the rotten Apple


by Fred

The earnest opponents of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, those who believe the nature of a rotten apple cannot be reversed; have never had an easy task to convey their message that there is no “reforming “of this Islamist system.

There are many reasons for this situation, some external; however, most due to the wishful thinking nature of a good number of the opposition which invariably allies itself with IRR’s ruses.

If it was not the eight years of “reconstruction” by the thieving murderous but "pragmatic"  Rafsanjani, the “billionaire Mullah “, it was the eight years of belief in the religious democracy” oxymoron that charlatan Khatami spewed. And for the past few years it is the nonsensical desire to have other lifelong career Islamists with checkered past take up where Khatami left off, ie. “Reform “flavored business as usual within the constitutionally mandated unreformable system.

The kicker is, the candidates for the continuation of the “reform” farce, constantly remind all, that they are after returning to the “ golden era of the Imam” meaning the mass murderer Khomeini. And they plan to do this by abiding to every letter of the current “constitution”, a legal document which prohibits any change unless the absolute lifetime ruler approves of it.  

And now that the latest “reform” scheme has all but shown to be just that,  those who have been saying it ain’t gonna work, are accused of being stooges of foreign powers, warmongers, Iran haters and the reason Islamist “reformation movement” has not succeeded.

No matter how many Iranians men, women and children are sacrificed at the altar of the phantom “reform”, it will not happen for a simple reason; the nature of a rotten apple can not be reversed.

There is still time before IRR brings another war on Iran and Iranians, this time a more devestating one.  Lets use the time for wishful thinking and daydreaming about reforming the unreformable Nazi like Islamists, "reformers" and all.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

There are

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


two golden eras:

The one 1400 years ago was a real Golden Era. Because the Muslims got a rid on the Sassanid foundation . The Sassanids had already "tilled" the land and planted the crop of knowledge. The Muslims got a free ride. But then they did not continue to maintain it. So the result was a slow but inevitable decline of "Muslim" society. There will never be another era like that because there are no other Sassanids to steal from. All their accomplishments were already used and taken credit for by Muslims. Now they are on their own.

The Golden Era of Khomeini! That is a joke. That was one of the worst periods of Iran. War; devastation and loss of international status and respect. Let by a moron Iran should be ashamed of that period. Nothing Golden about it except the gold Islamists stole.

G. Rahmanian

"The Golden Era Of Islam!"

by G. Rahmanian on

Tha's what they actually mean. Even the most "educated" of these lame-brains, Ali Shariati, would talk about the "Golden Era Of Islam" of 1400 years ago, as if he had, in fact, lived through it. Their cultist approach to Islam is ridiculed even in the rest of the Islamic world.


The Rotten Blog

by Demo on

The "Rotten Apple" is indeed the best choice to replace the current utra-racist eblem (avatr) of "KKK" (Ku Kaviani Klan) of this twice daily posted defunct blog. The "embamed" writings of the "Freddie" & of his "mumified" surgeon soon will be buried back next to their Pharaos' (Mohammed Reza Pahlavi) grave in Egypt.  


well done Freddie;

by mahmoudg on

Although no amount of reform, as you mentioned, nor sanctions will help this Islamic Cultist regime.  We have seen even the so called "green movement" cannot bring into the streets, the numbers needed to topple this regime.  The US/Israel and their allies have come to the conclusion, that surgicall attacks on this regime is the only spark needed to bring the people into the streets with enough force to topple the regime, the Mullahs, and cleanse it of 200K or so dangerous elements who otherwise would wreak havoc elsewhere.


Nikita's gardening tip

by comrade on

It's not a rotten apple. It's a ripe one. Just shake the tree and it will fall into your hand. No need to uproot the tree.

Dear Fred will forgive me for finding his blog's title more appealing than its repetitiously ominous body.    

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Simorgh5555 on

Excellent blog