Pleasing Khamenei


by Fred

Virtually every single country on this lovely planet of ours spends fair amount of its treasure to build and operate a judicial system. Some are more or less justice minded, others are claiming to be and use their system to oppress the people, to date none is even close to perfect, but all do serve a vital function. Absence such systems knowing there is no consequence for their actions the societies’ predators will do even more harm than otherwise.

After two World Wars, many regional conflicts and too many massacres the concept of having an International judiciary to prosecute past and sitting criminal bigwigs of the world has taken root and been materialized in the form of the International Criminal Court.

The permanent tribunal is tasked to prosecute individuals for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocides which have taken place on or after 2002 when ICC came into being.

Prior to ICC, should things go wrong the world class criminals be it head of state, some military or militia head, massacre inciting hate monger and others of this nature could look forward to retirement in some place in the world enjoying their ill gotten wealth and at times plotting a come back.

But ICC has changed the provision of the usual golden retirement package this class of criminals had come to expect. Nowadays they have to look over their shoulders at all times for they are subject to arrest and appearance at the ICC.

The cornerstone to all is the accepted reality that human beings have inalienable rights and those who willfully violate other human beings’ rights have to face the music for their crime.

Many nongovernment and nonprofit entities have come into being which by documenting and making them court ready remind the world-class criminals that their actions will have severe personal consequences and that these entities will be there to make sure it happens.

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center is one such entity. IHRDC has been more fortunate than other such centers for one of its founders, Payam Akhvan, has had hands on recent experience with ICC in prosecuting criminals and therefore knows what to document to best assist the prosecution of the IRR, Islamist Rapist Republic, many criminals when their time comes.

And that is precisely why the news of U.S. government cutting off its share of funding the IHRDC’s meager operating budget came as a total surprise. Albright in a more limited capacity, the center will survive, but the signal this unwise decision by the Obama administration sends is far more devastating to the human rights advocacy the world over and a pleasing tune to the tyrants.


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Did you mean ...

by Esther on


Dear Fred: According to

by vildemose on

Dear Fred: According to Juan Cole, The IRI is not actually looking to build the bomb however, they are interested in what he calls the "Japan Option" or " Nuclear Latency". Why would Iran's nuclear latency be an existential threat to Israel or Sauid Arabia or Jordan???


MOOSIRvaPIAZ, I agree with you regarding the damage...

by Ostaad on

the sanctions will cause to the Iranian people's lives and livelihoods. BTW, by asking for "airtight sanctions", Fred is trying to do the Iranian middle/working class, who will bear the brunt of the sanctions, a favor because the actual term on the AIPAC-provided sheet music that he sings from specifies "crippling sanctions"! You have to cut him some slack for being so kind and affectionate. Don't you think so? 


Ostaad...I'm already packed

by Cost-of-Progress on

Looks like I must have hit a nurve. I've been known to do that.

I did not insult you or anyone else, but if you wanna play rough, I'm game. Not to worry though, when change comes, you can just shave your beard and take off your abba, and no one will recognize you.

The "evidence" for my "brainfarts" is all the folks in Iran who have had enough of your bullshit. So, they're willing to rough it for a little to enjoy the long term benefits....nervous?

And, BTW, I can say whatever I want in case you forgot, this is NOT your beloved Islamic Repressive.


Cost-of-Progress, are you willing to pack up and go to...

by Ostaad on

Iran to "endure sanctions" in order to rid Iran of the blah, blah? I'm sure there are many Iranians who are give their right arms to switch places with you.

If you are not willing to "endure" the "crippling sanctions" that Fred's and your puppeteers are prescribing for the Iranian people, I suggest that you STFU and don't do any "ezhaar agheedeh" on behalf of "most Iranians" that you say will be "glad to endure sanctions" without any evidence to support your brainfarts.   



by Cost-of-Progress on

I said most - not all, so.... 

You see, the removal of the cancerous mullahs will also mean an end to Green or whatever color movement you are pushing. It would mean SECUALR as in no friggin' theocracy. Perhaps that's what you do not want!

