Slowly but surely

by Fred

After all is said and done what tyrannies have, the only thing really, that keeps them in power is their ability to subjugate their subjects by overt aggressive or frightening acts. When the terror factor becomes ineffective it is only a matter of time till one way or other they are booted out.

The Islamist cutthroats’ republic has ruled over Iranians by ever increasing overt acts of brutality including but not limited to public floggings, limb amputations including eye gouging, mass executions, rapes and other acts of savagery.

Only few weeks ago rooftop snipers picked peaceful demonstrators off one by one and baton wielding motorcycle riding thugs waded through them cracking heads and breaking bones. Regime marauders, some in police uniform, descended on neighborhoods indiscriminately inflicting heavy property damage which included home invasions.

Today, July the 9th groups of Iranians from all walks of life, age and gender came out in different parts and demonstrated again, available pictures and videos speak of camaraderie by the bystanders. If not totally gone, slowly but surely the fright factor is melting away.


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Bijan A M

Sorry to be late

by Bijan A M on

I just saw your blog and couldn't agree with you any more. There's no question that this regime is on its death bed. It's just a matter of time. Let's hope that the movement finds the right leaders and without risking too many lives can take over and establish a true democracy in the land of historical democracy.

May Islam be kept in the people's heart not their government. As much as Islam may provoke hatred towards non-believers, I hope Iranian people recognise separation of religion and state (politics).

Remain vicious my friend....




Farhad Kashani

Fred jaan,   Great

by Farhad Kashani on

Fred jaan,


Great article as always.


Don't be afraid

by adfe (not verified) on

از خورده شدن جنبش سبز مردم توسط هیچ کس و
هیچ گروهی نترس

این طبقه متوسطی که اکنون سر بلند کرده است به
بلوغی رسیده است که از فردای کودتای سیاه روسی
اوست که میر حسین ها و خاتمی ها و کروبی ها و
باقی آقایان دانتون ها را به دنبال خود می کشد

نه بر عکس

از هم نباید ترسید ما مخالفان همه باید به هم
اعتماد کنیم و دست در دست هم بگذاریم تا ابتدا از این
استخر گه خارج شویم

بگذار نکته ای دیگر را هم برایت بگویم

تو به دلیل روبرو نبودن مستقیم با هیولا قادر به درک ابعاد
ترسناک هیولا نیستی من هم با آنان روبرو نیستم ولی
فاشیزم را بسیار عالی میشناسم
از شجره نامه سید علی خامنه ای هم بهتر میشناسیم
فوت آبم

احدی در ایران سخن دلش را نمیزند و مجبور است با دستمال
کردن امام و باقی آل دت گه اگر سخنی دارد بگوید

امثال میر حسین و کروبی و خاتمی و حتی رفسنجانی اکنون
که چهره واقعی هیولا را دیده اند من تصور نمیکنم حتی عمیقا
ایمانی هم برایشان باقی مانده باشد
درست مانند مردم مسلمان شیعه ایران که همگی هردمبیل
مذهب شدند رفت پی کارش خوشبختانه

نگران نباش همگی در قایق زیبای سبز هستیم و با همیم
و قرار نیست از هم بترسیم ..........................نانا زولا


are you talking about israel?

by AnonymousP (not verified) on

"the only thing really, that keeps them in power is their ability to subjugate their subjects by overt aggressive or frightening acts."

hamsade ghadimi

you said it brother

by hamsade ghadimi on

i've always said that this regime will go down, but not in my lifetime.  now, with the bravery i'm witnessing...



by Anonymous Zed (not verified) on

The group of people that these Islamists bastards have hurt and oppressed the most are none other than "Iranian Shia moslems" who have been suffering for 30 years at the hands of Islamists.

It looks like Islamists' monopoly on Islam is slipping away at the same rate than their victims' fear is diminishing.

This is a bad combination and bad news for them.