The stupid Iranians

by Fred

It does not take a proverbial rocket scientist to figure out there is no freedom in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

It does not take an Einstein to figure out for Iranian people the Islamist Rapists’ thirty one year rule  equals murder and calamity to the power of two, IRR=mc2.

It also does not take much to realize one way of combating the situation is for the Iranians who have safely made it to freedom in the sane world raise their voices and becoming a megaphone for the silenced in Iran.

This seemingly obvious realization comes with strings attached. One has to be prepared to not only walk the minefield the Islamist Rapists and their supporters constantly lay, but also to combat the seriously stupefying stupidity of some Iranians residing in the sane world.

To be aware of what is happening to Iran and Iranians at the hands of the Islamist Rapists and yet advise silence, whatever the cockamamie reason might be given, is the height of stupidity, duplicity and/or complicity with the Islamist Rapists.  


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That's a very sick video and

by timothyfloyd on

That's a very sick video and I will never value your opinion.

One thing Iranians learned from Egyptians

by on

This is one thing Iranians will learn from Egyptians when and if sanctions are imposed on Iran.

See the response of Egyptians to Jews when Israel attacked Egypt and imposed sanctions.

Fitting end to the descendants of Apes & Pigs



Mardi Gras in IRR

by Fred on


About the quality of life for Iranians inside Iran Eva Braun wannabe in part says:

love all around them, they are cosntantly making jokes and dance and have fun, …


The heck with New Orleans and Mardi Gras, Islamist Rapist Republic is the place to be where every day is Mardi Gras.  



Bijan, don't take arguments of IRI cyber groupies too seriously

by AMIR1973 on

The reason being that they themselves don't take their own arguments too seriously. In other words, they don't believe their own propaganda. If they did, these pieces of garbage would be living in the Islamist paradise, whose standard of living is far, far, far below that of the poorest states in the U.S. They show you where their true beliefs lie in their choice of residence, i.e. Sheytan-e Bozorg. The last thing any IRI cyber groupie would do is to move to the IRI. Their advocacy is just a bunch of horse sh*t, pure and simple. Take care.

Mola Nasredeen

"Go back to Israel"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.

Bijan A M

With all due respect

by Bijan A M on

It’s past my bed time and I don’t intend to argue but just speak my mind.

To Jaleho: If everything is so rosey and cozy as you describe, (Which I challenge as I was there not too long ago), why would people risk their lives in thousands to oppose the ruling of IRI? It is always easy to accuse anyone who makes any statement to question legitimacy of the current IRI as being Israeli supporter or agent (You don’t get the Eureka trophy….).The thing that puzzles me though is why you keep your teenage kid in this land of evils and bastards to grow and be screwed by a bunch of white neocons and zionists rather than being over there in those close family gatherings and going to KOOH and having clean fun? How do you spell hypocracy?

To Mazloom: You may not have said it so openly, but the effects of what you call “heaviest sanctions” are showing themselves in the outrage of the crowd you see in the streets. Anyone like Jaleho, who tries to downplay the significance of this movement, is fooling him/herself. IRI cannot suppress the voice of people forever. Even Basijis and Pasdars have families, relatives, friends, etc…the Mafia cannot pay them off forever.

The key is to get the masses educated and excited. If not gently and freely they will learn it the hard way.

To Samsam: My dear friend. Noroozat pirooz. I wish you a very happy new year. May we all celebrate this in Iran next year. 

Good night everyone... 


Bijan jaan

by SamSamIIII on


 Cyber zers aside, beh koori cheshm tokhmeh Arab banni abbass & banni ommayeh pimps of Qadesii regime I wish you my dear friend a very merry kiaani Norooz por az shaadi va shogoon. & lets hope for a  solution that comes from within the folks themselves with moral support from the world at large.

Cheers & best wishes patriot !!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Mardom Mazloom

Well Bijan,

by Mardom Mazloom on

It is very morbid as game. I think that this reasoning does not simply apply to Iranians. Iran is  subject to the heaviest sanctions since 3-4 years; people are getting poorer every day with an inflation between 15 to 20% these last years, however iranians came to the streets not for food but for FREEDOM. 

In sum, sanctions caused poverty and wealth for Sepah but people asked for their FREEDOM and nothing less. Freedom is the willing of iranians living in big cities, cities and villages.

Now some simple questions: Are Iranians to be considered as allies or ennemies? Mullahs are doing all to avoid smart sanctions (for human right violatios among other good reasons) targeting their assets, the 'sane' world hasn't to continue on such way rather than blind air-tight-sanctions harming just people?


