outta barn long ago ;). Nevertheless I commend your keen eyes. Az maast ker bar maast indeed. Pleasantly surprised to visit & find a good point raised.

Cheers & thanks Mr unofficial editor of ::))!!!


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