by Fred

Even if the numbers of victims have been inflated, the available video footage makes it anything but a deliberate mass murder.

Bashar Assad, the bloody tyrant of Syria, has let his goons loose on defenseless, unarmed people.

The backtracking, sacking number of low level local Ba’athist butcher functionaries, raising the government workers’ salaries and promising to “study the lifting of the state of emergency”, read the state of siege,  are all too little too late. They did not do any good for the tyrant of Cairo; likewise it will be so for the tyrant of Damascus.

The age of ideologies, one wackier than the other, is dead and buried. For the sake of whatever, be it the status quo, or the superpower proxy wars, the sane world’s tolerating “pragmatic” tyrannies, aka their “own SOBs”, won’t do any more.

Freedom is the new common currency, something real and not a slogan to be used as a foreign policy tool.  Therefore, before they are forced to, which has very sever personal consequences, the wise tyrants pack up and leave.

Are you listening bloody Assad, Fahad, Saleh, Al Khalifeh … it is already too late for Gaddafi and company who have chosen the destiny of Saddam and his accomplices.

For the past thirty two years, Islamist Rapists, "reformers" and not, have been terrorizing Iranians and the world at large with their wacky Islamist ideology.

Listen up; a horrible, horrible fate is awaiting you and yours. Before it is too late, take your loot, your busloads of litters and concubines, buy yourselves some paradise islands somewhere safe and choose life, do the right thing.




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Stand By Me!

by Demo on

"......historical ally of the Iranian people,without any violence...."

Without an iodi of doubt, indeed. Such augments this "Anti-Islamists" commentator's concrete belief that the current Iranian regime is a Golden Child of such eternal wedlock among the 2 "I's" ME allies.  Furthermore, the divine word of "Islam" had never had any extra letters like "un" before it & like "ic', "ist", or "ists" after it until that the time of that Child's birth 32 years ago in order to contaminate it with all kinds of impurities!

Shalom (or Salam) to all & wishing everybody an Eed Mobarak!  


The inconvenient truth

by Fred on

The enthralled Islamists might care to notice the inconvenient truth.

The citizens of the only democracy in the entire Middle East which is the natural and historical ally of the Iranian people,without any violence,  regularly vote in the leaders of their choice and also vote the bums out.


The Freedom Suckers

by Demo on

And how are the 21th century (delusional perhaps!) freedom suckers (Oops, seekers!) are going to deal with Benjamin Natanyahu of Israel as his name has been unintentionally??? left out in the buchters' list offered by the blogger???

Maryam Hojjat

Freedom is Common currency, Very True

by Maryam Hojjat on

in 21 century. Thanks Fred