Rudi & the rotten VOA

by Fred

There is no way of sugarcoating the bitter reality; something is really rotten at the Persian Service of the Voice of America.

For the propaganda arm of the lone superpower, the Persian Service offers, at best, a clumsy high school level TV production.

There is no shortage of seasoned journalists, at least the ones who have stuck around, there are also ample number of potential journalists who need to learn to leave their political baggage and differing agendas at home.

There is a popular self-deprecating school of thought that basically says Iranians are not good at team work. Ergo, what is happening at VOA is not out of the ordinary.Of course the product offered by the Persian Service of the BBC debunks that nonsense.  

VOA needs to have a competent and professional management team who know a thing or two about Iranian mindset, journalism, radio, TV and most of all, basic common sense. Just speaking Persian does not cut it.

Letting Rudi Bakhtiar with extended experience and worldwide name recognition slip through their hands is just dumb management.


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What is the IC policy on stalking a blogger?

by AMIR1973 on

A particular Stalinist-Islamist dynamic duo are in the habit of continually stalking this blogger. Is there an policy on stalking an individual's blogs on a regular basis?


IC & the Rotten Blogs!

by Tavana on

What 'Extended service???' & what 'worldwide recognition???.' Once again the typical signs of the 'hallow mindset' of the blogger in writing 'pro'-pa-'ganda!'*

* Rotten (in English) = Gand (in Farsi)




Of deep effing thoughts.........

by پندارنیک on

Since I don't know the difference between Rudi and let's say Wolf, I can only touch on the "self-deprecating" part: Among the Children of Cyrus the Great, there are a bunch of shooting stars, who will never ever be able to form a galaxy..............Is it a racist remark? So be it...