Strike Iran right now

by Fred

The illegal weaponized nuke program of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is hurtling Iran and Iranians toward a precipice which will spell nothing but doom for that tortured land and her enslaved people who have no say in what the Islamist Rapists do.

Today Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a man who is often faulted for his cautionary approaches, speaking of Islamist Rapists’ weaponized nuke told reporters:

"Military options would go a long way to delaying it, that's not my call. That's going to be the president's call, but from my perspective ... the last option is to strike right now."

That last part is alarming to say the least especially coming from him; “to strike right now” means plans are drawn, decisions have been made waiting for the order to execute.

Before that order is given there is still time to help the brave Iranian people with material support to overthrow the regime. Delay the execute order, impose airtight sanctions now, the regime is loathed and far less formidable than they make it up to be, Iranians can do it just need a helping hand.


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by masoudA on

Once again you proved you are just a propaganda mouthpiece.   You just follow certain propaganda lines dicated to you by..... After all the reasoning and without addressing any of my concern - you figured me and others out as psychos who can;t wait to see half of Iranian houses destroyed!!! 

You will never ever again get another response from me. 


Dear Warmongers - most targets r within city - troops r needed

by MM on

Dear Warmongers,

In my reply to masouA, I have to say that unlike the likes of you/Fred/mahmoudG who probably rely on talking-point emails, I am my own person with my own views and do not rely on the likes of Trita for direction.

Again, masoudA mentioned some military targets outside cities, but most targets lie within city grounds, and with 85% missle accuracy, the collateral damage may be acceptable to you, but most of us have relatives and friends in Iran.  You see it here in IC that many who are against IRI (even the monarchists) have expressed disgust of such actions.  I am not sure what camp the likes of you/Fred/MahmousG belong to, but certainly not very Irandoost.  Maybe you guys can inform us of the source of your talking-point emails in order to reveal your hidden agendas.

Secondly, as we saw in the case of Iraq, air strikes may soften tagets, but eventually, troops on the ground were needed to administer coup de grâce to  Saddam's regime; An impossibility in Iran now, given the resources available to anyone around.

Why don't you all get practical, and instead of sounding the war-drums, think about other non-foreign-intervention ways to get IRI out of Iran?



by masoudA on

How much IR damage is accepted to you?    How many prisoners?  How mant excecutions?   How many Iranians dissapearing or immigrating?  As I said all my close relatives are still in Iran and they are hoping for a change and ready to pay any price - and I mean any price.   Think about the father whose 14 year old was banned from education yesterday - would he be worried about smart bombs?    Besides - you keep talking about bombing Iran - nobody is suggesting bombing Iranian cities.   Do you remember Park Khoram on Karaj Freeway?  I hear nowadays it is a camp for Lebanease and PLO militia and a training grounds for basij - it would make a perfect target with Zero possibility of collateral damages.   There are several more targets that can trigger a popular uprising a Green takeover in Iran.   Stop getting in the way.  Trita is a device to protect IR - but you are just a well intentioned tool being used by NIAC.  Yes there will be damage - but the damage would be far far less than the status quo you are preserving.   Think about the day IR succeeds in setting off an atomic blast somewhere - then nobody is going to care about collateral dame in Tehran....


masoud: u have all close relatives out - now u want bombs?

by MM on

who is the selfish hypocrite?

At best, the smart bombs are 85% accurate and the targets are well within city borders.  Furthermore, we saw that troops on the ground was finally needed in Iraq to eliminate Saddam, with its own human tragedy.  How much collateral damage is acceptable to you?  Shame on you.


To Fred & MM

by masoudA on

First to Fred -  Strike Iran or Strike IR?   Those who know the situation in Iran know how weak IR is and how it will come apart with a few focused strikes at certain strategic militia locations.   I personaly do not think the Obama admin will do anything to hurt IR - but in the outside chance that they will, IR will be nothing Iraq - a very easy target because all the majority is waiting for is a "Trigger".  and that trigger can come from several days of targeted attack at militia training camps. 

To MM - I have just about all my close relatives and Iran and they want a military intervenstion.   What you are saying is for all the human suffering to go on so your relatives are not disturbed?   Have you no shame?  Think about all the people on death row - the best and brightest of our youth in prison.......... how long should that go on so your elderly can sustain their unproductive lives just like 70 million others.   Stop the selfishness. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

of expression is all there is to it,I don't think any (u.s or Israel ) is going to attack Iran, is ONLY to create FEARS amongst all in the region to sell them more ICING for their cakes.

 31 yrs been wasted .....

haft shahr eshgh ra aattar gasht      ma hanooz andar khame yek kooche yim



those who advocate bombing Iran must have all loved ones out!

by MM on

Well, I do not, and I do not like it when you talk about bombing Iran at all.

While you are at it, why don’t you echo nuts like John Bolton who advocates Israel nuking Iran.



Fred: I don't think it's

by vildemose on

Fred: I don't think it's going to happen.

Is Coexisting with a Nuclear Iran an Option?



by abdio on

This guy Fred has no idea what he is saying, he is just an agent

from somwhere. How is that Iran even has no nuclear

arms and who is objecting, THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT EVER USED





Be careful what you ask for you may get it too!

by Khar on

I have a question, OK Bomb Iran and than what? Have these generals ever thought about that? Sometimes quickest way is not the way to resolve an issue. What does the General think will happens after Iran is bombed? IRRI will stand silently? Don't they know or care to know by bombing Iran they will create a bigger explosion which engulfs the entire mid-east even the world as whole?!

Fred, I subscribe to your conclusion, not the general’s view:

“There is still time to Help the brave Iranian people with material support to overthrow the regime. Delay the execute order, impose airtight sanctions now, the regime is loathed and far less formidable than they make it up to be, Iranians can do it just need a helping hand.”  


Genghis Khan

The best, the only option

by Genghis Khan on

A comprehensive military attack is the ONLY way of dealing with murderous mullahs in Iran.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.