Six till airtight


by Fred

With IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic giving the finger to the sane world doing as it wishes including its illegal nuke program in direct contravention to IAEA and United Nation Security Council’s enforceable resolutions, the question is what to do about it.

Although airtight sanctions to quicken the overthrow of the Islamist Rapists is the shortest route, till the required cooperation is assembled, the light house of freedom can do more than she is already doing. Here are just six suggestions:  

1- Bringing to bear the untapped mighty power of U.S. Treasury in the form of stricter directives/heftier fines to the clearinghouses processing Islamist Rapists’ financial transactions. Give Stuart Levey more latitude.

2- With the new law already in place, actively encouraging acceleration of divestment actions by pensions and other funds.   

3- Cross checking names of known Islamist Rapists with naturalization and permanent residency records to see if they have violated their provisions and when possible by law publishing the list of IRR officials’ U.S. immigration status. It would do more damage to IRR than is imagined.

4- A lot of Islamist Rapists maintain second home(s), some with second set of wife and children, commercial and other properties mostly in Canada, but some in U.S., publishing those data would make it possible for their victims to go after it in courts and leaving Iranian national treasures alone. Islamist Rapists and their lobbies are getting lot of mileage out of that stupid move.

5- Giving public diplomacy some oomph, directing the spooks at Fort Mead, Langley and wherever else they congregate to publish some of the personal information they must have collected on Islamist Rapist officials.

6- After thirty years come up with an Iran policy.


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Question for Fred and others advocating airtight sanctions

by AMIR1973 on

What kinds of goods would be included and what (if any) goods excluded from airtight sanctions? Perhaps, if readers of have a clearer idea of what airtight sanctions would entail, then their opinions would be more informed (and they might even be more likely to support such sanctions).

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

bijan your "options" are more limiting than you think

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

by your options, mullahs control it all. they control the action, the money, and the actors. freedom doesn't mean "when I say so". please read the museum of innocence with me (us?) and get your hard hearted friend fred to do the same.

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

It’s past my bedtime. I just wanted to get this one thing off my chest before going to bed.

First of all, we are just debating here and the sane world (for protection of their own interest) will do what they think is most effective. I have never advocated war (neither has Fred). I have always had my doubts about sanctions but as time passes and diplomacy faces dead-ends I can’t see other solutions. If you know one why don’t you offer it. My entire point is that something needs to be done. You ignored my point completely.

I say it again, “WHAT IF” the opposition groups and their leaders ask for sanctions? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Marge, I love you too…. 


Bijan, Fred's bestest friend


I'm begining to question whether you truly are an "independent" minded person or just a subtle appologist for Fred's point of view. Time and time again I've given people like you answers and solutions but time and time again you've chosen to ignore them. Go look through your posts (Track) and you'll see that my many replies to you have remained unanswered. 

As for consulting opposition leaders on what the right thing is, I will throw that back at you, HAVE YOU?!

If you actually follow the news inside Iran you will know that majority of the activists (never mind the "leaders") inside Iran are AGAINST sanctions. Either you are missing the point or just pretending to care for what they say.

I'm getting sick and tired of a portion of Iranian exiles who choose to see Iran in their own self interested image and are practising cognitive dissonance about the realities in Iran.  



Bijan khan

by HollyUSA on

Question with regard to "This kaseh az aash daghtar boodan  is getting a
little sickening. Who the hell do you people think you are to speak for
Iranian people who are risking their lives in Iran?"

Did I miss something? Are Fred and yourself now living in Iran and risking YOUR lives? Do you even have any family there? I'm asking because going by your own logic I want to know what exactly puts you in a position to be prescribing sanctions and military attacks? 

I think the Iranian people risking their lives would like to tell you and all your likes: Mara beh kheyre to omid neest, sharr maresan.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ALL of your likes, not SOME of your likes

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

hi did you mean me, marge, your favorite communist mullah supporter?? hi bijan!!!! it's been exactly a year since you called me those dirty names. so happy to interact again. always a pleasure doing business with you.

to begin, i would like to say that Fred is very lucky to have a defender like you. i love to see Iranians defending each other. lucky Fred the peacock. 

Also, i would like to ask you, why don't you get tired of hearing Fred's war drums or the foreplay he calls sanctions? Enough is enough! Anyway my lovely Bijan (and FRED), you are getting your wishes. Sanctions are a coming attraction. Enjoy them and stop beating us over the head. 

Oh and also, I want to tell you that instead of calling us "those people" and "IRI lovers", understand that we think that if you hate iri, the best thing to do is support Iranian people and lift sanctions to permit free education and travel in order to strengthen Iranian civil society. OH boy. what a wet dream that is. Don't worry, it won't happen. We'll be stuck with these stupid headlines and the Israelis will get a couple more elections out of this. Then the palestinians will have a new Arafat and we can get some rest.



Bijan A M

MOOSIR and all your likes

by Bijan A M on

This kaseh az aash daghtar boodan  is getting a little sickening. Who the hell do you people think you are to speak for Iranian people who are risking their lives in Iran? Have you consulted with opposition leaders and they told you what is the right thing to do?

What is wrong with some sense of logic and rationality? Many thanks to people like Fred who at least are screaming that something needs to be done. You don’t like his sanction proposal? What is wrong with what he has posted here in this blog? At least he is dedicated enough to come up with suggestions. It is mentalities like yours that say to “wait and live with status quo” that has lasted 1400 years. That’s why we are in the shit we are in today.

