Shame on you all

by Fred

After the ten day old  the Arab League’s proposal to Syria  in response to the Battists’ nonstop murder spree of the unarmed Syrian protesters came to naught, the League has given the Battist murderers another 3 days before it “conditionally suspends” Their membership, “suspend” mind you.

Iraq has abstained from voting.

As a former victim of the Battist thuggery under Saddam Hussein, this abstention vote is nothing but abandonment of Syrian people being murdered by the cutthroat Battists whom Iraqis know something about.

Granted the Iraqi leadership is in the pocket of the Iran occupying Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), ergo their murderous treatment of the anti-IRR Iranians in Camp Ashraf in Iraq 

However, by topping that disgraceful kowtowing to IRR with this abstention vote, they’ve bought eternal shame for themselves.


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Assad is not alone. He has got khaamenei/ahmadinezhad...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And of course, mulla hassan nassrulah, the fat Shite terrorist kingpin, the leader of the terror-R-us gang of hezbullah!

Well with supporters like that, I wonder if he could save his Ass, (literally) unlike the "arab nationalist" boy, Gaddafi :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The Talking Blog

by Tavana on

If there is ever a 'Talking Blog' invented by the 'cash hungery' Steve Job's 'left overs' and the blogger changes his/her incognito to "Tom" then perhaps the following is going to rhyme quite well with the current 2 times a day blog's contents:

"Do not care which one you do, #1 or #2, The reader will be there to see it through, flushing it down the drain for you."

One never gets old if he/she keeps his/her 'original birth time' intact! Tavana


Not a naught, naughty nut.....

by پندارنیک on

On the contrary, I humbly think that the Arab league has acted most responsibly and cautiously. There is no tangible evidence that any other decision of different nature would have made the Syrian question softer....

As far as the Iraqi vote (or lack of which ) goes...........I'm very happy to see our dear Fred  feeling what the rest of the world feels each time that the US vetoes a Palestinian-friendly resolution at the UN. Noushé jaan..........