Afarin bar Bijan!! typical Ledeen's faster, faster solution!

by Jaleho on

he sez:

"What would you do if someone is choking you and you can see death in your face?I bet your first instinct is to survive and the only way to survive is to fight the one who is choking you or causing your misery....It may be too simplistic, but that’s how I look at effectiveness of airtight sanction. "

 Bijan jan, Why do you think the Iranians FOUGHT and kicked out the Shah and the SOBs who are advocating chocking the Iranians for their own benefit?!!

It is funny how these exiles are sooooo frustrated! Once in a while go to Iran and that may bust all the propaganda that YOU spread so hard that you think it is FACT! Unlike the majority of depressed Iranian exiles, the Iranians mostly have lovely parties (albeit modest), they can work hard yet don't have to think all their life about their kid's higher education cost, it is FREE, they all can afford a basic health care, they have a lot of fun in their gatherings, they have strong family relations and love all around them, they are cosntantly making jokes and dance and have fun, AND YES lots of OPEN POLITICAL EXPRESSIONS!! Now you go and concentrate on some videos of violence  exaggerated by western media and feel miserable and try to choke them! Unlike you, Iranians wouldn't feel bitter all the time trying to change American system because of Rodney King incident, NOOOO! Iranians are too busy going to kooh and dance, and making jokes about every politician in Iran, and the Iranian exiles and their Tehrangeles attitude is the subject of their joke and FUN  ;-)

Please go have someone CHOKE YOURSELF! The shamelessness of these Israeli-firsts on never stop to amaze!!!

Bijan A M

A simple question?

by Bijan A M on

If the air-tight sanction puts Iranian people in more misery than they are already in now, what would happen? What would you do if someone is choking you and you can see death in your face? I bet your first instinct is to survive and the only way to survive is to fight the one who is choking you or causing your misery. You have nothing to lose, you are dead anyway. It may be too simplistic, but that’s how I look at effectiveness of airtight sanction.

You need to get the masses excited against the barbaric regime, the same way the devil (Khomeini) did. To educate the villages and the majority about secularism and democracy may take a few generations. An air-tight sanction can expedite the education.

You have to force the hand of evil. It is all a game of life or death, prosperity or misery, freedom or bondage, that’s all it is.   

Mardom Mazloom

mitra northcal,

by Mardom Mazloom on

You're right, no one objected on sanctions against the apartheid regime as they did never targeted people.

The first action against the national party government in South Africa was a significant divestment movement which started after the world conference against racism (WCAR) in the early 80-ties.

Targeted economical sanctions against the apartheid regime, putting pressure on foreign investors were then been generally applied by almost all the countries in the world at the same time. That was how, the apartheid regime was bended.

There aren't any of these points brought togehter against mullahs. Now days, Mullahs are recognized as a legitimate thugocracy in ME, its president is greeted as a head of state in foreign countries, there are moshabak like sanctions resulting in poorer people and wealthier Sepah - which continues to sell sanction-subject articles in the black market.

The effect of air-tight-sanctions is to amplify this situation ending up with more poverty on a society already striked by fascism. That is what Fred advocates every day on IC.

mitra northcal

What did people say about sanctions toward South Africa?

by mitra northcal on


I don't follow sanctions discussions very closely.  Generally I think that I am against sanctions that hurt people but then that brings a question to my mind. I was very young when there were sanctions against South Africa.  As much as memory helps me, thsoe sanctions were serious. My question is did at the time many people voice objections to sanctions on the ground of them hurting South African people?  I do not seem to recall that. 

 One of these days, I or someone else needs to go back and study history of sanctions toward South Africa.  In general, conditions in Iran have changed for the worst in past 8 months but some people still have exact same positions toward Iran that they had 8 months ago.  That needs to be rethought.


Mardom Mazloom

The total number of humans

by Mardom Mazloom on

who ever-never lived on earth is estimated to some 117 billion persons.

In all sincerity, I think that since the beginning till the end of the earth life, the total number of guys (including Netanyaboo, and Moosad guys) who would have voted, voted, vote and will vote for AN does not exceed 25 million persons.



by timothyfloyd on



The modesty of Eva Braun wannabe

by Fred on

Eva Braun wannabe says:

“There are few people like myself who reflect the voice of 25 MILLION Iranians inside Iran who voted for Ahmadinejad.”


Just 25 MILLION?


ps. And the mien Führer with his latest directive and usual pronouncement on behalf of the “majority of Iranians inside” is in.


jokeoftheday: out of touch Fred claiming to speak for iranians


I'm not even sure you've even travelled to Iran. It takes a great deal of gal to be pretending to speak for Iranians.


The majority of Iranians inside dont take exiled iranians seriously. that preception changed for the better after the june elections when they saw that we wore green and were standing behind them (not in front of them). But people like you Fred destroy the image of Iranians outside Iran.


Fred, what you want IS happening!!

by Jaleho on

There is Darius Kadivar who is the voice of some 3000 monarchist who miss their life of 30 years ago, kissing some royal hand.

