The sane world attacks

by Fred

The European Union has announced that it would “swiftly [introduce] restrictive measures targeted against those responsible for grave human rights violations” in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

These measures presumably would target the 80 or so additional Islamist Rapists on a list which was provided to the EU by Iranian activists. Islamist Rapist luminaries like Mohammad Hejazi Head of the IRGC’s Sarollah Corps in Tehran and Mohammad Moghissieh who is the presiding judge of Tehran Revolutionary Court, Branch 26 & 28, an Islamist Rapist judge as vicious as Nazi judge Roland Freisler.

Here are a bunch of questions:

Not that these measures are unwelcomed, far from it, however, the question remains what good are they?

How come the Head Islamist Rapist Khamenei is not on the list?

How do these measures help the many hundreds of known and thousands of unknown Iranians being tortured in the prison archipelagos of IRR right at this very moment?

Besides the symbolic “asset freeze” what other punitive measures are envisioned to be levied against these Islamist Rapists?

Is this a feel good measure and not much more, or, are these suspects of committing crimes against humanity going to be indicted by ICC?

Is the sane world, at long last, attacking the real culprits, coming out swinging against IRR’s gross systematic violation of human rights and stepping up to the bat for its many victims?


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Maryam Hojjat

Agree, hirre

by Maryam Hojjat on

with you.  Thanks fred for your info. 


The main problem

by hirre on

If they put Ali K. on the list it will trigger more emotions and there will be financial consequenses for the west... That is why (unfortunately) no western leader will say anything negative or direct to Ali K... The west takes out its anger on people way below Ali K. which in the long run doesn't have that much of an effect.... The west should change its policy totally and attack Ali K., not his puppets (the president, ministers etc etc)...