 You tell me to control my emotions, because people get hurt. Fine. Why don’t you ask those that YOU say should carry out this revolution, how we can contribute to their cause? What would you do if they said get them arms? What would you do if they said lobby for sanctions? What would you do if they asked for Ali’s and AN’s assassination? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

SANCTIONS PARTY at Fred the chicken's house

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

hey fred! tell us where to buy the champagne you rascal, and post pictures of your SANCTIONS PARTY as a photo essay on

Fred's caption for Picture # 1: 

"This is me kissing my keyboard, which was instrumental in making many mullah lovers like i have a crush on alex trebek on understand that America will give Iran the gifts it gave to Western democratic Europe. I will save it because it is officially a lucky keyboard. I will never throw it out."



by Fred on

Because there is no sector of national economy which the cutthroat Pasdars don’t either dominate totally through their many front companies or have a major share in it.

Putting them on the terrorist list would mean the airtight sanction which would ruin a good deal many  EU based companies have going with IRR.

The way Islamist Rapists are behaving leaves the sane world very few choices.   


Fred WANTS war, because sanctions will lead to it


"Although airtight sanctions to quicken the overthrow of the Islamist
Rapists is the shortest route,"

And you know this how exactly? you can see into the future where everything is honky dory and IRI is toppled thanks to the airtight sanctions?


What if they latch on? What if they kill millions just to stay in power? Of course you wouldn't mind that, would you Fred? After all, you've thoroughly about the consequences. 


And what about listening to the Iranians who live under IRI? Afterall, they are AGAINST airtight sanctions. Of course you dont give a rats ass about them. It's all about you and what you think is best for Iran. 





"Criminalizing Consequences of
Sanctions," Peter Andreas,
Studies Quarterly
49 (June
2005): pp. 335-60.


One of the biggest flaws of the sanctions literature has been the
failure to discuss unintended consequences. Humanitarian costs have
raised above, but what about other side effects? Peter Andreas looks at
the consequences of the multilateral sanctions directed at the former
Yugoslavia during the 1990s and finds a disturbing legacy. Economic
sanctions, it turns out, can unintentionally contribute to the
criminalization of the state, economy, and civil society of both the
targeted country and its immediate neighbors. By trying to evade the
sanctions, private entrepreneurs and public officials are encouraged to
disregard the rule of law. This fosters an unhealthy symbiosis among
political leaders, organized crime, and transnational smuggling
networks. These criminal networks can persist even after sanctions are
lifted, contributing to public corruption and undermining governance.


"Are Smart Sanctions Feasible?" By
Arne Tostenson and Beate Bull.
World Politics
(April 2002): pp. 373-403.


The comprehensive United Nations sanctions on Iraq during the 1990s
were a humanitarian disaster, leading policymakers to recognize that
any future sanctions regimen to be politically sustainable its human
costs would have to be limited. Thus was born the concept of "smart
sanctions" -- tailored measures, such as asset freezes, travel bans,
arms embargoes, that would supposedly target an offending regime while
minimizing collateral damage to the country's population at large. The
question now is whether smart sanctions can achieve significant results
with fewer downsides than more conventional forms of economic coercion.
Arne Tostenson and Beate Bull review the evidence and conclude that the
answer is no: "Although smart sanctions may seem logically
and politically attractive, such regimes are difficult to establish and
enforce because of numerous inherent operational problems and the
intricacies of the Security Council's political processes."





by masoudA on

Why is the EU taking so long to put Pasdaran on the list of Terrorists ?   The Dutch Parliment just suggested it - and EU Parliment must take a page from Uncle Sam and without any games approve and implement it immediately.   If that is done right - then further sanctions may not even be neccessary. 


Question for Sargord

by AMIR1973 on

Why do you support a government which has killed so many Iranians since it came to power 30 years ago?

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

You know how much it cost ordinary Californians to indirectly divest from Iran? Hundreds of millions of dollars! No lie.

Go right ahead, Fred. Continue to suggest shooting yourself in the foot over and over again on Iran. 


Thanks for the blog, Fred.

by DM on

Thanks for the blog, Fred. Regarding disinvestment, I'd be all for it if I thought it would work. But I'm skeptical, given the oil factor, that it could. Take the US--it's hard to call for disinvestment on the one hand, and on the other hand then send billions of oil dollars to Russia/Venezuala/Iraq/etc, all of whom will just turn around and invest a portion of that money in Iran. Unless the whole energy equation is tackled, it's hard for me to see a worldwide campaign to disinvest from Iran being taken seriously. (I do think the energy equation should be tackled, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.)


six suggestions.

by pedro on

Yes, absolutely.

There is no need for warships, big guns and loss of life to expose the occupying Islamic Regime in Iran. The supper powers should come to their senses and assist Iranain people in removing the illegal Islamic killing/raping machine. The policies of start wars, sell arms and loot the resources, has backfired as it was a source of income for Britain and USA. Recent example, Iraq and Afghanistan. USA and Britain influnce in Iran's politics, and removal of Dr. Mossadegh, democratically ellected president, has resulted in the Islamic Republic in Iran to be a dangerous nuke seeking regime, exporting terrorism, destabelizing the region and countless killings, dissaperence of Iranians, while removing one eye and wrist cutting is an every day thing along with large scale rapes of young women and torture of political prisonrs. Iranians demand change within Iran and change of attitude towards heir country.