There is you, a HUGE and constant mouth for some 650 STUPID Iranians who are pushing for tight sanction againt Iran and Iranians.

There is Shifteh Ansari who single handedly is the 1000-voice making propaganda for "Green" movement and its 100 different types of followers. Hopefully, Shifteh's propaganda does reflect a bit the wish of 13 MILLION Iranians who supported Mousavi as well.

There are few people like myself who reflect the voice of 25 MILLION Iranians inside Iran who voted for Ahmadinejad.

Why are you complaining then? Did someone tell you to reduce your once a day blog shoving the idea of air tight sanction agaisnt Iran and Iranians?!

Mardom Mazloom

I'm wondering if

by Mardom Mazloom on

'End' stupidity ain't a person who re-compiles his message of hate (air-tight-sanction thing) everyday since one year, while n persons have already argued about the inefficiency of air-tight-sanctions when world countries still continue to recognize the regime + other aspects.

If it is not hate I don't know what it is.

All these Mein Früd jaan, reminds me a french sketch where the guy says. It's not me who is racist, it's them who are black. In your tiny black and white world either people agree with you and they are white or not which makes them Islamist, anti-semite, leftist and stupid.



by Bavafa on

I am not expecting you to have the decency to apologies for not only accusing others of lying when the actual liar is you, or apologizing to Iranian people for advocating war which brings nothing but death and destruction to them.

As the Iranian saying goes " adame dorghgo farmosh kar ham meeshe"

Here is a link to your blog with and excerpt of it:


"What is the desired goal from the application of sanctions, be it limited, targeted or crippling?

If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal."


P.S. Now who is the stupid one?


Mollah: Why doesn't Kharizak

by vildemose on

Mollah: Why doesn't Kharizak and Evin locker does not make you hate the IRI as much as you hate the joooooos and the US??


Dream on!

by Fred on

A poster opines:

The stupid Israeli PR machine pushing sanctions and war against Iranian people. Go watch the movie "the Hurt Locker" to understand why Iranians hate your guts and the country that you represent.”


1- Expecting truth from the Islamist Rapists and their supporters including the Anti-Semites and the clueless lefty allies is akin to believe in tooth fairy. But for the sake of posterity, where and when have I ever advocated “war”, prove it Islamist liar!

2-When the Islamists ply their venomous dogma, as does this one with his “to understand why Iranians hate your guts…” they think they are talking for all Iranians, dream on! 

Mola Nasredeen

The stupid Israeli PR machine

by Mola Nasredeen on

pushing sanctions and war against Iranian people. Go watch the movie "the Hurt Locker" to understand why Iranians hate your guts and the country that you represent.


MasoudA: Here is what I disagree with

by Bavafa on

Raising a voice that makes demand for "airtight sanction" or war with Iran, which Fred has been saying twice a day on IC (thank JJ that he is limited to only two blog a day)

Chastising Iran and Iranian's progress in any area when it is the progress for all Iranians and not IRI, specially those that fly in the face of Israel (Fred has made a sport of this for himself)

Hypocrisy: raising your voice to one criminal regime while praising another criminal regime

And calling people "stupid" for not supporting war on their home land.

Now, you and I well know that beside a very few here on IC (two or three at most) no one is pro IRI. So, please spare me that if you are against Ezrael, then you must be for IRI. That logic is just as sound as occupying another country for the sake of peace or the land was promised to us 4000 years ago.



and silence the IRI forever

by mahmoudg on

Sanctions and voicing disgust are only very very small steps towards cracking this regime.  The final crumbling blow comes with surgical attacks and annihilating the 2000 or so leaders of this demonic regime and then cleansing the society from the 200K or so thugs we call Basij.  Only then can Iran move towards a democracy.  Until these elements are gone, we will be no better than our neighbors; full of insurgents and brainwashed people who will strap bombs to themselves and destroy people and property.  Iran must be cleansed of these hardline Muslims before it can re-enter the world stage. 


Agreed. Fred, when was the

by vildemose on

Agreed. Fred, when was the last time you tried to silence people??



by Mehrban on

The least we can do is be their voice while they have none.


Great Post

by masoudA on

All true.   Marge - what part of his post do you disagree with exactly?   You constantly make irrelevant posts in his blogs.   What is he saying that you disagree with?  You think there is Freedom in Iran?   Don't you know how IR has murdered it's opposition in 30 years?   Do you disagree that Iranians must raise their voices?   what?  Unless you are part of theminefield Fred is talking about...... 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

take a look in the mirror

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

you constantly tell people who disagree with you to be silent. you're a first class, grade A hypocrite. 

You and Debra Cagan make a great couple, by the way. If she'll have you...