Is regime change Kosher?

by Fred

There is no denying it; at least with a straight face, the half-baked premise of reformability of the unreformable Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has met the brick wall of reality.

The question is, now what?

Is advocacy of regime change a legitimate activity?

Does the usual charge of “warmonger, neocon…” still apply to those who outside a regime change by the fed up Iranian people with the material help of the sane world, do not see any hope of emancipation of Iran and Iranians?

Are the brave Syrian people asking for regime change, warmongers too?

In other words, is it now kosher to call for regime change in Iran?


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by fozolie on

So keenly monitored. 

Mr. Fozolie


The "Divine..."

by Tavana on

Please forgive for the typo error.


Of the devine overhaul...

by Tavana on

Neither the 'regime change' nor any sorts of 'reform' will have any substantial effects on us & on our motherlands. None. Zilch. A 2500+ years-old awkwardly 'formed' or 'molded' culture/race is impossible to be 'reformed' or 'changed' by any means whatsoever. These beautiful words are 'self deceiving' as many parts of our 'culture' has been built on such. The one & the only solution is a 'devine intervention' to change/cleanse every single one of us from top to the bottom! Amen for that call!


Of kosher fatwas...

by پندارنیک on

It's been "kosher" since 1979. Is it "halal" to wipe Israel off the map? I would say NO.

Reform, my friend, only reform will make our homelands safe and prosperous. You do it in yours, and leave the job of doing it in Iran to Iranians only.