Shokat Ghazanfari Kia

by Fred

The metamorphosis of some Iranians is just astounding. It seems the more “literate” they are the greater the change.

The case of Shokat Ghazanfari Kia, aka Ghazal Omid is only one of many; here it is in her own words and pictures:


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Khers: boro baba to ham!

by Q on

You can't "character assassinate" a propagandist with a fictional name like "Khers" or "IranFirst", only a real person, with a real life. If that person has asked, or involved themselves in a public debate with you then you can naturally respond. But going after someone real just because of politics is fascism and intimidation, designed to curtail speech. There's nothing you can do to whitewash that, even with a white fur!

None of your links apply here, not that I didn't provide ample evidence for anything I haven't said (unlike you whose links don't support your own claims).

It's also obvious that Javid is not listening to you in your blog regarding the "slander blogs" because this blog which slanders a real person was featured, just like every other of FredCo's blogs. (Fred being one of the said propagandists).

As he pointed out there are Nazi supporters on this site:

This, I consider definitly violating hate speech. But it's not my house and I don't make the rules.

If Javid wants them to stay (as he said) that's his decision. However there are consequences: By these rules it pretty much means people like you who cry about others doing "defense" of IRI are going to be out of luck from now on.


zane dou chehreh

by statira on

Shokati khak bar saret koonand! raftaro keraret mesle esmet aare. Fazlehayee forsat talab mesle tou hastand ke irano be naboodi mikeshoonand.


بله، بجز کیو همه باید خجالت بکشند


بخاطر اینکه کیو اصلا و ابداً هیچوقت به کسی‌ تهمت ناروا نمیزند، "character assasssination" نمیکند و به هیچ کس نمگوید "اسرائیلی" چون اون شخص باهاش هم عقیده نیست.  به همین خاطر "کیو" از "slander" بسیار بسیار متنفر است.  این کامنتها و بلاگ‌های زیر را هم کیو ننوشته.  یک جنی در است که در account "کیو" میاید و این کامنتها و بلاگ‌ها را مینویسد تا "کیو" را بد نام کند:

 اینهم بلاگ بنده در این مورد:


I think the woman in the video is our very own Haji-Q! ;-)

by Khar on

if not in form perhaps in function.


Q: I hate to break it to

by vildemose on

Q: I hate to break it to you. Nobody cares what you think...whether you agree to disagree.

You are only a legend in you own mind..


vildemose: totally wrong 100%

by Q on

1. The female is a popular tool for propaganda used by everyone from KKK to Hitler, and now being currently used here by FredCo off the AIPAC playbook as explained below.

2. This "individual", the latest of many women being targeted by this propaganda, as Shifteh has belatedly noticed, is subject to a number of baseless assertions by fascist-minded punks, hiding behind fake names, who are just talking out of their ass, not knowing her real motivation or reasons. Not that they care. All they know is that she seems to commit the sin of having different politics than them.

They aren't doing it to point to "duplicitous individuals", they are just venting their own plitical frustration and don't care who they slander in the process.

3. She is a political prostitute; providing her services to the highest bidder.

You don't know any of this, at all. A prostitute gets paid, do you know if she got paid? Do you know if there were 'bidders'? Do you know if she really does not believe in the cause and is only doing it for the money (as prostitutes do)?

you have no freakin' clue. But you don't care as long as you act like a fascist and vent your frustration on some convinient target.

I'm sure if you are a real human being, you wouldn't want this kind of speculation to be done about your real life and career as cowards like Fred, Shifteh and others are doing.

For decades now the braindead wing of the angry exile community has said "everyone who supports IRI is on the payroll". That explanation is the product of a weak mind and a serious inability to deal with reality.

Let me ask you all a question. If so many people, inside and outside Iran are just "political prostitutes" getting paid the fantasy $Billions that it would have to take to buy them, what chance do you ever have of establishing democracy in Iran?

Aren't you always saying these are the people that keep IRI in power (by supposedly attending dinners)? What happens if IRI falls and someone else decides to pay them? Isn't the whole project just futile if that's how easily Iranians, millions of Iranians are motivated?

It's an increadibly narrow-minded view that insults every Iranian and provides convinient bogeymen for blind hatred. But that's nothing new from this crowd. If they had the slightest respect for Iran, they wouldn't be begging foreigners to "support" them to get back in power as Fred does.


Gender has nothing to do with being fraudlent

by vildemose on

This individual, regardless of gender, is an unprincipled, duplicitous liar who has no conviction or moral character. She is a political prostitute; providing her services to the highest bidder.



Shame on you Shifteh!

by Q on

Listen Shifteh,

FredCo, I can understand. You may not have realized it but attacking women is central to his propaganda. It's a way to manipulate emotions of a known sexist audience, and at the same time justify hostility toward Iran.

That's why he uses "rape" imagery, exactly as pro-War neocons did about Saddam. (It's much easier to justify war with a "rapist", and no politician can afford to make peace with one). It's textbook AIPAC.

And of course he makes a point to use women for his propaganda purposes. Every week, it's either attack on a "secular woman" who is being "lost" to "Islamists", or a poor defenseless Iranian woman being violated by Islamists. All of it is designed to make the blood of men boil.

These are fairly obvious to anyone who has studied propaganda. But what is shameful and disappoint is YOUR conduct.

