The shame of being Iranian

by Fred

The ever vigilant claiming the behavior has sullied the reputation of an entire culture and country promptly show up should an Iranian dare to be himself or herself, you know exercise freedom, more the  herself ones, free of the preconceived Iranin-ness, perhaps wearing a revealing dress, writing an erotic story or participating in something.

Fine, would these guardians of Iran and Iranin-ness mind extrapolating a bit on the effect of being known worldwide as people who in this day and age are ruled by messianic Islamist Rapists and its ramification on the Iranians’ reputation?


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The Shame is Inside You

by HHH on

If you know who you are and believe in yourself no one can bring shame to you and if they try they will lose.

Fred, from your articles I can clearly sense the shame and fear you feel from your "Iranian-ness" as you call it. And calling yourself Fred in an Iranian forum is another evidence of this fact.

Some of us are proud of who we are and in noway whatsoever feel shame from being Iranian. Afterall anyone with half a brain knows that this IRI regime is not Iranian in character but it's Arab-based and anti-Iranian. They praise and worship invaders of Iran, killers of our fathers and those whose symbol is a double-edged sword not a flower or an eagle.

Be yourself and be strong.




by Arthimis on

Unfortunately, on a personal level, I have to agree with your points on today's "Superior and inferior cultures"...

Iran unfortunately is occupied by so many Iranians that despite their possible disagreements, dissatisfactions and/or even hate with & for S.R.O.I (Satanic Republic Occupying Iran), still believe in a very backward mentality (in general) that is so far away from what True Persian/Iranian culture and philosophy really was and is to this very day...!!!

If those Iranians were able to comprehend and practice our "TRUE PERSIAN/IRANIAN CULTURE and PHILOSOPHY" today, with all due respect, your western superiority as we know today would still be beneath ours, hence "The First Declaration Of Human Rights written by Cyrus The Great" for the entire mankind more than 2500 years ago!!!While most western civilizations were still on top of trees picking up cherries... :-)

So Yes my dear Sir, Today you and your nations in the west (in general...) are superior to us Iranians (in general...) simply because we have been F$@ked by Islam and their remaining viruses in our Motherland and you are not yet!!! So beware my friends in the west!!!

Some day God Willingly (hopefully very soon), we too shall re-find and re-practice our own true roots... and I would like to talk to you superior westerners then...

Until then, 

Health, Awareness, Consciousness, Love and Peace.

Free Iran and True Iranians. Free Mother Earth and all her citizens.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Sean /Raoul1955 Are you trying to give me smiley wrinkles?

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

That sort of flattery will get you everywhere!Thank you for the perceptive appreciation. (Sometimes it's embarrassing to stick out like a sore thumb...)

Unfortunately however I am forced to admit that I have a very short, emotional fuse, when it comes to certain issues, e.g. injustice, deliberate short-sighted self-interested ignorance, lies of any kind (including the silent ones that condone and perpetuate) etc..

"I have found out that people who rely too much on the past, or on their associations, "

Beautifully put!

"I have found out that people who rely too much on the past, or on their
associations, usually lack self confidence and rely heavily on
‘external validation.’

Quite possibly....The "external" often imposes ludicrous collective nonsense on the individual e.g. an entire skin colour pigmentation declaration just to get a library card!

I have a way to boost my self-confidence: I am quite adament that I come from a long line of carriers of a genius gene in a field yet to be discovered.

I'm my very own Meinstein in my own lunchtime.



To: Marjan Zahed Kindersley

by Raoul1955 on

I am smiling as I read your comment.  Your comments present you as rational, thoughtful, and also funny.  Most folks get too emotional about issues, and are thus easily 'deceived' by the 'facade' however it is presented.

I have found out that people who rely too much on the past, or on their associations, usually lack self confidence and rely heavily on ‘external validation.’   That genetics testing has something to do with one’s self confidence and such.  

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

When people ask where I'm from I usually say:

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

"from down the rode"

and when they persist in 'origins':

"just like you - recently fallen off the coconut tree."


Fred: Arrogant and patronizing

by reader1 on


I have been trying hard to figure out the point you were trying to make that could not be made in plain English or Farsi. I am afraid I cannot help but sense an air of literacy pompousness and arrogance in  your  style of writing.  How could you be so judgmental about a nation and its culture without having a basic grasp of human history and evolution of culture and civilizations? I don’t think Iranians are any different  from other civilized nations in experiencing a dark age in their history. Would you judge Germans in the same way knowing well that In the not too distant past, the  majority of Germans followed Hitler's doctrine of superior and inferior races,  justifying murdering 6 millions innocent jews and gypsies?


Raoul1955 are you Hispanic/Spaniard?

by Khar on

If you are, do you think Spain gave up its freedoms to the invading Arabs (Islam) for 800 years voluntarily too? FYI, Iran always been a sovereign country although at times it’s been under occupation of Macedonians/Greeks, Arabs/Islam and Mongols but for rest of her 3000 plus years history especially after the 11-12 century it’s been one sovereign country/nation. Iranians valiantly fought against Arabs and other invaders throughout the history and today! I suggest you read more about history before you post comments like this!!!



Missed by a mile

by Fred on

The “we” who judge Iranians have (has) missed the point of the blog by a mile & it seems they (he/she) are wholly unfamiliar with their own history, even the recent one,  Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Milosevic,…


Wrong Premise?

by Raoul1955 on

Although your article is very well articulated it is based on the notion that ‘Iranian-ness’ is a genetic disease as most of these folks believe it themselves.  This notion has kept many people in the third world societies trapped in some stone age mind set.  We see people who grew up in the UK from Pakistani parentage that revert to the backwards culture of Pakistan instead of embracing the [inherently] superior Western culture.  The main issue the world faces is: Can people grow culturally?   Some can, while most humans are trapped in backwards cultures.  Western culture is [inherently] superior as it allows for individual and cultural freedoms, naming two, whereas such have no meaning in culturally backward nations such as Saudi Arabia where women are beheaded for adultery, Iran where women are stoned to death, or Pakistan, or other [inherently] inferior countries.  If some of these people are intellectually savvy enough, they will certainly ‘grow out’ of their native backwardness and embrace our superior values.  And when they do, the notion of being Pakistani, Saudi, or in your case Iranian-ness becomes a non-issue.

We also judge Iranians on the basis of the historical fact that they became the only nation in recent history that voluntarily gave up all their freedoms in favor of a 7th Century Arabic cult.