All mullahs are the same whether they brand themselves as reformist or not.

Put Iran First.


Fred, this may come as news to you but...

by Ostaad on

government funding of NGO's comes with strings attached, therefore cutting a meager $3 mil from the budget of IHRDC buget is a positive development, which is good for the organization, and better yet for the Iranian people.

Check out the IHRDC Web site, you'll see there are other donors and contributors who can pick up the slack. Besides, not having the US gov. as a contributor deprives the Iranian government form accusing IHRDC be be a US sponsored agent.

I'm socked that you have come up against "pleasing", whatup, homie?




"I am sure if you ask Iranians, most will be glad to endure sanctions if
the prize is to cleans their country of the filth of institutionalized


O rly? Did you come up such accurate analysis of current iran yourself or did you get help from your resident exiled iranian "expert"?

It's easy to prescribe policies from your armchair. 



Fred, airtight shmairtight... there is no difference. Read a book or two on sanctions will you? there is no such thing has targeted sanctions, it all trickles down to the poor one way or another. 

Lets face facts gentlemen, this regime is not going anywhere. 30 years of sanctions have not put a dent on this islamist machinery, it has only helped bring a society that is ever more dependent on the state. With unlimited oil money for the regime they have all the leverage. For the average iranian to be successful in their struggle they need leverage over their rulers. the best way to destabilize a ponderous, oppressive government such as Iran's is to ensure the growth of a strong middle class in the target country with an educated and politically active youth. Sanctions tend to do the opposite by denying (or reducing) a country's access to trade, economic growth, pharmaceuticals and health benefits, knowledge and innovation. It stigmatizes countries' populations against the world, which often entrenches hard-line governments with staunch supporters. Sanctions also reduce positive effect of the global community's political feedback: if a country is already a pariah, their leaders have little incentive to conform to accepted norms (e.g. human rights).


Now you people, from the comfort of your homes outside Iran can either push through policies that will harm the society in the short/long term or deal with Iran as is and begin to pursue a course where your governments open up their economies/society to the Iranians. 





Although the topic here isn't about sanctions

by Cost-of-Progress on

I ask the closet IRI apologists; those who claim to be against IRI, how do you propose to rid Iran of the cancer of clergy?

I am sure if you ask Iranians, most will be glad to endure sanctions if the prize is to cleans their country of the filth of institutionalized Islam, it's goons and hopefully, its grip on our motherland. Besides, how "easy" do you think life is now for the average Iranian who is NOT in bed with the regime? Double digit inflation, skyrocketing prices for basic necessities, etc.....You all need to take off that turban as it seems to be covering both your eyes and your ears.............

As for the topic, I do not believe that any American administration will lose any sleep over the violated rights of Iranians and their struggle for freedom, but Obama does seem to be playing the carrot and stick game. Americans have a lot to learn about the region - Still!


A pearl of wisdom

by Fred on

Failing to see what this has to do with anything in this blog, nevertheless I am not “the same person who advocates for sanctions”; I’m the one who advocates for airtight sanctions, and there is a world of difference between the two.


Now, it is too bad so many in the struggles to defeat tyrants have died and suffered unspeakable miseries while they could have simply heeded this pearl of wisdom and all would have been saved by the “dictate policies”.  

By engaging a regime and not by isolating it you will be able to dictate policies to it, not the other way around.“   Yah right!


Arent you the same person who advocates for sanctions?


The same policies which will hurt the people you're claiming to care for? 


about the funding issue, you dont have to have such organisations to promote democracy. It's better for ngos to do that instead of publicly broadcasting that we are funding x and y.  Here is what they have to say about it:


“US government priorities for the region continue to include support
for civil society and advocacy, promoting the rule of law and human
rights, and increasing access to alternative sources of information,’’
Edwards said.


Unlike the dumb policies of Reagan, Bush etc that like to openly acknowledge that they "care" for the people of the world by providing funds for groups (which happen to later on be shut down as a result) and merely saying nice words to feel better about themselves and anyone listening to them, realists play it smart. By engaging a regime and not by isolating it you will be able to dictate policies to it, not the other way around.