You have in the past been one of the fairer individuals on IC. Now, you are actively contributing to character assassination of these women, and then wondering why women are being singled out for harrassment? You are the one doing it! This is not the first time either.

Why are you being blinded by hate? You too? Have you no shame? These are fellow Iranians who happen to have a different political opinion than yourself. You are joining the anonymous propagandists like Fred to intimidate them like fascists?

Why is Javid allowing attacks like this on his site?

It's disgusting to think what Iran would be like if these people ever return to power. Perhaps there is a reason nobody has embraced their message after 31 years. This conduct is no different in ideology than anything narrowminded IRI is accused of. The only difference is that these fascists have no power. That's exactly why they are so desperate to get it.


I have to go with

by Mehrban on


Shifteh Ansari

I will concede

by Shifteh Ansari on

That it is particularly terrible when Iranian women participated in supportive gestures for IRI.  I know of at least one of these women who has been a staunch advocate of women's rights and a woman's right to choice, career, clothing, etc.  Why would they participate in shows which are planned and executed intending to show what a cool and peaceful government IRI is, is beyond me.

My point, however, was that from all the hoopla of Iranian of the Day, blogs, interviews, and expose's, an unknowing audience would surmise that only women participated in the sandis-khori, where in fact, there must be several times more men who attend these events.  In the Fars News photos, the crowd was shown to be mostly men, in fact.  

Where are the interviews, Iranians of the Day, and blogs exposing those men?  I know Fred showed us a list of the names of the participants, thank you, but would you concede that these women's lives within the Iranian community will never be the same again?  Would you concede that every google search now would bring up all the ugliness which was showered upon them, some of them deservedly, for participating?  Where is the same kind of direct admonishing remarks to those men?  

I would participate in your survey by voting for option b.

Multiple Personality Disorder

I forgot

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


Multiple Personality Disorder

Let's take a survey

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



What is your opinion about this hypothetical situation, a few sympathetic black Americans participating in an all-expense paid sandis-khori event in Apartheid South Africa in comparison to many more recist white Americans participating in the same event.

Let’s take an unscientific survey:

a- They are both equally bad

b- Sympathetic blacks participation is worse than white racist participation

c- White racist participation is worse than black sympathetic participation

d- I have no opinion, as usual

Multiple Personality Disorder

It’s also true

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Injustice in the Islamic Republic of Iran (also known as Islamic Rapist Republic in Fred’s blogs) against Iranian women is no way comparable to how differently Iranian men are treated, in comparison to that of men.  Here are several examples of how Iranian men have the upper hands in the society; in the area of inheritance, testimony and eyewitness accounts, marriage, travel, clothing, etc.  So, in that sense, it makes it more amazing when highly educated, westernized, liberated, and politically opinionated Iranian-American women participate in expenses-paid events organized by the regime for the sole purpose of showing numbers in support of the regime.

I believe both men and women participants in these events have to explain the reasons why they went o these events.  This is not a private matter.  This is our business.  Their expenses were paid from the IRI (aka IRR) regime’s budget, which majority of it comes from sale of crude oil production that is supposed to belong to the whole nation, so therefore as an Iranian I have a vested interest to know why.

But, what is the reason for four women being exposed in the iraniandotcom so far, and not any men (mind you that elsewhere both men and women have been exposed)?  As for myself, I wrote a satire for a plucking woman because she was featured in a video clip on iraniandotcom, her explanation didn’t add up to much, and she had an interesting business, plucking hair.  If I find a male sandis-khor subject, as interesting as her, I might do the same.  I don’t discriminate based on gender.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Shifteh, what a great comment

by Anahid Hojjati on

Shifteh jan, I have same question as yours.

Azarin Sadegh

The men

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Shifteh, So far, it's easy to recognize Rostam pourzal and Ardeshir Ommani among the crowd...and they are CASMII members. So  maybe we can dismiss CASMII as a trustable organization, with all its male members..:-).


Men too

by Fred on

Shifteh I too have wondered aloud about these women, but when available, have also posted verified info about their likeminded male counterparts.

The registration form in the link below contains the names of some of the men folks who are sweet with the Islamist Rapists in Iran.

Shifteh Ansari

It's true

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thanks for sharing, Fred.  It's unfortunately true.

I'm particularly mad that at least four of the exposed American "sandis khor" crowd are women.  We would do well to figure out why this is. 

Is it that there were more women in the crowd?  Somehow I doubt this.

Is it that we only heard directly and honestly from a woman (Azita Shafazand)  about her motives, albeit unconvincingly?  Her interview was posted on

Is it that the only Iranian who became an Iranian of the Day by virtue of her participation in the Tehran Conference was a woman (Elaheh Enssani)?

I mean where are the expose's of all the men who went to these events inside and outside Iran?  Very few names of men have surfaced and certainly there have been no similar expose's on the men.  So far we have had pictures, video, and information of four women shared on this site: Elaheh Enssani, Azita Shafazand, Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, and now Ghazal Omid.

Just a small reminder that there were quite a few men there, too.  The lopsided picture of only female "sandis khor's" is ultimately unfair and unrepresentative of the truth.


Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Could it be a case of an "evil identical twin sister"?



by vildemose on



Oh my God!

by Mehrban on

I really can not believe it, how is this possible?!! 

Is this really the same woman?!

Republican جمهوریخواه

Thanks, Fred type R

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

For a great revelation. I am not sure, though, if the removal of the mask can be technically called a metamorphosis or transfiguration.