Sholeh-zard or yellowcake


by Fred

Numbers says it all; take a look at this official gem of revelation on the state of Iran’s literacy after thirty years of IRR, Islamist rapist Republic rule.

According to the last nationwide census done in the solar calendar year 1385, there were 17.8 million students, of whom 5.7 million were in elementary and 3.9 million in the junior high schools.  

Taking into account the age makeup of the population the above numbers should be the other way around. Simply put due to drastic reduction in number of births there should be less elementary students and more of them in the second-tier of education.

In an interview in the beginning of last year, 1387, the Fars News agency quotes Ali Abrahamian, the educational deputy of the literacy Movement Organization as saying there are 28 million Iranians who are either barely literate or totally illiterate.

In another interview in the tail end of the same year the Mehr News Agency quotes the same person, Mr. Abrahamian, as saying there are 20 million Iranians who are either barely literate or totally illiterate. The eight million discrepancy can be attributed to typo or typical IRR obfuscation but the fact remains that according to the IRR at least fully one third of the active population is illiterate.

When one adds to the pot the undisputed fact that when it comes to brain drain, year after year Iran is second to none, the severity of the situation, the ticking bomb, becomes more apparent. In another word, while there are less and less literate Iranians, the cream of the crop are leaving the country in droves.

True the current trend makes recruiting Basiji tugs, official rapists and torturers much easier for the IRR, but by the same token the future technicians who will be running the planed string of nuke reactors and its probable military components all over the country will have to come from the same batch.

Clearly something is terribly wrong when due to illiteracy would be technician might not know the difference between sholeh-zard and yellowcake, not to worry though, in the IRR anything and everything is in the eye of the beholder.

In a system where its Minister of Science along with many other IRR bigwigs sport fake degrees one is left with crossing fingers and hoping somewhere along the line some one does not push the wrong nuke button.,,4650412,00.html?maca=per-rss-per-all-1491-rdf


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