Regime change

by Fred

The 31st anniversary of creation of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is around the corner.

Ever since its taking the reign of power in Iran the world has become much less secure and a whole lot more violent. The Islamist instigated wanton barbarity is of the kind which had been relegated to the dusty history books.

Despite the tremendous cost in lives the Iranian people have tried every possible and imaginable peaceful way to bring the ruling savage Islamists to play the game of governance by even their own manifesto of rape and murder, aka IRR Constitution, all to no avail.

The sane world has done all the twisting and turning to come to some kind of understanding with the Islamist Rapists, that too to no avail.

The messianic Islamist Rapists are in possession of ballistic missiles with ever increasing range and accuracy. They are also hard at work on their illegal dual purpose full cycle nuke program which once perfected will allow them to attempt do to the world that which they have been doing to their enslaved Iranians.

Before it is too late and the cost of their removal becomes astronomically high, the sane world has to step in. It is time for regime change, the Iranian people are best positioned to do it but need unrelenting moral and material support.

When there is neither more time nor untried alternative except one left, it is high time to overthrow the beacon for the worldwide Islamist menaces. Time is of the essence.



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fred jaan....

by shushtari on

you're the man....

thanks for shining the light on the truth....


it's odd that the west did all it could to topple the shah, who was a saint compared to these animals.....but they have done all the could to keep the mullahs in power

but justice is around the corner brother


cheers to a free vatan in 10